Dragon Nest SEA Minotaur Nest Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Minotaur Nest Guide by cKpuge

Minotaur Nest is the first Nest Dragon Nest SEA player will encounter. It’s different from your normal dungeon runs as you’ll encounter waves of enemies and mini-boss one after another until you reach the final Boss. Also the enemies becomes stronger as you move closer to the Boss.


Must be Level 24+
Party of 1-4
Red Army Commander Seal Must finish the Quest Red Alert

You can’t use CS HP Pots only CS MP Pots and May’s Pots are allowed
You’re only allowed 5 revies per run.


One linear map with one path leading to an arena like space.


1st Phase – 2 Small Minotaurs
2nd Phase – Large Mob of Minotaurs (some are Armored)
3rd Phase – Larger Mob of minotaurs (some are Armored)
4th Phase – Mob of Minotaurs, Red Orc Warrior, Blue Orc Mage, 4 Brethren Shaman
5th Phase – 2 MiniBoss Minotaur, 2 Dark Elves
6th Phase – Final Boss General Ummanba


1st Phase – This phase is really easy just kill the 2 minotaur sleeping in the entrance.
2nd & 3rd Phase – Just cleared all the Minotaur but watch out of raging fluffy stampede across the map.
4th Phase – This one will give you a bit of a challenge. The Red Orc keeps on buffing everyone around him. The 4 Brethren shaman keeps on casting lightning and deals quite a damage as well (roughly 1k ea). Then there’s the Blue orc Mage who keeps on casting heal on everyone around him. In a party of 4 just let 1 dps kill the blue orc mage first while the other deal damage to the rest of the mobs.
5th Phase – The dark mages are the one that will give you some trouble here. Each of them cast a different buff/debuff. One of them cast a AoE Haste and buff the minotaurs (Red glow surrounds the Elve) while the other one Cast AoE Slow (Blue Glow surrounds the Elve) which always hit the party members. You can cancel their casting by using flinching skills. Also Dont bother killing the elves as another on will just replaced them if you killed one.


Skill Pattern

Downward Swing – The casting animation is slow so you can dodge the swing easily but take note of the black aura coming of his sword (like black crescent cleave of SM) when the axe hits the ground . It’s the same as Normal dungeon Minotaur downward swing except for the black aura.

Diagonal Swing – Same as the Lvl -14 Minotaur skill. Casting animation is also slow so you have plenty of time avoiding this. But take note of the after explosion effect of this skill.

Stomp – Raised his one foot and stomp the ground. Deals fairly low damage but can stun and cancel your skills.

Scream – Its the same as the scream skill of Level 16 Minotaur and the only difference is this one will disable your skills for 6 seconds if it hits you.

Burn – Ummanba will cast a red aura setting himself on fire. After the cast animation he will usually charge at the party member who holds the aggro. Best time for Paladin to cast provoke to grab the aggro.

Berserk – You will see a Red Glowing aura around him while he’s shaking his body violently. He’s buffing he’s stats and movement speed this time. The cast animation is really long so this is your chance to unleashed your best DPS skill.

Charge – Ummanba will charge at party member who holds the aggro dealing multiple hits.

Throw Axe – You will see Ummanba unsheathe his large axe and starts throwing small axes that explodes on contact and deals a chunk of damage per hit. Easy if you have a paladin in your party as you can provoke it before it start throwing. If theres no Paladin ummanba usually throws axe on the member who holds the aggro. That member should keep on running away from the other party members to avoid being hit.


– Experience
– Materials for crafting Elf’s queen equips
– 22A – 24A Accesories
– Powders for crafting subfix on your equips
– Skill Heraldy Charging Bulls



– Dont leave the party in the middle of the run. If you join the party for farming powders Inform the party ahead of time so they’ll know you’re gonna leave.
– You can do all your 7 runs in one day. But i suggest only do 6 and leave 1 so you can farm for powders “SOLO”.
– Dont rush in to the MOBS if you only feel you’re strong enough to take them coz you’re probably not. Warriors tend to do this most of the time and they end up scattering the mobs.
– Paladin’s provoke skill is really usefull here specially on BOSS phase.
– Must have at least 10k HP if your not good at doddging.
– This is the most important one. Dont pick the powders if its not for your class. Powders are character bind upon pickup and it cant be sealed.


Where can i get the Red Army Commander Seal?
Lvl 16+ abyss dungeon White Rabbit drops this 100% with or without a dimensional keys.

Will it consume one of my runs if i get disconnected / died and leave / didnt kill the Final boss.
No it wont but it will consume your seal upon entering the nest.

Do Mini-Boss drops materials for crafting elf’s queen equips.
The 2 Mini-Boss Miunotaur drops Powder’s and has a lower chance of dropping Leather as well. The Final Boss also drops Leather and powder. But the Horn can only be obtained in the Gold Chess after you killed the Final Boss.

How to stop this raging fluffalos from crossing the map?
You cant BUT you can drag the boss at 12 oc or 6 oc position of the map and tank it there. This way you wont be bothered by the raging fluffys and you can continuously damage the boss without interuption.


Getting the full elf queen set IMHO is really hard and both time & resource consuming. A full Elf Queen set for Cleric will require you to have:
– 52 horns
– 106 leathers
– 42 powders
– & more other crafting stuff like pictures & music boxes

If you manage to get 4 horns per week it will take you 13 weeks to complete. If you want to make it faster thats were your resource comes in to play and buy those horns in the market which im sure will be very pricey. But let me remind you as well that this sets will probably serve you in a very short time unlike the higher sets (talking about the 40’s coz cerb set is crap IMO). Im pretty sure capped will be raised in the next few months (hopefully just a month) and this set will be less valuable as what it would be when Mino Nest open.

Hope this one helps some new players and anyone think they can add more just post it and i’ll add it later.


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