Gods and Heroes World Map and Zones by Level

Gods and Heroes World Map and Zones by Level by Janimus

Once you leave the starting zone (level 5 or 6), you have choices of where to go to level. In particular, you must choose to start your leveling in one of two zones: Tyrrhennian Shores or Alban Hills. After that, you move on to more zones at roughly 5-level increments. This guide gives you an idea of the overall game world and which zones are appropriate for each level band.

Overall World Map

First of all, let’s orient you with the complete world map (release and first expansion zones):

For further exploration, be sure to see the Deos Romanorum dynamic map.

Level 6

After the starter zone (Telchinos Island plus your Estate), you must choose to start your leveling in one of two zones: Tyrrhennian Shores or Alban Hills.

There is enough content in each zone to reach level 10, so it doesn’t really matter where you start. Note, however, that you will want to do the first group instance (dungeon) Volcanic Vents (Alban Hills) in either case, which should get you to 11 at least.

Level 11

Once you hit level 11, and have completed Volcanic Vents if possible, it’s time to explore more of the game world. Most important is Roma, which has a few quests for the low-teen levels, plus of course one has to visit the main city. There are also a dozen or so quests in East Vinetum, from the Luteum Quarry quest hub.

To get to Roma, head N from Alban Hills or follow the road East from Vinetum. To get the Vinetum, head north from T. Shores or out the Northwest doorway from Roma.

Level 12

There are two zones with quests for the bulk of your leveling through the teens: Venatrix Glades and Caere Bay. Note that you will want to do quests in both these areas as each one singly isn’t enough to reach level 20. However, between the two zones, there are plenty of quests.

To get to Venatrix Glades, follow the road Southeast from Alban Hills. To get to Caere Bay, follow the road Northwest from T. Shores.

Also, make sure to find a group to do Smuggler’s Caves (Alban Hills) after you hit level 15.

Level 20

At level 20, head back Vinetum, where the western part of the zone has quests available at the Luteum quest hub. Circian Highlands also has quests in this level, but a bit harder mobs. Do the first round of quests in Vinetum West, head down to Circian Highlands and do all the quests, then come back and finish the last few quests in Vinetum.

To get to Circian Highlands, follow the road South from T. Shores.

Level 25

For level 25-30, you have two zones: Abellinum and Cliffs of Anxur. There are also a few quests in Roma.

To get to Cliffs of Anxur, follow the roads South through Circian Highlands. To get to Abellinum, follow the road Southeast from Alban Hills to a large gate. You can’t pass through the gate, but there is an NPC there who will transport you.

Also, make sure you do the two dungeons in Roma (Cloaca Maxima and Cryptae Suburba). There are pre-requisite quests in Roma (see the the SE corner of the colliseum to start the chain).

Level 30

Once the expansion is released, three new zones will open up. The two for levels 30-35 are Dunes of Camars and Armentalius.

To get to Dunes of Camars, follow the road Southwest from Vinetum. To get to Armentalius, head out the East doorway of Roma.

Also, make sure you do the Desertum Hollow dungeons (Venatrix Glades).

Level 35

For levels 35-40, Armentalius and Pravus Coves are the zones.

To get to Pravus Coves, follow the road South from Dunes of Camars or West from Caere Bay.

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