Order and Chaos Online Relic’s Key Dungeon Guide

Order and Chaos Online Relic’s Key Dungeon Guide by Nagg

Hello Everyone – I’m making this guide so hopefully more people will understand what to expect and can have more successful runs!

Short Narrative:
Both Regular and Legendary are the same basically strategy just scaled for different levels.  So learn one, and you learn them all =).  In order to do the dungeon you have to talk to the NPC Tharrath to send him walking towards the Evil Altar.  Once he is at the alter you talk to him again to start the waves of mobs, and they come fast!
I would definitely recommend as a level 60 to go in and try and solo as much as possible.  If you aren’t a healer, the first and third bosses can be a bit tricky as the magic damage doesn’t scale down like physical damage when you are 30 levels higher than mobs.  Meaning it hits a 60 for the same as a level 35 and after taking enough it can still hurt a 60 pretty bad.  

Zone Map – crossed Swords represent where waves spawn from.  West, NW, and East are where waves spawn.  NE is where all the bosses come from


  • -Before you talk to Tharrath, i would recommend clearing the trash mobs that are camped out around the zone, The groups are east.  Use this time to see how good your tank is with threat.  It’s best to let your tank get a couple attacks in before you go nuts.  The Crocodiles stun/silence
  •   1st group is 1 Giant Tale Crocodile and 2 Swamp Giant Tortoises
  •   2nd group is 2 Giant Tale Crocodile, and 1 Swamp Giant Tortoise
  •   3rd group is a patrolling group of 2 Giant Tale Crocodile
  •   4th group are 3 Swamp Guardians (smilidons)

Now you should go back and talk to Tharrath to send him walking to the Evil Altar.

1st Waves

  • -There are 3 waves before the first boss, Hathraad, comes.  3 types of mobs will come: Son of the Lake, Son of the Earth, and Rotten Son of the Lake.  The Sons of the Lake will charge random people, but die pretty easily.  The Sons of the Earth will cast a Heal over Time (HOT) on themselves at 30-40% health.  Since the waves are somewhat predictible which area they will come from, I would recommend the tanks get aggro and start pulling them across altar to where the next mobs will spawn
  •   1st wave comes from the East, 2 mobs, usually one SotL and 1 SotE
  •   2nd wave comes from the West, usually 1 of each mob
  •   3rd wave comes from the Northwest, usually 2 SotE, and 1 RSotL

BOSS – Hathraad
Hathraad has 3 abilities, and other than being tough on the healer to aoe heal, he is fairly easy.  I would recommend standing close enough (10 meters) so the healer can aoe heal all 4 team members.

  •  1st ability is just a single target magic ball.  It is not interruptable
  •  2nd ability is an AOE version of the 1st ability.  He cases it about every 10-15s and it will hit everyone.  When he casts this he says “Tempest”. It is not interruptable
  •  3rd ability he uses at about 75%, 50%, and 25%.  He says “Divideness” and splits into 3 mobs.  There are 2 images of himself that are slightly darker in color and will die pretyt quickly, so dps focus attacks on them when they spawn.  Also, when they spawn, all 3 start casting spells so a LOT of damage goes out.  I would recommend the tank use Guardian stance and the healer get ready to do Prayer of Faith.  Be sure you kill the adds before you send the boss over the next 25%


  • Tank – Pick up the boss.  When he splits you can keep the boss focused and just Swift Strike as often as possible.  Your SS will hit all 3 mobs.  Also, be sure you use Guardian Stance on the first split and depending on how good the dps is it will either last through the 2nd split (and maybe 3rd) or you may need to pop other cooldowns like Courage or potions on the 2nd split.  If DPS is slow then you can Guardian-Courage/pot-Guardian, or if it’s fast enough you can Guardian-Guardian continues- Courage/pot
  • Melee dps  or Archers – it is best to kill 1 add then the other, usually we go Left then Right.  Health Pots if you are in a pinch
  • Mages – Hopefully you are Permafrost/improved Barrage build.  If so, keep the boss focused the whole fight.  Drop permafrost before first split, take 2 steps back and barrage will hit all 3 mobs, if you miss a crit then Shock Wave.  With tank aoe + your aoe, the adds are dead in 2-3 Barrages plus the boss will be really close to splitting again.
  • Healers – make sure you stand within range of everyone in the group, usually nut to butt on the tank and cast Ring of Healing.  Ranged DPS needs to be just behind you or close by.  I recommend casting Ring of Healing constantly, Prayer if in a bind and rapid heal while Ring is on CD, if the tank is taking too much damage.

First Boss Hathraad Casting his magic ball (ouch 570 damage on regular mode) and “Divideness”

2nd Waves

  • -Again, there are 3 sets of waves, and you have absolutly NO time between killing the boss and the next waves starting to come, so BE READY!  The waves are a mix of 4 types of Ghosts, Gladiators, Hunters, Mages, and Priests.  Yes, the priests will heal, but not too much.  The Hunters also summon ghost wolves that die really fast.  I  would recommend on the last wave leave 1 mob alive and let the healer rebuff and heal Tharrath back to 100%
  •   1st wave generally comes from the West but sometimes East, 3 random ghost mobs
  •   2nd wave comes from the opposite side as the 1st wave and is 3 random ghost mobs
  •   3rd wave comes from the Northwest, and is 4 random ghost mobs

BOSS – Kermode
Hathraad has 3 abilities and is probably the easiest boss if the tank uses his cooldowns (Alertign shout, Guardian stance, and Counter stance)to help minimize damage while your healer is silenced

  •  1st ability is Soul Growl AOE which he seems to use every 15s and silences everyone within 30m radius  for 3 seconds and deals moderate damage
  •  2nd ability is Deafening Roar which also is uses about every 15s and stuns everyone in a 30m radius for 2 seconds
  •  3rd ability, name unknown but let’s call it Enrage, activates on the boss at around 20% +/- and Kermode will grow very large and start hitting harder.  With tank cooldowns, and good gear, this isn’t very difficult.  If the tank’s HP is low or he isn’t fulling specced Guardian, then goodluck  Tongue


  • Tank – Pick up the boss.  Use everything you can to hold aggro, unfortunately with the dps never moving around they will surely draw aggro if they are going full out.  Plus, if you miss a Swift Strike, he is sure to switch targets.  Use Guardian when he enrages and grows large.  If guardian falls off then pop your other CDs, alerting and courage, and be ready to pot
  • All DPS – in general just watch your threat.  There is no real rush to kill him until he is enraged, so you could just autoattack and let the tank get high on threat, then go crazy when he enrages.  Generally you won’t die, need to pot, draw aggro, or even go OOM if you are a mage.  Or you can just go nuts, draw aggro and die
  • Healers – make sure you stand within range of everyone in the group.  Everyone should be up near the boss, no need to be far away.  You could stand in a line with close to 20 meters between tank and ranged dps, with healer in the middle at most 10m to each person.  I would recommend as the fight progresses and aoe damage starts to hurt, to use Ring of Healing immediately following the Silence, then Rapid heal the tank.  if you have any extra time you can cast Restore on the tank, but usually the boss silences again quickly.  Hopefully for this fight the tank puts on some defense gear and/or Stamina gear.  If a dps dies or starts taking damage don’t even bother healing him except with your ring of healing.  if he has aggro, he will sure die either then or later when the boss is enraged

Second Boss Kermode, Top left and clockwise, Kermode as normal, Soul Growl (regular mode), Deafening Roar (regular mode), Kermode in enraged mode

3rd Waves

  • -There are 5 waves this time and come fast.  Again there is no time between killing a boss and the first wave coming.  There are 3 new types of mobs in these waves and random mobs from the first 2 sets of waves.  The new mobs are Flame Striker, Rock-Wings Assassin (gargoyle), and Lava-Skin Burner.  They will do an ankle slash ability and a stun to make moving around difficult
  •   1st wave comes from the Northwest and has 3 random mobs
  •   2nd wave comes from the East and has 3 random mobs
  •   3rd wave comes from the East and has 3 random mobs (usually a Lava-Skin Burner and Flame Striker in it)
  •   4th wave comes from the West and is 4 random mobs (usually 1 Flame Striker in it)
  •   5th wave comes from the Northwest and is 4 random mobs (usually 1 Lava-Skin Burning it in)

BOSS – Alr-Rahjil
Alr-Rahjil has 4 abilities and is a pretty difficult boss.  A LOT of healing is required, and a LOT of dps.  He steals health from random people so a good amount of dps is needed to even kill him.  Be ready to do a lot of moving around and ready to release and run back to the instance if you die.  Some people like to tank him near the entrance to the zone, but it an cause some people lag because of the water effects.  Plus there is less space to move out of the aoe zones

  •  1st ability has an unknown name, let’s call it Earthquake.  He says “Tremble in Terror” when he casts it and it will create a large black circle on the ground that deals significant damage every 2 seconds that you stand in it.  It also slows you down, so be on your toes and get out FAST.  He casts it every 15s or so.  He casts this large (about 10m radius) earthquake under a random player or on Tharrath
  •  2nd ability has an unknown name, let’s call it Life Steal.  It targets a random player and on heroic at least steals about 1500-1600 health.  He casts it every 10-15s.  It also seems that it heals him for more than the amount stolen, maybe 2x?
  •  3rd ability is called Ignite and is cast about every 15s on a random player, maybe on Tharrath too.  It deals damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.  150 damage per tick on regular and 400 on Legendary.  This is nearly 1/2 of your health as a non tank over the full duration.  Keep Restore cast on each player to help counter this a bit.
  •  4th ability has an unknown name, let’s call it NOVA.  This is ability is critical.  He casts it between 15-20% health.  It will kill anyone within 30m radius, so TURN and RUN like hell.  A tank with pretty good HP 6000+ can with full HP use Guardian stance and stand and take the damage.  NOVA will still deal several thousand to the tank.  Alr-Rahjil will say “Out, brief life” when he starts to cast the spell.  It takes him about 2-3s to cast the spell


  • Tank – Grab boss and put as much threat into him as you can.  In general he is easy to tank though sometimes you get unlucky with morale generation and you may lose aggro.  Good thing is, the boss doesn’t hit the hardest so won’t usually kill a dps right away.
  • Dps – See Diagram below.  I would recommend moving circles around the boss or moving left/right as the black circles appear.  You can see how from Diagram 1 when the boss is first picked up to Diagram to how the group can move to stay within Ring of Healing but move as a bit of a unit.  if you get split up from the group because you went one way and the healer the other, then i would suggest you run around the black circle closer to your healer.  Most groups have 2 ranged dps so 80% of the time the black circle won’t be dropped on the tank as the target to where the boss has to be moved.
  • Healers – make sure you stand within range of everyone in the group.  Once you get better gear and higher Mana pool/regen this will get much easier, so long as everyone stays inside the ring of healing.  The more the healer has to use rapid heals outside of doing Ring/Prayer on the group, the less chance you will have of being able to DB the mage.  With basic rune gear and other pre-patch blues + spell crit trinkets, I am usually able to DB the mage everytime and just pop a cheap mana potion (75s for 5 potion) and never run out.  If it does get dicey i always have a stack or 2 of the 5g mana potions, but i try not to use them.

Diagram 1:

Diagram 2:

Third boss Alr-Rahjil, earthquake ability and life steal spell animation

I hope this was helpful.  I will get some picture added, as soon as my server comes back up and I can get back in there  Grin

To Gameloft – I would like to say THANK YOU! for such a fun and challenging dungeon.  I would like to offer up just 2 suggestions.  

  •  Please delay the first wave after each boss for at least 30 seconds so we can rebuff, talk about loot etc.
  •  Please add a level 60 daily quest to Tharrath that pays out about 5 gold.  The new potions are VERY expensive and each death at level 60 is 80s.  The trash that drops in Legendary is the same as on regular except maybe magecloth or random uncommon/rare items.  So I only get a few copper/silver for selling the trash items

PVE Mage Spec
My Mage spec for pure PVE/farming.  It works pretty well for mana conservation in dungeons.  If you use your abilities correctly you can get in as many Barrages as possible to minimize mana consumption.  For example, permafrost and Barrage anytime it is off CD, then Fireball + Cyclone = guaranteed Barrage, Frostbolt + rocks = barrage often)  after i have done permafrost/cyclone/rocks/water prison, i usually use my Frozen mind to get them back so i don’t have to wait the near 30 seconds.  you can realy burst out some good damage like this.  I know it’s not the perfect spec and i’m sure you can move some points around


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