Order and Chaos Online FAQ

Order and Chaos Online FAQ by Eagleswords

Here are some listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context.

I need more skill slots.

Hold your wheel in the bottom right hand corner and touch to scroll to the left or right for more spaces.

Can I put items like potions in the wheel slot?

That is unfortunately not possible however click on the arrow at the side of the right screen for eight spaces. Now you may put items in it.

Do races offer attributes besides appearance?

Yes there is a slight stat bonus that varies from one another. However this should not matter at all as the bonus given is small.

How do I teleport?

Is either you purchase teleport wings from selected vendors that teleports you to selected towns or you use the teleport portal located in several places.

How do I use the teleport portal?

Click on the feather like icon above the person near a teleport portal, this opens up the map and you can only teleport to the next town or to the previous town. That is to say no skipping from one town to another.

I am stuck or I am lost.

Go to options click on help and hit on the “Break away” button. This will take you to the nearest graveyard.

Are there mounts in game?

No not at the moment.

Are there pets in game?

Yes, and there are a few ways to get them. You may purchase one with gold in Greenmount or with runes in any cash shops or get them directly from selected monsters.

What can my pet do?

As of now it is purely for display and can be considered as a vanity item.

How do I create a guild?

Go to Greenmount and speak to the person whose icon above his head assembles a lightning rune stone. Creating a guild will cost you 5gold.

What is the maximum party size?

Four players including yourself.

Can I change severs?

This is not implemented yet but it is currently underway.

Can I change my in game name?

No you may not.

Can I change my race or class?

No, however this may be introduced in future.

Is there a capital in game where players usually gather?

Yes, Greenmount in Arcadian Forest.

Bronze, Silver and Gold?

100 Bronze gives you 1 Silver, and 100 Silver gives you 1 Gold.

What is the max level?

It is capped at 60.

What is the difference between an Active and Passive skill?

Active skill allows you to literally cast the spell whereas Passive is known to build in you, in another words automatically increases the bonus stated.

How do I know which is an Active or Passive skill under my skill tree?

Any skills that state 0/1 where a maximum of one point can be added to the skill suggest that this skill is an active skill.

When do I get my first skill point?

You will get your first skill point at level  5 and one skill point at every other level until 60. At capped you will have a total of 56 skill points.

Can I reset my skills?

Yes you may buy a Reset Scroll at a cost of 10G at a skill book upgrade vendor. One in town of Silence and the other in Greenmount.

What skills can I upgrade?

You can only upgrade skills you have learnt and that is also to mean you may only enhance Active skills.

Can I add skill points in both talents?

You are advised to decide on either specialization under talent but you may add points in both categories.

How do I increase my stats upon leveling?

In many other games this is done manually however in Order & Chaos these stats are increased automatically.

When I click on a player there are several icons, what do these icons mean?

There are six icons in total and they are to whisper, add as friend, add to party, duel, auto-follow and lastly trade.

What does an Item color suggest?

Gold – Legendary (As with the current content this cannot be found in game)
Purple – Epic
Blue – Superior
Green – Good

What does a quest color suggest?

Red – Hard
Yellow – Average
Green – Easy
Grey – Too Easy

Quest icons with different colors?

Usually we see quest icons in yellow but when you see one in grey it simply means that you have not met the required level or you have not done the quest prior to this. Purple icon suggests that this is a daily quest and is repeatable.

Are some quests repeatable?

Some quests are repeatable, repeatable quests are typical for you are always asked to collect a certain item. You will be rewarded with experience and money upon completion.

Do I have to pay to put items under Auction?

No there are no charges however there is a small commission of 5% charge upon a successful sale.

What are runes?

Runes are like cash. You buy them with real money to make purchases of special in game items such as consumables, enhancement and pets.

Can runes be found?

No like many other games they cannot be obtained anywhere in game.

How does the mailing system work?

You may write, send money and items to your friends even when they are offline.

How do I retrieve items purchased, sold or canceled under Auction?

Go to your mail box and in a certain mail click on “Extract All”

How can I obtain recipes?

You may either buy them from your profession dealer or get them from monsters and chests.

What are symbols?

A symbol is the main component for making high end gears for crafting. It is usually found from Elite Bosses at a very low drop rate.

What are the types of symbols available?

All symbols are used by all professions

Master Sergeant Symbol – Intermediate rare recipes

Captain Symbol – Advanced rare recipes

Colonel Symbol – Professional rare recipes

General Symbol – Master rare recipes
(Thanks Naggaroth for the correction.)

Can I trade or auction symbols?

It is not possible at this stage of the game. The symbol you found is blinded on you upon picking up.


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