Mythos Global Power Grind Guide

Mythos Global Power Grind Guide by scotland

As apposed to questing there is always the option to power grind but just don’t forget quests give good achievements some quests disappear after certain levels i’m sure not confirmed.

You will start of with questing i doubt no one will be forming parties at the launch, your quests should take you all the way to level 15 and hopefully there will be daily quests to accept for exp buffs.
If you don’t want to Quest and prefer to power Grind you can always enter Rune gates, as they may offer higher level mobs than the normal dungeons (normal dungeon monsters cap at your level +1).

Rune gates can be found in certain Areas Blue, green yellow, red and maybe purple If you want to power grind its best you start of questing until level 10, then head towards Archeological Expedition Area, Try to create a team with the party list and shout in world (Grind 10+ green gates).
You will need to purchase a rune stone from the npc next to the gate to enter, only the leader of the party needs a stone then the rest can enter free.
It doesn’t matter if the stone says lvls 16+ and is in red text, you will still be able to enter if your in a party there will be no problem.
10% exp gained per person in the party five people max in party 40% Exp gain total.

Grind in the gates until your level 15 then head to heaven island for daily quests, when you complete three quests you get an Exp Bonus for 2 hours at 50% exp, all Exp buffs and potions from the item shop stack.

when you hit level 16 you should head to Heated mines in Research academy with a new group and grind untill your 19 making sure your Daily buff from the daily quests are active.

Well done you have hit level 19 in no time at all. Now the game begins You will want to head over to Crumble Kingdom east of Research and get in a group for Fallen Palace, this is one of the most used dungeons for newbies as it has a lot of bigger mobs that give good exp and a boss, its normally called FP on the party list, push P for party list.

While your grinding your way to 28 to choose a faction side you should not 4get that some quests offer excellent quest items, these quests items Always get excellent Stats on enchanting.
Now you have hit 28 you can choose a faction it really dont matter what you choose its basically the same, the quest to choose a faction is a link quest in crumble kingdom so dont 4get to quest a lil or you need to back track to get it.

28+ head to Ice horn temple
32+ Recovery Forest untill basically 50+

Recovery forest imo is the best dungeon in the game if you have on luck gear + exp buffs your going have and absolute blast.
Hope this helps its a very short version of how to hit max in a few days providing the Stamina doesnt slow you down.
I would never activate my daily buff 3rd quest unless i am in a party.. NEVER
If you cant get in a party and want to go to sleep activate your buff and then log off the next day you will have it at 2 hours, with another three daily quests waiting on you.

Its possible to get more than 3 daily quests, if you level up three times that’s 3 more daily quests, meaning another buff. the most i’ve had in a day was 3 maybe 4 daily buffs.. don’t ask i think i stayed up till the daily reset lol.. any ways this guide is very ruff free floating hope it helps tho.

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