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Ninjawaz Tips and Guides by Linkinzz

Section 1: Maximizing EXP

You should know most of everything by now if you have gone through thein-game-tutorial. Okay let’s start with maximizing exp gain. You should be given a couple of coupons from quest, go to Item Mall at the bottom of the screen, then go to food and buy EXP Seal. There are 2 EXP Seals, one that gives 2x exp and another with 1.6x exp. Grab anyone of them, and go to Backpack then use it. Now the game should start throwing quest at you, accept all of the given quests, don’t do any yet. To save movement point (MP), do quest that requires you to talk to an NPC. Then start doing quest that requires you to kill monsters, try to stack up quest that requires you to kill the same monster so you don’t have to go back to the same monster when you get a new quest.

Finish the entire given quests, until you have no more quests. You should now be high enough for Las Noches. Refill your HP and Chakra bags, and go to Demon City, accept the Las Noches quest then enter. Try to minimize the monster from dealing high damage to you, use counter skills like Static Field, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Death Mirage, and Crystal Blade. Also different counter skills like Substitution, Windstorm Array or healing skills like Pre-Healing and Assassination. Try to get as far as you can in Las Noches because it gives very good exp. You can do Las Noches 2 times per a day; take advantage of this good exp.

Go to the village you are in, and accept Bounty quest. You can use auto complete option for time wasting ones, do mostly ones that give EXP.

Now after Las Noches, you should have enough EXP to get to another level. Don’t worry you get quest every time you level, you should be given more quest now. Do all quest, and get ready for Valhalla. Doing Valhalla gives good equipment drops, always do it in hard mode. When doing it, bring a good strong team so you guys have high chances of beating the end boss and not end up losing. You can enter Valhalla 3 times per a day, that means you have 3 chances a day to get good equips.

Do you remember the arena? Try to finish all your arena rounds each day before the reset, stack up on arena medals. DO NOT waste arena medals on Jars, only use medals on Jars one time that is when the system tutorial asked you to do it. There will be a quest to ask you to break 10 jars, don’t do it, it’s pretty much a waste. Save up all your medals for higher levels in arena. The higher your arena rank, the more exp you can gain exchanging medals for. Always cash in your medals for EXP at the arena.

Now sometimes you may have gotten Demon Proofs from exploration right? Save these angels up for later levels, stack up on them. You can challenge a BOSS monster with it. BOSS monsters gives good EXP and good item drops. If you have stack up on Anonymous cards, you can synthesize them into Demon Proofs. The higher level you are, the more EXP can be gained from BOSS fights.

Even after all of this, and you still have MP left, you can do chain attack onthe highest monster near you. After chain attack, go to Item Mall and buy a Stamp of Special Training or anyone of your choice. Then go to your village Hall. Use the Stamp of Special Training. Then find a room at the Hall, enter the room and it should take EXP for you while you’re offline.

Try to get as much apprentice as you can, they alone can give you great EXP each day. To get an apprentice you need to beat a player that is level 18 and above in arena. If they do not have a master, they will show up in the Guidance room. Capture him!

Section 2: Do’s and Don’ts

Now most of you guys would want to spend all your coupons at lower levels. Try to preserve as much coupon as possible; they will be more useful in higher levels than wasting them on lower levels. Also, try to not waste allot of stones, they are precious and needed when you want to spam synthesis :p.


-It’s okay to spend coupon on chain attacks if you are in a hurry and you’re stuck in chain attack.

– Synthesizing your own equips is way cheaper than buying it in the Item Store.

-If you keep losing in arena, observe your opponent’s skills, and try to use skills you have that can counter it.

– Always do your Exploration in a zone for a chance to get goodies!

-Do ALL your quests, for both EXP and Stones.

-Always do the Bounty quest for Iron ore, it gives you 1k+ stones each time!

– It’s okay to use your Coupons on EXP seals and Hall training Seals.

– When doing Valhalla try to use skills that use limited Chakra.

-Be sure to do Valhalla with a team, it’s faster and easier!

-Always try to be helpful to anyone in need, because you will gain reputation in the game as great player. More reputation means more respect.


– DO NOT use coupons on anything else in the Item Mall, other than the mentioned.

– DO NOT use coupons for skills reset, you should unlock all skills by 41.

– DO NOT use coupons on any of the armory functions, you can get the Talisman and required from Explorations, Boss etc. It is Pointless to use Coupons on Armory at low levels. Better save your coupons!

-DO NOT use coupons for a quick finish in the Pet Kennel, this is not worth it. Just put the pet in there, and do other stuff.

– DO NOT ever do Valhalla Hard by yourself if you are low level. More than likely you will be PAWNED.

-DO NOT be a troll face on the chat, more than likely players WILL hate you. And they WILL beat you up in arena, make you their apprentice or should I say slave.

Section 3: Additional Tips

When you reach level 24, there will be a quest that gives 3 outfits you started off with. You can use them to synthesis it to make your outfit +1. To make outfit +1 you need 3 same outfits, one as main and the other two as catalyst.

It’s always good to talk to people in world chat; you may share info with them,like builds. And they can share info with you. Get to know friends and they might always be behind your back!

If you have unbound items, you can sell them in the market to other players for gold or stones. Market can be accessible by level 25.

When doing Slots, you can refresh the pages after round 2 if you are soloing.Do not do it if you’re in a team, you will be kicked out. This trick also works with Las Noches but NOT Valhalla.

Arena battles only last up to 60 rounds, if in the end no one died. The one with highest HP wins.

If you have encountered any bug during game play, screenshot it and write areport about it on the forums!
Save up your arena point bags, and when you get to a close point, use them to get that extra boost to rank up in arena!

Remember to save your medals for higher arena ranks for awesome EXP trade in, the higher the rank, the more exp gained!

Out of Movement point or preparing to leave the game? Go to the Hall and signed up for offline training, you will be gaining EXP while you’re away. You can gain even more EXP if you do Hall training at Angel City. And also more if you use Seals from Item Mall.

Do your slot machines they give awesome rewards! Suits, weapons, stones etc.,!

Check the Bounty Quests often for S ranked missions that can give you Blue or Orange outfits, their worth it!

Section 4: Gaining Stones
So there are many ways to gain stones, but in this quick guide it will provide you some basic ways you can gain stones easy and fast.

-Do your bounty quests! Yes the Iron ore ones, you can gain a pretty sum of stone each day by doing this. Every time when the server has refresh, go to the Item Store and buy a couple dissemblance scrolls and go make some Iron Ores. Stack up on Iron Ore so you can gain stones every time the Bounty Quests has refreshed!

-Valhalla this alone gives allot of stones per a day. You have 3 Valhalla tries each day, make sure you grab a high level team to get you through that instance to reap awesome rewards! Valhalla doesn’t only gives great stone, but it also gives you a chance to gain Gold,Orange and Blue equipment’s!

-Quests, yes it’s a simple method but effective. Quests alone can give you lots of stones, be sure to take advantage of them and don’t let them stay there left alone! Do them and don’t be lazy, you won’t believe how much stones you get when you finish multiple of quests.

-Explorations, another easy and great method to get stones. You get a couple explorations tries each day, go to any monster zone and click on the yellow-glittering places on the area. Exploration brings great rewards, the rewards are better the higher level the zone is. Explorations gives rewards such as: Pets, Stones, Enchantment stones, Demon Proofs etc.

-Using gold, if you’re a gold user, you can use gold on Mystery jar’s these jars gives you unbound outfits , so if you get a couple of them you can sell them in the market to other players for stones. Market can be accessible by level 25!

That’s it for now. New updates soon, if you want to add anything to this thread please post it and I will add! Thanks for reading ^_______^.

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