Order and Chaos Online Detailed Game Guide

Order and Chaos Online Detailed Game Guide by Akiloth

Everyone needs some help every now and then so I thought that some new player is gonna wanna detailed guide! I hope this helps some people and let me know if I miss anything important. Also if you want a guide on anything in the game Ill make it for you, just let me know.

1. Areas
2. Leveling
3. Scamming/scam prevention
4. PvP and PvM
5. Races
6. Classes
7. Professions
8. Gold Farming/Makeing Gold
9. Tips

Section: 1

There are 7 areas in the game that are visited as you raise your level
Tanned Land (Chaos Start): Levels 1-?
Arcaidian Forest: Levels 1-12
Tear Coast: Levels 12-19
Swamp of Wyrms: Levels 19-29
Wispering Islands: Levels 29-39
The Great Desert: Levels 39-49
Sinskaald Rift: Levels 49-60
Keep in mind that levels will varry from player to player, 3 of my toons entered each land at different levels.

Section 2

There are 2 ways of leveling in this game: Questing and Grinding.
Questing is how you need to raise your level, grinding does virtualy nothing and should only be used when you have no quests.
There are 3 types of quests in this game: Regular, Daily, and Repeatable. Regular quests are your standard RPG quests. Repeatable quests are just gathering quests, you gather 10 of a certain item and turn them in for xp and gold, these quests can be done as many times as you wish. Daily quests are the best type, a repeatable quest that is only repeatable every 24hrs. The best part about these is that they give LOADS of experiance points!
Now on to grinding…Grinding is usualy not done for fun but to simply raise your level until there are more quests availible to you. Grinding is just killing NPCs for xp and usualy take a long time and is boreing. If you do every quest avalible to you from start to finish it will take out a little bit of grinding, also keep up with dailys to help eleminate it!

Section 3
Scamming/Scam Prevention

This game is filled with scammers!!! So im gonna tell you how to spot one. If anybody is asking for your password, NO MATTER WHAT, there a scammer! Even if they claim to be a mod, they arnt! Why would a mod need to ask for your password when they already have it? Also I believe that admims play as real players, not mods! If someone wants you to send them gold, DONT!!! Doubling gold or gold hacks are a huge scam so never send gold!!

Secion 4
PvP and PvM

A) PvP
PvP stands for player vs player. This is where players go around and randomly kill each other, FUN!! But in this game PvP is Forced PvP whitch means that at a certain level you are thrown into PvP to do quest and forced to get killed by higher levels. But someday when your the high level…
B) PvM
PvM stands for player vs monster. Pretty much dungeons! I am a HUGE PvM fan and cant wait for the dongeons! So yeah monster killing, huge explaination I know lol.

Section 5

The races of this game are divided on to sides, Order and Chaos. Humans and Elves are for Order, and Orcs and Undead are for chaos.

Section 6

There are 4 classes in this game: Warrior, Mage, Monk, Ranger.
Warrior: Warriors are the front lines and the heart of a team. They do mele dammage up close and personal!
The Talent Branches for warrior are:
Battle: This is all about DPS (dammage per second). Battle means low defence, but high hits. Battle warriors typicaly use two handed wepons.
Guardian: This is defencive all the way. Gaurdians are the OnC tanks! With a sword and shield nothing can hurt them! There attack is just average though.
In my own opinion orcs make the best warrior.

Mage: Up close a mage wont do to much, but from a disstance…
Talent Branches for Mage:  (yes i know its not the real names, its what iv always called them)
Fire: Mostly fire spells.
Frost: Mostly frost spells.
In my opinian, Undead make the best mages, but I could be wrong. Also be aware that mages arnt any good untill higher levels, then they are amazing! Mages will domminate PvP!!

Monk: A monk is your best friend. Serving more like a palodin though…Monk can eather be healers or mages.
Talent branches for Monk:
Divine: This is all healing others. Divine is what I think is most commonly used. So if you wanna heal, pick divine.
Military: Millitary is more like blessings, I have never made a milli monk so bare with me! These spells are more for blessing allies and aiding them.

Ranger: Ahh the ranger, the single most important toon out there! Anything is possable with this, rendering enemys mothionless, deadly strikes, or turning invisible!
Talent branches for ranger:
Archer: The archer serves just as the WoW ranger. No need for a big explanation, you just take a bow and let lose!
Assassin: The assassin is…well, and assassin! Anything to get a leg up on the enemy!
In my opinian, elves make the best rangers.

Notice how humans arnt the best in anything! This is simply because humans, in all MMOs that i know of, serve as a medium. They have no plus, or minus, there just human.

Section 7

A great way to eather make or lose money is professions! After completing the quest in Silence and choising your profession you can then start! I will not go into to much detail on this stuff. To craft items you need Recipies that can be bought from a profession vender. You dont buy them with gold though, they are bought with bussiness points. You earn these points by crafting items. You also need business points to buy level ups.

Section 8
Gold Farming/Gold Makeing

One thing you should know as a low level is that you shouldnt need to start farming for a while! This game will give you TONS of gold, and since theres not muh you need to buy, it just keeps adding up. But when you reach the level cap and you want to make gold, this is for you!
The key to makeing gold is LOCATION! You wont make anything in a bad spot. I like to farm in Penal Colony: Sore. North East of Farstrider Outpost. After about 30 minutes you can leave with 30+ gold, one time i got 52g  in one trip Smiley
Trust me here though, the Elemental King is next to worthless! You wait from 2-3 hours just for a chance of being able to attack it before its dead! Then the small chance of getting the drop! Then you fail and wait another 2-3 hours. In 3 hours i make about 120g! And thats fact!! I might be off a couple gold though because i cant garontee my drops. Sometimes I may leave with 100g, but never have I have with less than 20g per trip!
So you spend 12 hours and finaly get your general symbol. How much did I make in 12 hours? Well if I made my average 30g per trip, I left with 720g after 12 hours! Should I be telling you guys this? My spots gonna be packed!!

Section 9

Here are a few tips that will help not only new players, but experianced as well.

1) Tired of paying to die? Paying for trips to Greenmount? Mail your gold to a seporate account that you leave by the mailbox and auction house in Greenmount! No paying when you die, and you can buy and mail anything you need!
2) At the begining of the game, keep all your bronze mineral, poor fur, and grenadine, you will need it later Smiley
3) People dont like annoyances. So try not to kill noobs in PvP or steal kills.
4) Doubling gold is a huge scam! Never send out gold or account information!
5) Almost every day I give away 20g to a random person. Keep global chat open to see when the game starts!
6) Frost mages are amazing in PvP! They can freeze you and kill you very quickly! So watch out!
7) Do every quest and keep up with dailys fkr less grinding in the future.
Cool Because of the player mobs, the Elemental King is not a good sorce for gold.
9) Dont buy armor untill you hit the level cap. Your armor will see be useless to you!
10) Admins play the game as PLAYERS NOT ADMINS!
11) •Rose• is only 12 years old!! Keep that in mind!!
12) Vega is the worst part of the game as far as forced PvP questing goes. Be prepaired for being killed constantly.
13) Use teleport scrolls, its cheaper!
14) Join a guild, it could be helpfull later on.
15) Dont buy real world items/gold off another website! If your hacked you are to blam!

I hope that this guide helped someone!
Remeber, if there is anything that you want a guide for (a detailed guide) just let me know somehow, post it here, message me, pst me in game/mailbox (all my toons are in my signature) It doesnt matter how, just ask and ill make one!

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