Eudemons Divine Composing Guide

Eudemons Divine Composing Guide by Bummer

Just want to start a guide on Divine composing. PPL please add to this if you know more and if you catch any error.

1. Only Divine Eudemons can be divine composed, and only gods can do divine composing. Divine eudemons including – any 40+* pets that had been apotheosized, or unicorns. Note – saintO and SaintXO can NOT be composed in any way. They can only be used as minors.

2. Gold Crown SaintO and SaintXO – do not be fooled by the gold crown. Gold Crown SaintO and SaintXO are useless, unless the gold crown is on Wisdom or Spirit attributes. If you are lucky enough to get gold crown Wisdom/Spirit SaintO and saintXO, remember they are priceless. If you decide to sell them, broadcast it and take the best offer. Under no circumstances you should sell them for less than 1000 eps.

3. Divine euds have three divine attributes – valor, which is the main divine attribute, and spirit and wisdom as minor divine attributes. Valor can be improved with main divine composing using saintO or saintXO as minor. Spirit and Wisdom cab be improved with better spirit or wisdom saintO and XO (for more information about the price of good spirit/wisdom saintO/XO, go to the end of this post)

4. Main divine composing to improve Valor -Divne euds starts asking 4.8* minor (SaintXO), and when valor of the main pet is 40 (sharp), it will ask 6* minor, and when valor is 55 (sharp) it will ask for 12* minor. It does not ask for 8* minor, wonder why TQ sells 8*. When valor is 70 it starts asking for 19* minor (no 15*, 18* stage). 20* req is for >95 valor, 25* req is for > 120 valor ‘, 30* req is >145 valor. Strongly believe this is the highest minor requirement – you can compose with 30* minor forever. The requirement on minor depends on valor attribute of the main pet ALONE. Other attributes DO NOT affect it.

Your pet will gain 20 mark for every 1 valor increase.

The star mark from valor is 2500 when valor is 145, 2000 when valor is 120 (25* minor stage), 1500 when valor is 95 (20* minor stage), 1000 when valor is 70 (19* minor stage), 700 when valor is 55 (12* minor stage), 400 when valor is 40 (6* minor stage).

5. Main divine composing generally gives more mark than its counterpart in regular main composing. It is a lot cheaper to do main divine composing than regular main composing – note that I said cheaper, not cheap. It is not cheap, but cheaper than the regular main composing. Once your pets is 40* above, you should stick to divine composing for a while, and calculate eps needed per star mark gain and use the method that is cheaper.

5. Minor divine composing – it could give a lot of mark. So pay attention to the spirit/wisdom of your saintO and saintXO. See more information about this at the end.

6. SaintO – the saintO you buy from shopping mall is good for one thing and one thing only – to rehatch and get good minor divine attributes and use them in minor divine composing. Update – sainto and saintxo can also be used as minor in luck composing and ID composing. So keep the high luck sainto/xo.

7. Use of clovers in divine main composing – A few things to consider 1. Are you good at getting dice to 5 or 6 most of the time? 2. How much RB your pet has left, and 3. what is the requirement on minor. If you are good at getting 5 or 6 dice, you are expert and you don’t need this guide. So you are not good at it, then I suggest using clovers when it asks for 6* minor or more. If your pets has no rb left – damn you are a freak, and if you still need this guide, you suck and I don’t know how come you still need this guide. Joking or not – no RB left = using clover.

The bottom line of using clover is cost issue – right now the gold to ep ratio is about 100 ep = 18.8 million gold. 18.8 million gold is roughly 23 clovers. You should be able to save more than 100 eps in 23 composing using clovers (if you are not good at getting 5 or 6 dice). So you should use it. But RB/Prentice RB/ID composing/Special EXP balls/How urgent you want to star up could complicate this a little bit. This is true to regular main composing, and is not the main point of this post so not going to present details about this here.

8. Use of minor of higher than required quality – for example, use 8* minor when it asks for 6*. I did not experience this, but I think it will help. Guess this only applies to 4.8* and 6* minor stage. If any one experientmented this, please report here. Please report only if you have done so over 20 times.Update – Yes, it does help.

9. Orb composing/Agate – after 600 orb/agate points it is more expensive to do orb/agate than divine composing (unless it reachs 19* minor). However, since divine composing is cheaper, it is recommended to get to 40* as fast as possible – that means you should consider doing a lot of orb to make 40*.

A little information on the price of good spirit or wisdom saintO/SaintXO. The max values for Spirit and Wisdom are 60. Question – How much is Spirit 50 or any other value SaintO worth? A good measure is to compare to HPGR. The max HPGR is 62.5, which is similar to max Spirit or Wisdom. So the chance of hatching Spirit=50 saintO/XO is similar to getting HPGR=50 pet – and you should know how much HPGR=50 is worth for any pet. Price of XO with any value spirit/wisdom should be similar to price of same HPGR pet.

Right now good spirit/wisdom saintO/XO are way overpriced in market. Give it sometime, the price will drop as more and more people hatching good ones.

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