Order and Chaos Online Crafting Basic FAQ

Order and Chaos Online Crafting Basic FAQ by MrFeeb

What professions/crafting exist?

There are three different crafting professions at this time:

Cloth: Mage, Monk Gear (Cloth).
Example bonuses: +Wis, +Sta, some +spell level, +spell hit, +spell crit

Leather: Ranger / Warrior Gear:
Example bonuses:  +AGI, +STA, +STR, +Hit, +Attack

Blacksmithing: Warrior Gear (Plate), Physical DPS Weapons (Swords, Daggers, Hammers, Two-handed, Axes, etc)

Can I learn more than one profession?
At this time, no.

Can I retrain my profession?
At this time, no / unknown.

Where do I learn crafting?

In Silence.

Quest Location: Silence
Quest Giver: Mastoo, Materials Supplier,
Req. Lvl: 4+
Gather #n Cloth, Ore, Fur
Reward: letter than can be taken to crafting trainer for one profession.
Repeatable? No.

Where are profession trainers located?
In Silence (Apprentice levels) and in Greenmont (All other levels).

Where in Greenmont are the profession trainers located?

Blacksmithing: In the Foundry section, NE of the Main Gate

Leatherworking: In the basement of the tower SE of the Auction House, next to the ranger trainer.
You need to take the ramp down (on northside of map) before crossing the bridge to the Auction House

Cloth: Legendary Garden, NW Greenmont, past central tower.

How do I buy new patterns?
Use Craft Currency.

How do I gain craft currency?

You get a certain number of craft currency for each item you create. More “expensive” patterns
yield more Craft Currency. For example, the glove / boot pattern you learn at the apprentice level will produce ~10 craft currency.
The Intermediate glove pattern may produce ~ 30 craft currency. You automatically learn a new pattern when you buy the
next    level of crafting.

How to I level up to Intermediate/Expert/Master?
You need to purchase tomes that teach this level from your trainer.

The costs and level requirements for these tomes are:

Profession Rank|Minimum Level|Craft Currency|Location
Primary|8|None, quest|Silence

Where do I find materials for crafting?

Cloth (Grenadine, Cotton, etc) drops off of humanoid mobs.
Leather (Poor Fur, Quality Fur, etc) drops off of animals and some monsters.
Ore can be found throughout the game world as glowing rocks or crystals.

Other materials can be bought from vendors (example: Flux , Thread) located near the profession trainer
or dropped by mobs. For example, humanoid and monster mobs can drop Armor Scraps used by various patterns.

Do I need a specific profession to pick up materials?
No, any player can gather materials for any profession. You do not need seperate gather skills.

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