Emross Wars Hero Guide

Emross Wars Hero Guide by Xenio

Are you tired of seeing 10s? I am too! But we see them no matter what level arena you have.

So for now just keep them. You want to have heroes to lead your farming armies. As you recruit jacks replace tens. As you start to get an abundance of queens replace jacks. You will want to keep all your queens for farming devil armies, unless it prevents you from recruiting a king or ace.

You want to have atleast 6 Heros per castle for farming. You get one hero slot for every 2 levels of your arena, at odd levels so 1,3,5,7 etc

Hero equip guide

total cost 735,000

Armor 115,000
Magic armor adds 1800 defense to your troops total defense as a group should be a first purchase

Ring 160,000
Diamond ring, girls best friend lol
These are nice because they increase your Heroes max troop. When recruiting a low level hero slap one of these on and attack a 6 star da and the hero will be instant lvl 7 or 8 should be a first purchase

Weapon 100,000
Karto blade
Adds 18 damage not bad should be one of the last pieces you buy.

Mount 200,000
Flash increases move speed of your armies by 6% doesn’t sound like much but reduces time to hit and return from attacks letting you attack more often. But it should be one of your last purchases

Book 160,000
Defender VI adds 18 defense. It’s not bad should be a mid purchase.

Total to outfit a single hero with gear is 735,000. This is most important for attacking other players. Start with armor and ring then add the book, weapon and finally your mount. I have a set for each hero personally. Equip your queens and higher for sure jacks are your call. The gear you can take off and keep when you get a better hero.

Let me say upfront none of this is official it is the findings of myself and some other players.

Attack influences your armies attack along with your upgrades. Higher attack may offer a better chance to capture heroes

Defense. Along with upgrades influences your armies defense. Whoever has more defense than their attacker wins.

These two stats are pretty easy

Wisdom. Confirmed that it reduces research time by an unknown %. Very evident on long research 3+ days. Unconfirmed it is a “luck” attribute increasing your armies chance of critical attacks and possibly lowering your enemies armor or attack.

Generally to find out who will win in an arena match add all three attributes up the person with the most will more often than not win.

Hope these are some help to someone out there.

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