Order and Chaos Online Mages Basic Strategy and FAQ

Order and Chaos Online Mages Basic Strategy and FAQ by Ozzlo

Hello one and all.

Having been playing Order and Chaos quite casually now for about a week, there have been a lot of people asking me for advice/help on how to skill build for faster levelling yet giving survivability and versatile enjoyment at the same time. So I have decided to make this forum post in order to help out on a larger scale. Although this may be mage specific, a lot of the advice is generic and applies to all classes.

1. Get into a good kill rotation: You want to spend as much time casting as possible. No point in standing waiting for your global global cooldown on firebolt to come of cooldown. Use this time to cast frostbolt (when you got it) or even basic melee. As time progresses and when you acquire Rock Piercing, your rotation will be:

Frostbolt>Firebolt>Rock Piercing>Repeat.

You want to maximise your up time (i.e. more time getting xp and loot, less time drinking and waiting for hp/mana to regenerate) so with this in mind, try to conserve your mana when appropriate. An example of this would be to melee and opponent down who is about to die anyway, as opposed to using firebolt (one of your most mana intensive single target spells).

2. Speccing your mage.  You get your first talent point at level 5.The most optimum levelling spec is to initially take 1 in Frost Blast, switching to fire and taking 1 in  Shock Wave. These are two brilliant early level AoE type spells, dealing high damage in a close proximity circle around you.

As a level 30 mage, my current spec went like this:

1 Frost Blast, > 1 Shockwave > 5 Improved Frost Bolt > 1 Winter Sleep > 3 Ice Burst > 1 Rock Piercing > 5 Erudition > 1 Water Prison > 3 Sharp Rock > 1 Stone Armour > 5 Piercingly cold.

I have chosen this sort of spec as it is best suited for both levelling and player vs player combat.


MOUNTS: At this point in time I do not think that there are mounts, as it states that you
“Travel by foot and other magical means.” Magical means being the way-points.

OMG GET SINGLE LANGUAGE SERVERS: I Disagree with this, I think the multi-cultural thing that OaC  has going on is great. If it annoys you that much, just ignore the people involved as the chances are you won’t be involved with them in future.

PROFESSIONS: There is a quest in silence that allows you to take a single profession. Think logically about it – What use will a mage have with plate? (none bar selling it.)

HOW DO YOU MAKE SO MUCH GOLD? Just like in another game MMORPG game similar to this one, use the auction house as much as you can. You sell an item that someone else needs, they get the item they wanted, you get the gold you wanted. Double profit. Aside from this, just buy the gold – It supports GameLoft who in return will give us better content.

Any other questions feel free to ask me in game.


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