Ninjawaz Epic Rare Ore Synthesis Guide

Ninjawaz Epic Rare Ore Synthesis Guide by Fuuin

Rare Ore is one of the mysterious things ingame lol so now the infamous Detective Fuuin will help u how to solve the mystery Unnamed QQ Screenshot1.png

Oke now u’ll need to collect 3 TYPES of Mystery Diasembly Scroll like the image below :


Oke now theres a 3 type of mystery scroll..I arrange it for Weapon,Armor n Accessory so i’ll not hav a problem next time i try to synth a rare ore…Juz remember this one thing = KEEP COLLECTING IT UNTIL IT FORM A 3 PILES OF SCROLL then u can decide which is for weapon,armor n accessory..

Now is the way to synth a rare for example since sometimes ppl still asking “Whats the way to synth a rare ore Unnamed3.jpg ” So heres the example :


U must synth it the correct way/type : Weapon + Weapon Mystery Scroll + Grenade
Armor + Armor Mystery Scroll + Grenade
Accessory + Accessory Mystery Scroll + Grenade

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