Dragon Nest SEA Fast Leveling Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Fast Leveling Guide by Zendemious

Hi Everyone~! Did this guide for some of my friends as they just started to play DN, thought i’ll share it with everyone since i don’t see any of such post up yet. Please let me know if there’s anything i can improve on for this guide! Thanks!

Level 1 to 9

You may wish to go solo for the first 8 levels for a few reasons,

1. To learn the basic character control skill

2. To familiarize with the game mechanism

3. It is harder to search for party members before you reach Calderock Village

Level 9 to 16:

At this level range you can actually look for level 24 partners (the more the merrier) to carry you through Sigh Canyon (Cristal Stream) abyss mode, why?

– Fast party forming as these level 24 players will be willing to carry you through the abyss dungeon to gain a guaranteed Key of Dimensional Box (you will also get it).

– With the Key of Dimensional Box, opening the chest you will get your Fragment of Dimensional Gem and chance on Low Grade Revert Cube.

– A Good Group can finish off 1 run with slightly less than 2 minutes time hence quick and good exp.

– Grouping up with other players to run dungeon will deduct lesser ABP each run.

Simply go to Channel 1 Cristal Stream entrance in Calderock Village and ask for “Bunny Hunting” party, you should be invited into a party easily, try to get a full party for an efficient run with less ABP consumption.

Level 16 to 22:

Upon reaching level 16 you can no longer benefit from the “Bunny Hunting”.

Find a partner or two of the same level range to quest together for these 6 levels, try to attempt master/abyss mode more during this phase.

Recommended Dungeons:

1. Forest Sanctuary (Gray Ruins) – Level 16-18

2. Dark Tower Magic Institute (Blizzard Plain) – Level 18-20

3. Road of No Returns (Cristal Stream) – Level 20-22

Level 22 to 24:

EXP gain from dungeon completion and the Adventurer’s Guild Bulletin Boardquests are increased quite significantly for these 2 level 22 dungeons hence you may actually consider soloing your last part (excluding the party forming time.)

Level 22 – 24 dungeons:

1. Sanctuary Core(Gray Ruins)

2. Prayer’s Resting Place(Lower Ridge)

Try to choose the one which you have quest for, otherwise simply completing the Adventurer’s Guild Bulletin Boardquest will be good. Normal/Hard mode will sufficed as you would want to clear the dungeon faster for the EXP from the Adventurer’s Guild Bulletin Board quests.

*Alternative add on for level 10 and above

Once you’ve reached level 10 you may attempt the Warrior Goblin stage at the Wonderful Theme Park, this stage gives good exp if you are able to kill them fast, even at level 24 you’ll be getting near 10% exp each run which only require about 2-3 minutes if you’re good.

You can only run this stage 7 times per week so try not to waste it.

*Alternative add on for level 15 and above

If you have a group of friends who are training their characters at the same level range as you or are just willing to help, you can actually try out the Dark Lair, twice each day in-between your leveling schedule.


1. Always enhance your gears, armor for more survivability and weapons to finish off the monster quicker for speedy dungeon clearing.

2. Remember to level up your skill as your character levels up.

3. It is always good to party up with more players to minimize the deduction of ABP for each dungeon runs, this will ensure more EXP gain in the long run.

4. Skip the quests that you are unable to complete due to difficulty level or takes too long because your gear or stats is not on par.

5. Make sure you grab every available quest whenever you are in town, this will allow you to complete a number of quests all together when attempting a dungeon. (click m when you are in town to see the exclamation mark which indicate the quests available)

6. In each dungeon run try to:

  • achieve as many combo as possible
  • not get hit by monster
  • clear as fast as possible

This will help determine the grade you get at the end of each run, the better grade you get is equal to more EXP you will receive, you’ll also get an extra chest to choose from if you attain grade higher than S.

7. Adventurer’s Guild Bulletin Board, your best leveling partner in Dragon Nest. Always remember to check for available quest from the board before attempting the dungeon.

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