Order and Chaos Online Money Making Guide

Order and Chaos Online Money Making Guide by sacha

1. many people are now making good money out of materials, for example exquisite armour in stacks of 10 are selling for 20 Gold. I would start collecting every ore you see, and saving all materials..Put it all on the AH.

2. Rift dailies – you’ll get approx 30 gold by completing all the dailies on the Western side of the map, and dont forget Umbra, there’s a 4 gold daily there.

3. The desert. Ive had heaps of success at the PVP snakes area and of course the Crimson Tower, the one far West on Map – Ankor I think. the Lvl 49 assasins next to the small lake up top are good, very slow respawn though.

4. Blue drops have not decreased..Just this morning I had 2 blues drop at the elves within 5 min of each other. Currently selling for about 100 gold on AH. Really helps if you have a farmer…I’ve got a full decked out, 2 x epic skele wearing battle warrior – vortex skill makes farmer very fast, and the thing is no one is there unlike pre update 2. I can pull 8+ mobs frequently.

5. Normal Dungeon – Captain symbols drop frequently, they sell for 50 Gold each. Plus Sargents, maybe 5-8 gold each…Just for a test, Ill solo the dungeon 2/3 times with each of my characters, and at the end of it you’ve generally got a bit to sell.

6. The big money is still in crafting…ideally you get to 60, become a master, find 2/3 general symbols and then unfortunatly buy an essense of god and sell that item…..that’s how I’ve made over $6k.

7. When farming, try not to use pots or die….by level 60 these things will have cost you possible 100’s of gold, especially if your a mage..

8. Just keep farming, I friend of mine had a blue drop recently, a fernance blade (spelling might be wrong)…it sold for 1200!!!

Good luck, hope this helps….Don’t beleive the hype – still plenty of ways to make money, just different and takes a bit longer.

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