Legend of Edda Information

Legend of Edda Information by rhedXd

i just wanted to share to you guys… this is some info that i found when im browsing to the Korean Legend of Edda website… please read it and post if you think its not true ot maybe it is true… and tell me what you guys thinking now when you had read this information…

Game Info:

1. Lvl cap is only lvl 40 (idk if the CBT will be max to lvl 40 when the cbt start)
2. Lvl cap of the MOBS is the same lvl 40….
3. we can dye our armor and weapon…( idk if its true )

Now for the Item Mall… but yet 1eleven1 and shogun4 said it will be different for the NA vertion… but yet just a small information that i gather about some items that can be foun in the item mall…

Item Mall:

1. Name: New enhanced protective gloves
I-grade weapons and strengthen protective equipment will prevent the destruction. Fully for the safety of my precious items of equipment!

well if you guys are playing some MMO well i think this CS item is normal to see…

2. Name: Modify the new Enchant
I grade weapons, defense equipment, according to the characteristics of each item by adding stats [strength, agility, stamina, magic] or effective [HP, MP, movement speed, 0

hm… it seems like from the Luna CS item… we can modify randomly the satat of our item…

3. Name: Move map mabeopseo (30)
30 days in each region plus the return of a legend can be moved to the castle at the Magic is. 30 days are free to use, period

hm… by seeing this it means there wont be a drops that we can use to teleport in the in game…. or maybe there is… but yet we dont know…

4. Name: Skill Initialization
Initialize all the skills acquired and skills learned during the gold and woohosin consumed can be turned all the points.

i think you guys know this one… and yes the ver popular of all CS item… the SKILL RESET item…. and yes there is no STAT reset cause your stat will automaticaly rise….

5. Name: Inventory expansion (25 spaces)
Inventory 1 (25 spaces) can be extended permanently. Inventory can be extended up to a maximum of 2. Long been on the hunt

i think in every mmo have this CS item… that can expand your bag… or slots…

6. Name: Account warehouse expansion (36 spaces)
Account warehouse a (36 spaces) and 09 can be extended. Private warehouse can be extended up to a maximum of 3, game money (gold) account, since it only extends through the two columns warehouse expansion (36 spaces) is used.

another CS item from Luna… you warehouse expansion….

7. Name: Experience flight (three hours) -2 ..
3 hours to get through the hunting experience (EXP) as a 20% increase. EXP potions used simultaneously with the event or experience

well a another popular CS item… that can make you lvl up faster…stronger better faster… lol just joking XD what i means is it can give you more 20% exp when your killing mobs…

Well guys you decide whether this is fake or real… but yeah i am glad that i had share something to you guys… post your comment… i had post this because i just wanted to know what would be your reaction into this information… lets interact XD

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