EverQuest 2 DoV Necro Guide

EverQuest 2 DoV Necro Guide by Utopi

Here are some helpful tips and class defining changes for Necromancers in the Destiny of Velious EQ2 expansion.

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1. Necromancer DoV Changes.
-Shared stats
-DPS changes
-Pet changes

2. Pro AA setup.


3. Pets and their worth.

4. The stat game.

-Order of importance
-Gear selection

5. Raid role

6. Increasing your DPS.
-Cast order
.Single target

7. Pet management.

– Surviablity

8. Deities
– Anashti Sul
– Bertox

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Necromancer DoV Changes

Shared Pet Stats
Obviously a huge boost for us in all aspects. With shared pet stats your critical %, potency, critical bonus, ability modifier, casting speed and reuse will all be shared with your pet. This means that our gear selections have a direct impact on our pet. Pet stats on items are a thing of the past.

DPS Changes
Because of the shared pet stats our DPS output has drastically increased. Our pet will now take more advantage of our critical % and critical bonus then ever before. You will also need roughly 200% crit now to crit 100% of the time for the easier content or solo and 400% crit for the harder content. 1 stamina increases your hps by 10 now which means bigger lifeburns and more survivability overall. Accelerated Decay is passive and no longer drains health.

Pet Changes
With shared pet stats all our pets became a lot stronger. They even changed our melee pets to cast spells instead of combat arts which increase their effectiveness overall.

Mage (Warlock) Pet-Relatively the same. Became a monster with shared stats.

Scout (Assassin) Pet- Combat arts became spells. Gained an ability called Necrotic Alacrity and now has Turn Strike (AE – Avoid)

Warrior (Shadowknight) Pet- Combat arts became spells.

Pro AA Setup

Raid AA Setup

Destiny of Velious (Heroic) AA’s:
Line 1: Spirit and Body (10)
Line 2: Expertise (10) / Critical Genius (10) / Lighting Reflexes (8)
Line 3: Minion’s Power (10)
Line 4: Soulburn (2)

Solo AA Setup

Destiny of Velious (Heroic) AA’s:
Line 1: Spirit and Body (10)
Line 2: Expertise (10) / Critical Genius (10)
Line 3: Minion’s Power (10) / Ethernere Resilience (8)
Line 4: Servant’s Intervention (2)

Pets and Their Worth

Mage Pet The mage pet is still your primary DPS pet. You would use this pet to get the maximum amount of DPS out of your pet for raiding or mass slaughtering. I use this pet 99.9% of the time.

Scout Pet The scout pet has become more of a utility pet. It now gives a group buff that decrease hate gain of the group by 33.6%, increases defense of the group by 42%, increases the mitigation of the group by 446, and gives the group at 12% chance to absorb any magical attack (lasts for 2min). Overall, I haven’t had anytime to mess with this pet but at least it might no longer be completely worthless and could possibly be viable on hard fights.

Warrior Pet
The warrior pet is really only useful in solo situations. It is the sternest of pets with the most hps and can take a beating. You should never use this pet in raids.. ever. If your pet is dying and you think the tank pet will increase it’s survivability stop there. It is something completely different.

The Stat Game

Order of Importance
When looking at stats and attributes as a necromancer it really comes down to two things. Int and Sta. No matter what you should always be going after those 2 stats. 100 int translates into roughly 2% potency and 1 stamina translates into 10hps.

As far as crit and potency etc here is the order of importance for DoV:

Critical %
Critical Bonus
Casting Speed
Ability Mod

Gear Selection

Likewise, you need to go after the gear in the order of the stats I listed above. Only acquire gear with good int and sta and in rare cases items with beasty or irreplaceable procs.

You also need to focus on getting that crit up to 200%. So find that gear that is going to allow you to do that first. For high end necro’s you will want to have 400% around the end game. After you get your crit situation undercontrol go after Potency, Crit Bonus and casting speed items next. Those 3 are the next 3 important stats. Everything else is just bonus and fluff.

Raid Role

DPS – No matter what people tell you this is your primary role. If you are unable to DPS as a necromancer you will not have a raid spot. You will need TC or UT (pref TC), Synergism, and Link if available to do maximum DPS. My preffered group setup is Troub, Illy, Warlock, SK and Fury.

Utility We do however, have some nice utility thanks to SF. Elemental Toxicity is your friend and a much desired ability for you and your group. Use it every time it is up especially for AE encounters. Our raid wide is nice to and is a bit of an added bonus. Hearts are an out dated mechanic but they are always there if needed.

Increasing your DPS

Cast Order

Your highest output ability is soulrot and bloodcoil in that order. You need to cast them every time it is up regardless of single target or ae fight.

-Single Target
– For single target fights my cast order normally looks something like this: soulrot, bloodcoil, soulrot, lifetap then repeat. You also need to be casting spells like bewilderment, lifeburn, soulburn, consumption and master strike (when available) regularly.

-AE fights – For these fights our casting order changes up just a bit but not too much. I normally lead off with Elemental Toxicity and then cast bloodcoil, pandemic, bloodcloud (if close), bloodcoil (on different target), soulrot then pandemic. Rinse repeat. Make sure you are tossing your bloodcoils on different targets so you get the max affect from your dot ticks.

Pet Management

You pet is your most important DPS tool. So it makes sense to keep our little undead friend alive right? If you pet is dead it is not doing it’s job. Being able to micro manage a pet class is very important to the success of a Necromancer. It is always important foremost you you always know where you pet is. Make sure it is not too close to the mob or out of heal range.

Being a necromancer we get a couple of nice tools like blood pact, reconstruction, and even transfer life. Make sure you use them!

Unlike our conjurer counterparts our Pet does roughly 40% of our total output damage. That is a lot right? Hell yea, that is like a scouts auto attack. The biggest mistake I see new necromancers make is being lazy with their pet commands. Sending it too late, not sending it in fast enough or even allowing it to chill behind a table and cast nothing. In order to be a master of the pet class you must treat it like a full time job and is just as important as your casting order. Failure to do this efficiently will result in you loosing precious DPS your pet has to offer.


Anashti Sul
One of the popular gods for Necro’s. If you plan on using Anashti it should be these 2 abilities at all times.


Hand of Death – On any successful attack, inflict 454 disease damage for 10 minutes.

Undying Fury – Increases spell/melee crit by 25, 20% primary weapon flurry, spell double attack by 33 for 25 seconds.

Old school god for Necro’s. If you plan on using Bertoxx it should be these 2 abilities at all times.


Touch of Decay – Increases the damage of all disease based spells by 50% for 10 minutes.


Bertoxxulous’ Curse – Shapechanges caster, increases all spell damage by 50%, increases the caster’s effectiveness of worn armor vs disease damage by 15% for 1 minute.

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