Jade Dynasty Refining and Imbuing Guide

Jade Dynasty Refining and Imbuing Guide by KeenEdge


So you’ve seen cool-looking players with glowing armor and weapons and you really want be that cool too?
Much more than aesthetically-pleasing, refining and imbuing offers you the potential to make your character much, much stronger, giving you the edge over those pesky mobs and perhaps even in PvP.
Gear and Weapons can be refined; they can also be imbued with special properties which add bonus attributes to your character.

Where do I go to refine/imbue items?

There is only one NPC who can help you reach your potential through refining and imbuing – The Enchanter in each city.


Refining requires the item you wish to refine, as well as 1 Refinery Talisman per refinement attempt (these are obtainable from mob drop or player stall).

a) Player Stall
A Player Stall looks like this:

You may also use a special auxiliary item which offer guaranteed success during the refining/imbuing process, boosts success rates or save your item from being destroyed if the process fails. These may be purchased from item mall or player stall.

b) Item Mall (Marketplace)
You can access the in-game Item Mall (Marketplace) by pressing the ‘J’ key:

Click on the tab labelled ‘Functional’:

Then click on the ‘Refining’ tab to see the three different Auxiliary Items for sale:

Select the Enchanter so his interactive menu pops open.
Select the Refine/Imbue option

Place the item and the Refinery Talisman in the pop up window at the Enchanter by dragging them across, or simply right-click each item.

Click on the Start button to begin the Refining process.
A gauge bar will appear to show the duration of the refining process, which takes only a moment or two.
If the process is completed successfully, you will see a notice letting you know.

If you successfully refine a weapon/item, congratulations! Take a look at your newly refined item to see the bonus attributes it now possesses.

If the refinement process fails, you will lose the talisman you used and the weapon/item will break (you lose the item altogether) UNLESS you used an auxiliary item that protects your weapon/item from breaking. In that case, the weapon/item will not break and disappear but will be degraded by 1 refinement level and returned to your bag.


Before you begin imbuing an item it is strongly advised that you carry out any intended refining on the item first. To do otherwise, you run the risk of losing an imbued item as opposed to just losing a standard item. (Thanks gabryel and Dragoon)

Imbuing requires the item you wish to imbue, as well as 1 Talisman of the type containing the properties you wish to imbue into the gear. For example, if you wish to add HP+ properties to an item, you would use a Lifeblood Talisman which offers +10 Health per talisman.
Again, talismans may be obtained as drops from mobs or by purchasing from player stalls.
Imbuing Talismans offer different properties to your weapon/gear if you imbue successfully. Just hover your mouse icon over the talisman to view the properties it offers for imbuing.
The imbuing process is undertaken in exactly the same manner as refining (see above).
Place the item and the Talisman in the pop up window at the Enchanter by dragging them across, or simply right-click each item.
I’m not sure if auxiliary items may be used for the imbuing process.

If the imbuing process on your item is successful, congratulations!

If the imbuing process fails, your item will be restored to its original state (with no added properties) and returned to your bag. Effectively, you will have to start the imbuing process over from scratch. Note that a failed imbue does not affect any previous refinements on the item.

Glow Types:

Glowing occurs when you successfully refine a Weapon or item of Gear to level 1 or higher. Glow colour depends on the refinement level. Here are the only colours for refinement levels that I know so far:
Lvl 1 refinement – White glow
Lvl 2 refinement – Light green glow
Lvl 3 refinement – Yellow glow
Lvl 4 refinement – Pinkish glow
Lvl 5 refinement – Purplish glow
Lvl 6 refinement – Bluish glow

As the title of this thread suggests, this is just a quick reference guide at the moment. I am open to offers of further information to help expand this into a more indepth guide, just post your contributions for me to review and add if appropriate. Thanks.

Good luck!

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