Ninjawaz FAQ

Ninjawaz Frequently Asked Questions by Simeny

Q: I already passed Valhalla, why the task is still unfinished?
A: You should finish the hard level of task in Valhalla

Q: What is the function of remains?
A: The remains will protect you from decreasing half EXP after your death in Las Noches.

Q: Why I can’t tald in world channel?
A: Please make sure that your level is higher than 10.

Q: Is there a league system in game?
A: Sorry, the league system hasn’t been opened temporarily.

Q: Can I marry in the game?
A: Sorry,the marriage system hasn’t been opened temporarily.

Q: Is there a mentoring system in game?
A: Yes, please check in guiding house.

Q: How to change grey coat to orange one?
A: There is certain chance to change grey coat to orange one with high value items.

Q: The task told me to fight BOSS, but when I was transferred to the place, there is no BOSS?
A: The system needs time to refresh BOSS. Please pay attention to refresh time.

Q: What is the function of VIP?
A: VIP is the special service in game, you can enjoy many added service in effective period after using VIP.

Q: What does incease one more replenishing exploration tries of VIP mean?
A: Replenishing exploration tries means increase extra times to explore for free.

Q: I bought VIP, why didn’t it display?
A: You should use it first after buying VIP items.

Q: What is apprentice panel opening book?
A: Where to get it? You have certain chances to obtain it after finishing flipping cards at outdoor arena.

Q: Can I transfer nations?
A: No, you can’t.

Q: What is  Lv 2 password?
A: Lv 2 password is the protect password of character deletion, please set it in system.

Q: How to delete characters?
A: You can choose to delete the character in system.

Q: What is slot machine?
A: Slot machine is outdoor multiplayers. Only higher players that are higher than level 15 can click to enter slot machine at the left side of outdoor scene.

Q: What’s the Max number of people to team up to challenge the slot machines in the oudoors?
A: Three.

Q: Is it a must to team up to challenge the slot machines in the outdoors?
A: No.

Q: What kinds of rewards can we get after succeeded in challenging slot machines?
A: Exp,stones,equipment of different qualities,gift box of coat

Q: Can I see my buddies in the Arena?
A: Yes,please check list in the right side of Arena.

Q: Does it cost gold to refresh the Arena?
A: Everyday it’s free for the first time.Later you need to cost gold.

Q: All the equipment got from the Arena are bound.Can they be unbinded

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