EverQuest 2 Shadow Odyssey Guide

EverQuest 2 Shadow Odyssey Guide by Oakmiser

Credits: Aneova(Kithicor), Ogrebear(Kithicor), Oakmiser(Kithicor), EQ2Wire[ http://fanfaire08.feldoncentral.com/ ], EQ2Wiki [ http://eq2.wikia.com ], Zam! [ http://eq2.allakhazam.com/ ]

Oakmiser’s Random Screenshots and Priest, Mage, & Fighter AAs in TSO
Flickr: keeperofdarkmatter’s Photostream
-Priest, Mage, & Fighter AAs in TSO, including the brawler STR line from KoS.
-Screenshots of some of the instances.
-Screenshots of all over moors of ykesha, and screenshots of the entrances to the some of the new zones.

Ogrebear’s Loot Screenshots for the Void Shard Merchants
Void Shard High End Jewlery set (with stats) – Ogrebear’s Thoughts

Aneova’s Screenshots of Scout and Mage AAs.
TSOAA – Photobucket Groups – Video and Image Hosting

The Shadow Odyssey
Moors of Ykesha(Innothule Swamp) – Take the Airship from Sinking sands!! Can’t find it? Look here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIGni2m0g4
Sorcerers & Druids have new ports to this zone.
–While on the landing platform pick up the druid ring shrub. AND make sure you pick up the quest A Cannon to Sail by from Ember Tizzlespring as soon as possible.
-Five Factions: Far Seas Supply Divison(Mainly Crafter Oriented), Grobb, Tupta, Survival Accord, and Brokenskull Pirates.
-Moor then 220 new quests in this zone alone, some of it is fun and different types of solo questing that keeps you having fun or on your toes.
——- Moors of Ykesha Timeline ——-

Before you start doing the group instances, start by picking up this series and progressing it till you must enter the “void pit” called Obelisk of Ankzul.
-Then progress it till you need runes from seven different zones on chapter 5.
—— The Shadow Odyssey Signature Quest Series ——

Watch HERE or read here…..(Or both!)

Quick Lore Review
to understand and enjoy the quest: Peacock quest series(Claymore & Soulfire are “sister swords” and arms or hands of “Theer”, though it has not been revealed or found out what this means) revealed Anashanti’Sul to be the original Prime Healer. She was banished to the void when she went to far and tried to cure death by introducing Undeath into the world of Norrath.
—Snap forward, which is about 1,500 years in the past of norrath from it’s present, and the founder of Qeynos finds the Staff of Theer in some underwater ruins. Upon activating it he unleashes a void invasion upon his village and maybe even all of norrath.
–He joins with a slew of adventurers(The Ethernauts, each with their own backgrounds and stories.) in order to try to stop the void invasion, this quest series seeks to explain the events after the journal entries of Eylee that were released as lore stories after the first world wide Trakanon kill. (You can read all these lore stories after you get the book from Professor Fondfate or HERE. )

Group Instances & Raids
Note: Atleast one named encounter in every zone has a trick that must be learned before you can kill them or progress in the zone. This means you must OPEN YOUR EYES. Look for anything in the enviroment around the named that could connect to it, dialog that the named says. THINK: Clickable options, puzzles, moveable options, things that appear when you fight, corresponding pathways, the way mobs move.
— Note also: No zone is unbeatable. The ratings that follow give you an idea of where to start. Start by doing all the easy zones, then moderate, and finally moving onto hard. This equips you for these fights by doing the quests and obtaining the loot for these zones. In addition you will gain achievement along the way, making your character strong in many respects. Try to stick to your main role that your class follows and look towards the class forums on eq2flames for further assistance with AA specs.

The Ruins of Guk

Access: Moors of Ykesha, take the balloon from Firmroot to the Entrance of Guk.
Moors of Ykesha is the new 77-80 zone accessible by Airship in Sinking Sands, Druid Rings, Mage Spires.
* Halls of the Fallen (Level 80)
* The Lower Corridors (Level 80)
* Ykesha’s Outer Stronghold (Level 80)
* Raid: Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold

Miragul’s Phylactery

Access: Everfrost, Within the new GU47 tunnel at -171.61, 12,75, -435.10. All of the zones are linked into the one click so it pops up a option window with all three.(Click the floating Ice shard in the middle of the room.)
* Scion of Ice (Level 50 – 80)
* The Anathema (Level 50 – 80)
* The Crucible (Level 50 – 80)


Access: Lavastorm, head left after the first tunnel, or goto -141.02, -130.17, 360.87 go down the tunnel till it ends and you will find The Deep Forge entrance door and a elevator.
* The Deep Forge (50~80)
* Najena’s Hollow (50~80) Najena’s Hallow is down the elevator shift. Click the middle of the floor infront of the zone-in to The Deep Forge to activate the elevator.


Access: Loping Plains, Somborn cemetery, Click the door at -377.44, 16.79, 56.43 and go down, there are four portals.
* Evernight Abbey (70~80)
* Mistmyr Manor (70~80)
* Ravenscale Repository (70~80)
* Raid: Zarrakon’s Abyssal Chamber

The Sebilisian Empire

Access: The Fens of Nathsar
* Veksar (80) Access: under the Lake of ill Omen, a new option appears when you click the door in addition to Veksar: The Invasion, there is now also Veksar: The Sunken Theater.
* Nu’Roga (80) Access: head right within the mines of Nurga
* Kor’Sha (80) Access: flightpoint(Sokokar post) from Omens Call to the zone entrance

Access: Commonlands, near the Hidden Valley griffon point at 633.78, -54.12, 736.82.
* Cavern of the Afflicted (50~80) Enter and go right.
* Halls of the Forsaken (50~80) Enter and left for Halls of the Forsaken.
* Necrotic Asylum (50~80) Pass Halls of the Forsaken and go up for Necrotic Asylum.
* Raid: Tomb of the Mad Crusader

The Void
Access: The Moors of Ykesha, just follow the sky storms(Huge purple tornadoes)
* Obelisk of Ahkzul (80) 957.21, 514.62, 1,847.07
* Anchor of Bazzul (80) -2057, -51.76, -134.54
* The Palace of Ferzhul (80) -1,758.19, -966.26, 2,685.93 Go in through the docks of Brokenskull rock, go down through the tunnel, take a right when you break day light again and hold tight till you find a path that slips into the center, if you have reached tents on a cliff then you missed the path into the center.
* Raid: Palace of the Ancient One

Tradeskilling Instance Zones
– Requires you to do the introductory quest in the Moors with the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division and their associates in the moors via this quest Ship Out.

DAILY GROUP TRADESKILL CONTENT – Repeatable once per day, offered the same one all day until 2AM EST. Requires more then 120 combines to complete the zone. Quest obtained from
* The Clockwork Workshop (Steamfont, Gnomeland Security(Hatch in a Gear))
* The Shipyard Cove(Commonlands, to the right of Bloodskull Valley)
* Firemyst Gully: Supply Stocking (Antonica, Firemyst Gully)
WEEKLY SOLO TRADESKILL CONTENT – Repeatable once per day, unsure of the reset time. Offered by clicking the desk next to

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