Gods and Heroes Starting Zone Guide

Gods and Heroes Starting Zone Guide by Bernardus

Greetings Fellow Roman Adventurers. Having spent a good bit of time in our starting zone, I humbly offer these tips for getting the most out of your stay at Telchinos.

  • After killing your first five pirates during the Vengeance:Pirates quest, be sure to visit Anatolia Arista, the NPC Melee Weapons Vendor who stands across the path from Commander Glaucus. She sells the best weapons on the island. Buy the best weapon she has that your class can use, even if you haven’t yet achieved a level to use it. You will level up soon enough!
  • By the time you’ve completed the quest Snakes In The Plains, you’ve probably achieved a level that will let you use your new weapon. Don’t forget and leave it sitting in your backpack!
  • During the quest, Snakes In the Plains, is a good time to get familiar with the way quest looting works in Gods and Heroes. You will find that even though you do have to initiate the loot action on a snake corpse, the quest item snake venom will be taken automatically. No need to click on it or to click the “Take All” button.
  • If you kill a half dozen other monsters that drop coin in the plain with the snakes, you will be in good shape to visit Peltus Miscanus, the NPC Armor Vendor who stands near Centurion Formidius. 40 brass sestertii is more than enough to deck yourself out in the finest items Peltus has in stock. (especially if you sell him your old armor first)
  • Be sure to experiment with different squad formation and aggression settings for the minion you are able to field. By clicking on the Squad Formations circle in the lower right corner while a minion is active, you can try different configurations that have different benefits and drawbacks as you approach various battle scenarios.

I hope you find these tips useful and that you enjoy your stay in Telchinos while you are there!

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