Gods and Heroes Item Sets List

Gods and Heroes Item Sets List by Torgonius

I don’t think anyone remembered to grab the thread on Sets that Cye started on the old forums. If you did, please post them below.

Bandit Loot – 3 pieces
Armlet – Reward for Quest ‘Contraband’
Executioner’s Band – Reward for Quest ‘Ostia’s Most Wanted: Captain Squintus’
Belt – Drop in Smuggler’s Guard

Ornamental Ramparts – 4 pieces
Cassis – Reward for Quest ‘Free Dallenia’
Shoulders – Drop in Venatrix Glades
Axe – Reward for Quest ‘A Plot Discovered’
Necklace – Boss drop in Smuggler’s Caves.

Swindler’s Bounty – 4 pieces
Long Scepter – Drop in Pirate’s Watch
Mantle – Reward for Quest – Blade of Aeneas: The Con of Mancinius

Augur’s Tribute – 2 pieces
Talisman – Reward for Quest ‘A New Pantheon: The Exorcism’

Moira’s Tricks – 2 pieces
Right Armband – Reward for Quest ‘Lifting and Opening’

Lemnian Rig – 3 pieces
Greaves – Reward for Quest ‘Old-Time Religion’
Girdle – Reward for Quest ‘Very Superstitious’

Summoner’s Garments
Legguards – Reward for Quest ‘Uncommon Quarry’
Arms – Dropped by Asphantos in Smuggler’s Caves – Thanks Swigmonkey!

Sabellic Arsenal
Arms – Reward for Quest
Bracelet – Reward for Quest ‘The Acteon Stag’
Gladius – Drop in Cataract Crags

Venafrum Rainment
Leg Wraps – Need source

Shamanic Defenses
Alae – Source needed
Cassis – Source needed

Haruspex Clothing
Spinteris – Reward for Quest ‘Reigns of Terror’

Ambusher’s Armaments – 4 pieces
Skirt – Source needed

Hoplite Armor – 5 pieces
Torso – Reward for quest: A Disarming Task

Shoulders – Reward for quest: The Scout Master
Helm – Drop in Cliffs of Anxur
Spear – Drop in Cliffs of Anxur
Shield – Not currently in game

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