Ninjawaz Best Pet Guide

Ninjawaz Best Pet Guide by Mo3taz

This question is widely asked from most of the players since they can see a wide variety of pets. in this guide u will be able to understand differences between all the pets and their Aura, Aid/Support and Passive skills, and you will be able to choose the one that satisfy your need.

Note: Not all skills are listed below, just the commonly used ones and recommended skills.
Note that all stat skills below are based on Elementary skill level. Advanced and Expert skill levels will have better stat or percentages (except for
Pet Specific skills).

Artificial Pets

Pockie Ninja Artificial.png
Bun Monster, Riceball Monster and Sushi Monster (30 Syn value)

Aura Skills
– Rebirth Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
– Sacrifice: When remaining HP is less than 20%, turn aura into 15% amount of HP.

Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
– Bun Monster – None
– Riceball Monster – HP Restore: If player received damage
, 11% chance to restore HP 10% of player’s Max HP at most.
– Sushi Monster – Chakra Restore: When owner is under attack, there’s 11% chanceto restore Chakra, which equals to 10% of owners max Chakra

Passive Skills
– Aiming Device: Increase owner’s Hit by 80 points.
– Outfit Clone: Increase owner’s Strength, Agility, Stamina by 26 points.

Beast Pets

Pockie Ninja Beast Pets.png
Bloodbat, Stinger Bee and Vulture (30 Syn value)

Aura Skills
– Slaughter Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
– Excited: Attack will increase when having Positive Status/Buff, basic aura 6%.
– Blood Curse: Close attack can absorb HP according to damage, basic aura 3%.

Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
– Bloodbat – Life Leech: After owners attack, 19% chance to attack and absorb half of that damage as HP.
– Stinger Bee – Bite: After owners attack, 21% chance to attack and poison the opponent.
– Vulture – Peck: After owners attack, 21% chance to inflict bleed on the opponent.

Passive Skills
– Natural Enemy: Increase owner’s Critical Strike by 48 points.
– False Tooth: Increase owner’s Min.Attack by 18 points.

Plant Pets

Pockie Ninja Plant Pets.png
Corn, Maneater Blossom, Sunflower, Sweet Potato Demon and Treant (30 Syn value)

Aura Skills
– Bramble Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
– Photosynthesis: 20% chance to restore HP up to 3 times, basic aura 3%.
– Spine Protection: Reflect damage from close range, basic aura 3%.

Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
– Corn – Combo: When owner is attacking, pet has 17% chance to attack the enemy twice.
– Maneater Blossom – Pollen: Reduce enemy Attack by 12%.
– Sunflower – Solar Strike: Activated on combat, reduces opponents Hit by 8 points.
– Sweet Potato Demon – Great Pressure: After owners attack, 19% chance to attack and Stun enemy for 1 turn.
– Treant – Roots: After owners attack, pet has a 16% chance to root the opponent for 1 turn.

Passive Skills
– Barks Armor: Increase owner’s defence by 80 points.
– Fence Sitter: Increase owner’s Constitution by 72 points.

Channeling Pets

Pockie Ninja Channeling Pets.png
Akamaru, Lily, Souling (aka Kon) and Toadling (40 Syn value)

Aura Skills
– Intelligence Aura – Must have aura to activate other auras.
– Mysterious Technique: Have a chance to cast without consuming chakra or dodge HP damage, basic aura 9%.

Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
All channeling pets doesn’t have any pet specific aid/support skills.

Passive Skills
– Mystic Energy: Increase owner’s max Chakra by 86 points.
– X-ray Vision: Increase owner’s Pierce by 100 points.
– Nihility: Increase owner’s Dodge by 67 points.

Dragon Pet

Pockie Ninja Dragon Pet.png
Frostbore Dragon (40 Syn value)

Aura Skills
– Holy Aura – Must have aura to activate other auras.
– Dragon Blood: Reduce damage, basic aura 3%
– Inviolable: Increase the rate of counter attack, basic aura 6%

Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
– Dragon Great Strength: Increase owner’s Hp by 70
– Dragonscale: Increase owner’s defense by 100
– Attack: Great chance to cast Icy Breath and freeze the opponent for 3 seconds.

Passive Skills
– Dragonmight: Increase owner’s HP by 86 points.
– Dragonscale: Increase owner’s Defence by 100 points.
– Armor Corrosion: Increase owner’s Armor Break by 89 points.
– Dragon Wing: Increase owner’s Block by 67 points.

-Recommended Aid / Support Skills –

Available to All Pets
– Absolute Loyalty: Increase the proc-rate of pet’s support skill.
– Repress: Decrease the proc-rate of enemy pet’s support skill.
– Block: When owner is under attack, the pet has 10% chance to block damage.

– Recommended Passive Skills –

Available to All Pets
– Ferocious [E]: Increase owner’s attack by 10%.
– Disarm [E]: Increase owner’s Armor Break by 51 points.
– Other Passives gives specific stat bonuses. Choose what fits your build.

Now, that you know everything about pets, it comes to which is the best pet ?
the answer is: ALL ARE GOOD, but it depends on your build and what you want from a pet

– If you are building a Speedster character, then Sweet potato is highly recommended, because of the Great pressure skill which stuns the enemy for 1 turn giving you a second attack, but u shoud know that potato suppression and great strength doesn’t stack, meaning if u hit great strength for 3 times, potato’s suppression wont stun enemy. ( channeling and corn is good for speedster too )

– If you are building a Tank character, then Riceball is highly recommended, because of Hp restore skill which gives you a chance to prolong the fight, thus your opponent chakra ends. ( Sushi and bloodbat are good for tanker too )

– If you are building Attacker character, then Frostbore Dragon is highly recommended, since its has powerfull passives specialy Armor Corrosion which increase players armor break by 89 points. ( Corn, Stinger Bee and vulture are good to attacker too )

and remember, these builds and pets combination are not ideal, its common

So, choose a pet regarding your battle needs, and make it The Best Pet

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