Dragon Nest SEA Saleana Skill Build

Dragon Nest SEA Saleana Skill Build by IAmOneOfThoseDeafMutes

NOTE: Most likely my main character would be a Bow Master since I enjoy it a lot. I also enjoy torturing EL who abuse the new shield update. Sorry if there would be no more update in this thread, but I will still try my best to continue answering all your questions. Even real life issues are welcome.


Elemental Lord Transformation
Source: Click Here


LVL 50 Skill Build PvE

LVL 50 Skill Build PvP


The most updated skill simulator that you will find in the internet,
although learning dual ultimate is not yet implemented here.

This is only a guide and should not be followed if it does not suit your gameplay. Create your own and who knows, your build might be better than any other skill builds out there.

PvE – For soloing NEST and farming up some items and gold. You could also call this “The Saurus’ skill build” since we both have an identical skill build for PvE. I hope that there would be no plagiarism issues here lol.

PvP Even though Elestra is superior than Saleana in terms of PvP, Saleana can still kick some ass.


• Expect some dramatic/minor changes from time to time since EL is the most complicated class in Dragon Nest IMO.

• Not because I named a certain skill build “PvP” means that it’s only good for PvP. Its purpose was to indicate

on what field they specialize in. Both of them can perform well in any given situation, you just need to choose on which

area you would like to excel, is it PvP or PvE? The decision is yours.


Special Request

LVL 32 Skill Build

If you want to maximize your damage output for 32 cap, follow this guide.

I haven’t included Ignite and Icy Fraction in the skill build, it’s for you to decide.

• PvP = Icy Fraction

• PvE = Ignite


Solo Cerberus Nest
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v;=D07kQJiAHtU

PvE SKILLSorceress

  • Flame Worm (5/20)

——– A good way inflict some burning desire into your enemies.

  • Glacial Spike (13/19) 

    ——– A good DPS especially to large/boss monster which deals almost 2x more damage. Max freezing rate is capped at lv l 13. Beyond that is for DPS purposes

  • Poison Missile (1/19) 

    ——– For destroying obstacles and locking your enemies on the ground. You might say “bro this is best DPS!”, you’re not a FU, but if you still insist, stop reading this thread and gtfo.

  • Shock Wave (1/17) 

    ——– A great way to save yourself from gropers.

  • Mysterious Meditation (1/1) 

    ——– Free candy?

  • Counter Spell (1/1) 

    ——– David Blaine’s levitation. Get this to attract hot teens who believes that magic is real and not fake.

  • Aerial Evasion, Escape, Blink (MAX) 

    ——– Damien Walter’s athletic ability. Essential for surviving a Zombie apocalypse.

  • Physical Mastery (5/10) 

    ——– Everyone wants to live longer even in real life. If you’re an emo, don’t get this skill, slit your throat instead.

  • Mental Mastery (5/10) 

    ——– For more pew-pew-pew-pew.

  • Mental Training (3/10) 

    ——– Stop those weeds, sharpen your mental state and be alert.


PvE SKILLElemental Lord – Fire Tree

  • Fireball (12/16)

——- You have now digivolved and is now Greymon. Often used to kill steal in PvP and irritate kids. Learn to snipe using this skill, abusing range with massive damage has never been this fun.

  • Flame Spark (9/10) 

    ——– It can flinch an enemy and a great skill to initialize a combo. The damage growth of this skill is superb. Also one of the best DPS skill of EL. A great skill for PvE.

  • Inferno (7/15) 

    ——– Katy Perry’s firework, “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin”. Yes, you would feel like paper thin when you inhale all the flame from this skill. Level 7 Inferno increases it range from 5m to 7m.


Watch this www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ2UQl8xa5I Just look at that range baby! Turning your enemies into a roasted pig from far away. Go be a nigger somewhere else!

  • Fire Wall (2/13) 

    ——– Don’t worry, you won’t turn yourself into a nigger. Great way to lift someone’s skirt and see their pantsu.

  • Fire Bird (4/14) 

    ——– More powerful than Angry Birds. Fire skill that has the highest chance of inflicting burn status to enemies as of now.

  • Ignite (1/10) ——– Killing enemies in a snap and be like Roy Mustang, not that’s what I call badass!. Huge AoE, good for breaking shields and deals a nice amount of damage.
  • Fire Shield (2/10) 

    ——– Satan as your guardian, sounds cool? Shields recently buffed and you can no longer activate both Fire and Ice shield at the same (Refer to the link above for the new EL update)

  • Flame Road (3/10) 

    ——– Greatest DPS skill of Elemental Lord, use it wisely. Watch some Harry Potter in order to maneuver your broom properly.

  • Volcanic Vortex (1) 

    ——– Using fire like a boss.


PvESKILLElemental Lord – Ice Tree

  • Freezing Sword (1/12)

——– Prerequisite. Used for chaining your combo and lifting up enemies. If you want to upgrade this skill due to its high DPS, read the title, this is Saleana nigga. With that being said, this is sort of useless without the EX skill.

  • Frost Wind (9/10)——– Sprays some gay blue color on the ground. A good way to disable your enemies. Use this wisely due to it’s sort-of-long-animation. Spamming this skill will only make you vulnerable to attacks. High level Frost Wind can cause a tremendous amount of delay to enemies.
  • Freezing Field (3/15) 

    ——– No, this is not Crystal Maiden’s ultimate, and this is not even DotA, gtfo. Mainly used to slow enemies and reduce their Ice-Based defense. Can also be used for kill stealing.

  • Ice Stab (1/13) 

    ——– Slow or even cancel an enemy’s Aerial Evasion. It works like FU’s Triple Orb, the difference is that Ice Shard has a very short range and only summons 1 ice block.

  • Glacial Wave (10/14) 

    ——– Freezes your enemy to a certain amount of time (PvP and PvE freeze duration varies, use google lazy ass). Close range, decent AoE. Prerequisite for Icy Fraction.


PvE SKILLElemental Lord – Passive

  • Mana Surge (3/10)

——– Saving your MP from cancer.

  • Hell Fire (1/1)——–

    “Can I has summon Ifrit?” Sorry nerd this is not Final Fantasy. You’ll see a lot of critical with this new passive. This is also a free candy skill. (Refer to the link above for the new EL update)



  • Fireball EX (1/1)

——– Me gusta burst damage.

  • Burning Hand (2/4) 

    ——– A chance to deal extra damage when using fire skills. No further explanation needed.

  • Rolling Lava (1/4) 

    ——– Superb damage. *insert song Limp Bizkit – Rollin’*



  • Fireball (+20% damage)

——– Combined with Fireball EX, a whooping +40% damage increase to fireball. The roof is on fire!

  • Flame Road (+20% damage)——– Superb DPS + Damage Increase = PROFIT!
  • Flame Spark (+20% damage) 

    ——– Yup it hurts.

  • Burning Hand (+ Duration)——–

    For longer critical fest.

  • Volcanic Vortex (+20% Damage)——– Burn in hell.




  • Hammer Attack (1/1)

——– No, you don’t need a hammer weapon, you’re doing it wrong. Good for stunning, breaking armors, knockdown, chaining and initiating a combo. A MUST for PvP.

The rest is the same as PvE.

PvP SKILLElemental Lord – Fire Tree

  • Fireball (11/16)

——– Sacrifice one level.

  • Inferno (3/15) 

    ——– Even though it has a good amount of range at level 7, in PvP build, this will only be used when enemies are locked on the ground.

  • Flame Spark (1/10)——– For initializing a combo in PvP build.
  • Fire Bird (10/14)——–

    Abuse this when an enemy is in frozen state. Freeze status + Point-blank range = OWNAGE.

  • Fire Shield (5/10)——– High level Satan as your guardian, sht just got real. Shields recently buffed and you can no longer activate both Fire and Ice shield at the same. High level for PvP! (Refer to the link above for the new EL update)

    The rest is the same as PvE.


PvP SKILLElemental Lord – Ice Tree

  • Shatter (1/10)

——– This will not turn you or the enemy into an undead, picture is misleading. Shatters frozen/frostbitten enemies and decreasing their over all animation (movement, attack, skill casting) by 7 second. After casting a lot of skills in a frozen enemy, use this to inflict a frostbite status. Killing you softly~

The rest is the same as PvE.

PvP SKILLSaleana

  • Burning Hand (1/4)

——– Sacrifice one level.

The rest is the same as PvE.


  • Fireball (+20% damage)

——– Combined with Fireball EX, a whooping +40% damage increase to fireball. The roof is on fire!

  • Fire Bird (+20% damage)——– Your enemy will hate living in this planet.
  • Flame Road (+20% damage)——– Superb DPS + Damage Increase = PROFIT!
  • Glacial Wave (+Freeze Duration)——– Thou shall not move.

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