Order and Chaos Online Leveling Guide for New Players

Order and Chaos Online Leveling Guide for New Players by SmoakEater

Leveling in this game is easy compared to other MMORPG from what I understand. If you have just started playing this game you will find that the levels 37-52 are more grind than quest. More quests will be added from updates, but for now, you will be grinding some. I am writing this from the perspective of a topped out 60 lvl player who is now leveling an alt.

I have learned a lot about this game, and learned mostly by mistakes! I missed so many quests when I was leveling my 60, simply because I rushed.

So, here is a list of things I have either read here or learned in game that has made leveling my alt much easier, And with less grinding.

Two Starting Points:

The Chaos humanoids start in the Tanned land, the Order humanoids start in Arcadian Forest. Wherever you start, once you have completed all the quests in your starting point go to the opposite starting point and do those starter quests. If you are Order and start in Fallen Leaf, once you get to Silence, talk to the Npc with the bubble over his head next to the Port Master. He will send you to the Tanned Land.

If you are Chaos and start in the Tanned Land, once you port to Silence run to fallen leaf and do all the quests there, which will quest you back to Silence, anyway.

You will have earned twice the xp of the average player who starts in Silence, and the quests in Silence will be much easier for you. I don’t remember who originally said that here on the forums, and I would give them a head nod if I could, but, memory fails me.


You will get a crafting quest in Silence. Afterwards you get to pick your craft skill. Skills go like this:
-Leather for Ranger
-Tailor for Mage/Monk
-Blacksmithing(?) for warriors.

Once you chose, your stuck, you can’t learn a different craft right now, maybe in an update you can switch, but for the moment your stuck. Once you pick your craft, look at your recipes in your spells section. Look at the supplies you need to craft, and remember, the supplies list does scroll down! you will need to buy thread or otherwise from the Npc with gears over his head.

As you are doing your quests you will loot crafting supplies from Npc’s. Don’t sell this to a merchant. Save them in your chest, and when you have enough, start working on crafting. You get business currency from crafting, and can buy craft level upgrades from the craft master Npc’s. Now, if you level your crafting as you level your toon, you won’t feel like you are grinding out levels, or I didn’t, anyway.

The bonus is you can sell the items you craft to other players or to merchants/vendors, and make a little coin in the process.

The only exception to this is the metal working. Player and Forum member Soulcry says at certain point you can’t keep up with farming ore as your toon’s level raises. I don’t know, as I have only done leather and tailoring. That would seem correct, though. The main supply, ore, is not gotten by fighting, but by gathering. All other supplies are drops from Npc’s. You get xp from those kills, and I don’t think you get xp from mining ore.

Don’t Rush!

You will most often have an Npc that will send you further on in a map. Go meet the new Npc, cash in your quest, then go back to where you were. Look around, explore. You have probably missed a few quests. Do them. Simply because you can move on doesn’t mean you need to yet. Remember, some Npc’s have chain quests. When you are done with that chain it might send you on, that doesn’t mean you have finished all the quests in the area. It just means you finished that chain of quests.

Go Back One More Time!

When you think you have completed all the quests in a map area, go back one more time and double check. Often, quests won’t even show unless you reach a certain level, if you reach that level further into a map, you will miss out on xp. So go through the towns and areas one more time before you leave out for the next world area.

Also remember, the higher level Npc’s you kill, the higher level crafting stuff they drop. If you need 20 more pieces of fur or cloth to level up your crafting, go grind it out. Once you reach a level around 7-10 above the level of the Npc you are killing, you don’t get xp for it. So stay, grind your supplies and get the xp while your at it!


Teaming can be a good thing. You meet new people, make in game friends and so on. There is something to keep in mind about teaming. When you team with one or more persons, you share your kill xp with them. Someone in your team could stand around doing nothing, and they would get free xp from YOUR kills, and you get less xp. If you are going to team, make sure you team with someone who will kill as much as you do, or contribute otherwise. If they heal, let them heal the other team members while the rest grinds.

As a general rule, I have found it is better to team for the “kill the boss” type quests, as all in the team that have the quest get the quest complete when that boss dies. Otherwise I loan wolf it, as you get maximum xp per kill. Your milage will vary on that, depending on your class.

A quick note on teaming. Don’t spam team someone, that kinda annoying. Whisper them and ask “team?” if they say yes, team up, if not, go on your way. Also, with teaming if a team member is above more than eight levels or so, you won’t get any xp, no matter how many Npc y’all kill. This is so a level 60 can’t team up with a bunch of level 20’s and give them super easy xp.

You will also get really low xp if you are team questing with a higher level player in a map above your pay grade. It is just not worth it from a leveling standpoint.

Repeatable Quests

You will find Dailey and repeatable quests throughout the world areas. Do them. Grinding for repeat quest items gets you xp for the kills, as well as xp for completing the quests.

Guild Up

As you make friends in game, start a guild together or join one. A good guild will help out their guildies with gold, team help, and advice. Can’t find anyone close by to help with a quest boss? Jump on guild chat. A high level guildie probably has an alt at your level, or close, and is probably bored enough to come help. If your not worried about the xp of one kill being lost, but need to complete the quest, just ask a high level guildie to come team with you and kill that boss for you.

Don’t do that too often, though. Nobody likes a lowbie in the guild who constantly whines for help, and doesn’t want to even try a quest on their own.

I hope this has been helpful, and if I missed something important please chime in and I will add it!

Maybe this might reach the sought after sticky post status Smiley


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