Emross Wars Basic Guide

Emross Wars Basic Guide by KKEX

Wood,iron: normal resources to  Build, train etc etc…
Wood conversion rate: 3 gold to  50 wood
Iron conversion rate: 1 gold, 10 iron

Food: VERY important, ESP. Farming devil armies, I use like 1-2M a day to farm devil armies. Conversion: 4 gold to 30 food Food is practically the next most important resource to gold. ENSURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH FOOD TO SUSTAIN YOU 24 hours (when making negative food)
STARVATION: When castles run out of food, (and is making negative crop) you are given a one hour warning, if you fail to respond, some troops starve and die, others go to the hospital (ouch)

Gold: the most important, hardest to get resource in game. (maybe :)  ) I often use treasure chests when I was low level to power my university. Gold mines are only worth it till about 15, before you realize that the costs will be ripping you off.
I only suggest using gold for food conversions, unless you have a surplus of gold from devil armies. (I’ll get to that later)

Troops: this is the fun part; after all it’s a war game :) ONLY combat units mentioned

Infantry : Weak, suicide troops that are cheap, extremely poor attack and defense

Protector : (Armor upgrade 3 needed) Useful for the newer players

Archer : (Weapon upgrade 1, Armour upgrade 1)

Lancer :  (Weapon upgrade 3, Armor upgrade 2) For the first parts of the game, focus on lancers, they are great units, but will be quickly replaced

Hunter : (Weapon upgrade 4, Taming 1) Hunters have high speed, good for farming weak castles. Also include carriers to well… Carry your resources… Lol :)

Berserker : (6 Armor and Weapon upgrade) quite balanced unit, exceptionally useful for lower levels

Hellfire :  (Magic forge 2, Defense facility 5) Another good farming unit

Guardian : (Magic forge 6, 8 Weapon upgrade and Taming)

Master : (Magic forge and Weapon upgrade 8, Targeting 6)

Overlord : (Magic forge, weapon upgrade, armor upgrade, taming all 10!) The best unit for farming in the game, at lvl 16 marching, it takes me a mere 1-7 mins to farm devil armies!

Lounfal :  (Heavy armor 1) heavy defense units, very weak in attack
You can build castles with Lounfals, in the ratio 1-1. At lvl 15, you can build 2 new castles. After which, u can build a new castle every 15 levels. Lounfals were nothing some time ago, but their added defense in an update make them a valuable asset to any player’s castle, noob or pro :D

Nanuh (lvl 22 barracks) : (Artifact 6, Heavy equipment, targeting 8) Extremely powerful unit, 2nd highest attack in game
Slower than overloads, and same defense. Unless desperate/in a war, no need to train the units

Kahkleh (lvl 24 barracks) (Heavy Equip 10, Targeting 10, Artifact 8, Def facility 8) : The set unit in the game, top attack power, high defense. It’s ability to carry 4k res (with minimal upgrades in logistics) and fast speed also makes it an ideal unit for hit and run attacks, rather than the slow carriers. Kahkleh bombing, which is the use of kahklehs to break a wall of lonunfals, are exceptionally useful, but come at a high price.

Assassin (26 barracks)(15 magic forge , 20 scouting, 20 logistics)
The barracks description says all :)



1- Forging :Basic Requirement, nothing special
2- Marching (Forging 1) : Increases speed by 1•11 percent a level
3- Scouting Allows you to scout
1 lvl above enemy- sees resources
2 lvls above enemy – sees buildings
3 lvls above enemy – sees tech
5 lvls above enemy – sees troops
4- Logistics (Scouting 1)
Increased troop loot percentage per level
5- Efficient training (Logistics 1, Barracks 3)
HEAVILY cuts down time for training troops, from 30 days to a few hours when you have a high level! :)
6- Weapon upgrade (Forging 3)
Increases attack for melee units ; notable effect: applies to overloads
7- Armor upgrade (Forging 4)
Increases defense or melee units ; notable effect: applies to overloads
*possible increase in def for lounfals*
8- Taming (Marching 5)
Increase speed for troops by 3•33 percent per level
9- Defense facility (Forging 5, armor 1)
Allows you to see incoming troops (at lvl 5) and it’s number (lvl 10) from which player (lvl 15) in which castle (lvl 20)
10- Heavy equipment (Forging 6, Def. facility 1)
Increases defense of kahklehs by 2•5 percent a lvl (possibly lounfals too)
11- Targeting (Weapon upgrade 5, Forging 7)
Increases attack of kahklehs by 2•5 percent a level
12- Mining (lvl 15 resource, same goes with next 3 tech)
13- Logging
14- Alchemy (Include 8 forging)
15- Agriculture
Nothing much about these tech…
16- Magic forge
Higher chance of looting silver chests from devil armies
18- Artifact (10 forging, weapon and armor upgrade 8)
Higher chance of getting rares or gold chests in silver chests
20- Attack formation
increase attack for ALL units
22- Defense formation
Increase defense for ALL units

Devil armies: 
Horror are significantly weaker than nightmares, so try to attack pure horror armies. As far as I know, Overloads are best for farming devil armies, a full trip takes as little as 10 minutes! (With the technology)

Approximate value per army
Lvl 1 army 150 horrors- 2K gold per run
Lvl 2 army- 8K gold per run, chance of lvl 3 chaos slave, bronze chest or key
Lvl 3 army- 16K gold per run, same chance of loot as mentioned above, chance of lvl 6 Chaos servant
Lvl 4 army 1.2K horrors- 23K gold per run, chance of Silver/ Bronze chest and key, chance of lvl 9 chaos guardian
Lvl 5 army- 3K horrors 50K gold per run, chance of Silver/Bronze chest or key. Chance of lvl 12 chaos devourer.
Lvl 6 army- 5K horrors 90K gold per run, chance of Bronze/Silver chest or key. Chance of lvl 15 chaos lord.
Note: you need to revive dead heroes. Gaining a chest or key will decrease your gold gain by ~50%!

Nightmare armies- I only start to farm them when I have a high defense formation , and only farm 6 stars: here is the stats

6 Star nightmares: 700k Atk (Critical) approx 150k gold per run, chance of Bronze/Silver chest or key. Chance of lvl 15 chaos lord.

Arena- You can recruit heroes here. You can recruit 1 hero per odd level. Heroes are better in this way (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) you need to see the bottom left corner. Approximate levels in which you can obtain the hero.
1 up- 10
3 up- Jack
9 up- Queen
13 – King
17- Ace
Due to the recent updates, hero rumor systems are introduced. Here is the hero rumors needed for the hero

Queen- 5
King- 10
Ace- 20

Note, high level heroes are rare and you may require multiple tries recruiting before you get the even just one rumor

Note: To get the ace hero with 23 arena in 24h , It WILL take 300 recruit permissions!

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