Emross Wars Battlefield Guide

Emross Wars Battlefield Guide by Keith

1# Step into the Battlefield

a. The best players from each server will be invited to join Emross War battlefield: the first 75 players answering the call will join the battlefield directly and another 25 players will replace this position who do not register the invitation letter.

b. The war will be among 4 servers – best players will defeat the enemies in the represent of their world!

c. 3 days before the battle starts, players will be invited to battlefield in the following orders (until its full):

PvP event lasts for 13 days including the invitation stage:

Invitation Stage:
Day 1 (First 24 hours): Top 75 Players will receive the first batch invitation letter;
Day 2 (After 24 hours): Rank 76 – 200 Players will receive the second batch invitation letter;
Day 3 (After 48 hours): Remaining All Players; (The letter will not be sent if 75 regular + 25 substitute players are ready.)

Battle Stage:
Day 4 (After 72 hours): Battlefield starts, the first 75 players answered the invitation can enter battlefield.
8 Hours later (After 80 hours), a letter will be sent to the substitute players to invite them to enter battlefield if someone in the first 75 did not answer the call letter.
Day7 (Aftter 144 hours): Entrance to the battlefield closed, protection of all players removed.
Day 14 (After 312 hours) / or only one world players left: Battlefield closed
Plays can play the battlefield account and his/her original server account at the same time.

2#Draw your sword with your allies

a. You can copy one hero (with his/her gears) to the battlefield server, but your copied hero won’t engage in defense unless the attacker is also a copied hero.

b. You have ONLY one castle, starting from scratch.

c. You will be rewarded with 100 Gems DAILY; (in your Daily Gift) to let you develop extremely fast.

d. The world map will be much smaller than original servers; and you will find players from the same servers spawned close to you.

e. Half building, researching and training time and resource consumption .

f. ZERO time consumption for your troops to reach the target, and DOUBLE time consumption on returning: The wars are triggered at once!

3#Read the rules before you rule

a. When you (you and player coming from your server) eliminated all other players from other servers, you win.

b. 10 days after the battlefield server is activated, if players from your server still survive and destroy most castles, you win; regardless there are still players from other servers in the battlefield.

c. Your castle has 100 durability points. When it comes to 0, you are eliminated from PvP server. And you are driven out of battlefield server.

d. Your castle can be attacked by players from other servers. If you choose “Protect Castle against Invasion” but fail to defeat the attacker, you lose 4 durability points; but if you choose “Do not engage”, you lose 7 durability points.

e. In every hours, your castle could be looted (not attacked, or tie) only once.

f. The hero you “copied” can launch loot only once every day. But he/she can still attack the Devil Armies.

g. Please notice: The ‘Copied’ hero can only be used to againest the ‘Copied’ hero; e.g. If a player attack you with a non ‘copied’ hero, and the only available hero in your castle is the ‘Copied’ hero, then you castle will lose 7 durability. It will count as “Do not engage”.

h. You can consume gold to ‘Restore’ your castle durability; you can restore the durability points once every hours. Every time you ‘Repair’, the castle’s durability increases by 1 point.

i. You can activate ‘Sleepmode’ when you want to take a rest. It gives you 12 hours’ peace time. Similar to ‘Truce’, you cannot attack and you won’t be attacked during this period.

j. When the PvP event ends, You can only take the Emronor Points to your normal server from the PvP server.

4#Fight for Glory and Honor

a. When you attack other players’ castles and win the battle, you gain ‘Emronor Points’ (EP). The amount of EP equals to: basic EP + Troop Slain EP (if any) + Castle Destruction EP (if any). Basic EP is affected by your opponents’ reputation, Troop Slain EP is decided by your opponents’ troop power and Castle Destruction EP belongs to the player who gives the final strike upon the castle. Defending castle will not grant the defender eps.

b. If you finally win the battlefield campaign, you and your server allies will be rewarded with extra EPs.

c. If you lose the battlefield but are not driven out of the battlefield in the end, you and your server allies will be rewarded with extra EPs.

d. All your EPs will be accumulated. You can use EP to exchange special items and other great rewards!

If you have any comment, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us!

All players joined PvP battlefield will be rewarded with Emronor Points (EPs):

1.Players from the triumphant world who have eliminated all players of other worlds will be rewarded with 500 EP.
2.Players from the triumphant world with the most players survived in the battlefield will be rewarded with 300 EP.
3.Players from the defeated world but survived in battlefield will be rewarded with 100 EP.
4.If the survival players of the remaining worlds are equal, the world with more durability wins the PvP event.
5.If the survival players of the remaining worlds are equal, and their total durability are same. The PvP event ties, player in the survival world will be rewarded with 100 EP, no triumphant reward.

All players (both the triumphant and defeated players) will be rewarded with 80 EP as attending reward.

Top 5 players ( based on Ep Ranks )will be rewarded with special Ace hero Tokens, which can be exchanged for 12 different special Ace heroes-Players winning most EPs will be rewarded with 10 special Ace hero Tokens, the second will be rewarded with 5 and the third 3, forth 2, fifth 1.

Best wishes,
Team iFree

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