Ninjawaz Defense Against the Tailed Beast Guide

Ninjawaz Defense Against the Tailed Beast Guide by chibii

A violent and dangerous beast has appeared on Sakura Mainland and as a ninja you have to fight against it and protect you village from the attack.

How to participate:

Time:  Monday to Thursday 18:00

•        During the specified period of time, click Kage Meeting Room located at the main city.

•        Click the Ninja Troop Commander in the Kage Meeting Room to enter the fight scene.

•        Click the tailed beast, which is attacking the village, and defeat it .

How to defeat the tailed beast?

•        Click the tailed beast in the map; choose the option to start battle. The battle is 1v1 basis;

•        There are 9 kinds of tailed beasts, which will appear in different order and time.  Players should defeat 5 tailed beast in order to protect the village successfully.
•        Each tailed beast has 3 difficulty levels. You can choose the appropriate level accordingly. (Normal: above level 20, Hard: above level 40, Rampage: above level 60)

•        Based on HP level, one tailed beast will have 3 different forms and level of strength

•        After successfully defeating one tailed beast, the total HP of the tailed beast shown in the map will be reduced. You will be awarded certain amount of honor. (You can use special items such as Lava Stone Necklace to earn bonus honor)

How To Protect the Village?

•        There are 9 villages to protect. Its village has its durability, which will decrease as attack continues. Killing the beast as soon as possible will prevent the village from being destroyed.


(You can use special item such as Big Wood Release Talisman to increase the village’s durability and earn certain amount of honor.)
When the durability of all villages drops to 0, the battle will end automaticall


Rewards can be claimed every Sunday between 0:00:01 – 23:59:59
•        Players who fight against tailed beast for the first time will gain rewards items from the quest

Rewards for Rank of Hero

•        For rank hero’s a Kage icon will be shown in chat box

•        Special Titles: Tailed Beast Killer and Kage
Tailed Beast Killer: Critical Strike +30, Strength +40, Armor Break +45
Kage: Hit +40, Armor Break +40, Constitution +50, Attack +3%
•        The honor will be displayed in the Five Kage Meeting Room

Rewards for Rank of National Honor

•        Top 3 winners can win First-rate Gem*1
•        Top 4-10 players can get Gem Gift Box A
•        Top 11-20 players can get Gem Gift Box B
•        Top 500 players can claim a gift box respectively

To get the weekly rewards, you must successfully protect the village twice in a week.

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