MonsterMMORPG Zenith and Legend Catching Tips

MonsterMMORPG Zenith and Legend Catching Tips by Ghost

In MonsterMMORPG zeniths/ ledgends show up just like regular Monsters. With low encounter ranks some new people will get fustrated by catching them, these tips will make catching your first ledgend slightly easier, step by step.

Step 1– be sure you stock up on Items; Ultimate Box, Potions, Revives, Etc.

Step 2– get a monster thats level is higher than the average level in the room your going to find the Ledgend at.

Step 3– When you get to the room where the Ledgend is at, find alot of space to walk back-and-forth with.

Step 4– Use the “multistep count box” in the middle of the arrows and set it to 9. Use only the arrows on the screen to walk, and avoid pressing “R” to run away.

Step 5– Take the time to train a monster while listening to some music.

Step 6– Avoid looking at chat, so just close it at the bottom of the screen ( Its very distracting )

Step 7– Dont think about catching the ledgend, time will go by SLOWLY.

Step 8– pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the monster your running from, you may accidently run from a ledgend! Go at a medium pace.

Thats all i have as far as help goes, if anyone has any other tips to help people please tell ^-^ Hopefully this helps alot of new players. Good Luck~

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