PlanetSide Sniping Guide

PlanetSide Sniping Guide by Huntsman889

Welcome to CalmTerror’s Sniping guide!  Sniping in Planetside is differrent than in any other game.  There are many who attempt to be snipers in Planetside, but far fewer who actually master the skill.  Anyone can pick up a Bolt Driver, but it takes a sniper to use it effectively.  To be a good sniper, you will need natural aptitude, a steady aim and great instincts.  But apart from that, you need knowledge of sniping techniques.  You can attempt to discover them for yourself, but sharing other’s knowledge is faster and easier. It is in fact the basis of education.  Learning from your mistakes is good, learning from someone else’s mistakes is better.

The first thing you will need is the “Three P’s” of sniping.  If you don’t have or are nto willing to work to gain these attributes, you may want to consider a different role.
The Three P’s

Practice Patience Precision

Now onto sniping.  The first thing you need are good certifications.  I highly reccomend getting medical as your first certificaiton after the sniping cert.  This will allow you to survive 4 enemy sniper shots in agile armor, or  8 in REXO.  Some people will say you need engineering as well, but unless you plan on being hit more than eight times, It is not needed.  The other certs you will need are up to you.  I highly reccomend REXO for additonal carrying space and the double armor.  After that, you will want a buggy cert.  Your choice of buggy, but you will want one to store equipment and get to targets faster. Here is the order of certifications you should get for sniping.

Sniping Certifications

Medium Assult Sniping Medical Reinfoced Exo Suit Buggy Other

When you are sniping, you should also have the Advanced Targeting implant.  The Range Magnifier implant is usefull as well, as it increases your zoom ability.  You may want to carry a sidearm.  If you do, don’t cary any extra ammo for it.  If someone gets close enough that you need to use it, it’s time to find a new spot anyway.  Also, do NOT use third person and darklight while reloading.  It might protect you, sure, but if you are in rexo you should be able to kill a cloaker even if you are ambushed.  Even if you can’t, your spot has been discovered and you need to move.  Because deaths are not counted, he’s actually doing you a favor by letting you re-equip and move to a new location faster.

Also, remeber that your primary targets are other snipers.  They are the only ones who can get you back, so take them out first.  Otherwise, take out wounded enemies, who you can kill in one shot.  If there are no wounded enemies, use your Bolt Driver and make some.  Even if you do not kill them, you make them easier for others to kill, and you can always shoot them a second time later.

When taking enemy sniper fire, don’t back down under the crest of a hill and pop back up in the same place.  You will be nailed.  Either strafe from side to side until you can locate the enemy (by their missed rounds) or get below the crest of the hill and pop up in a different place.  You also need to remeber the phycological effect of snipers to enemy soldiers.  You are no more deadly than a HA grunt up close to him, but he will fear you more.  Dowing an enemy in a group of others will get all of them scanning the hills for snipers, and not being effective soldiers for their empire.

Another thing many people seem to forget is that you can fire before your crosshairs close all the way.  Evem if they are not completly closed, as long as they are mostly on your target, you will usually hit them.  This extra 5th of a second is vital in sniper vs. sniper battles.  Another thing you should practice is hitting moving targets.  It is not hard once you get used to it and will serve you well.

Well, thats the guide.  It’s short, incomplete and badly written, but I hope yo could pick up a few pointers from it.

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