Mythos Global Skill Calculator

Mythos Global Skill Calculator by scotland

There is a lot of older players no doubt returning to mythos and have prob not been able to play with the new Tier Tree patch

It basically makes Hybrid class a lot harder so if Mythos Global is to introduce this patch im posting a skill calculator so every one is up to scratch on there skills.

It is from the russian website, the link should translate the webpage.

The link can be found Here

Click on About game then navigate to Calculator, the skills will Appear in Russian but Im sure all you vets will know what is what.

As the older players will no doubt notice you can no longer gain all 3 Trees from adding SP to the Tier Tree, they all have to be done separate.

Additional Info on skills can be found here just scroll down to see other class skills with pictures (lack of BL info) the skill guides here will be out of date due to point distribution and some Cool Down timers which where lowered in new patch, this is so newbies can understand a bit more about the skills before its on the user interface on mythos global homepage.


EDIT: i felt bad that link didn’t show any Blood Letter skill info here is some alternative links for BL.
Red Hand

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