Eredan iTCG Experience Guide

Eredan iTCG Experience Guide by Lockjaw

How do my cards get experience?


+1 xp per game
+2 xp for a win
+2 xp for a char that finishes at full health (not checked personally)
+1 xp per order activation
+1 xp if your char is foil
+1 xp if it’s a Training room match

Items, Spells and Actions 

+3 xp per game
+2 xp if used/activated
+1 xp if your card is foil
+1 xp if it’s a Training room match


There seem to be a lot of myths around, regarding perfect wins or being alive and such. Forget that smile
Cards that activate your order bonus will give your characters more xp by doing so. “It is Time” and “That’s an Order” at the moment.

I’ve tested (almost) everything of the above now. Please let me know if you’ve found out something else.

Thanks to all who contributed, it gave me some very good hints on what to look for. Especially Jarod’s  and SSD’s suggestions on character-xp-gain were absolutely correct.

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