Dragon Nest SEA 4 Times More Loot Farming Guide

Dragon Nest SEA 4 Times More Loot Farming Guide by sittiville3

get a party with your friends/guildmates and go to a nest. ex. cerberus nest.

when before killing cerberus. tell your 3 partymates to return to town.

the chest loots at the end will have times 4 drops. eventhough your only the one remaining or youre the only one who finish it

the nest limit of the other 3 partymates will not increase.

take turns. profit.

its like having 20 normal cerberus runs.

edit: you can do this on hell runs. just party with good samaritans. LOL


So in other words the amount of loots you’ll get in the end is determined by the numbers in the party when u entered the Nest, not after you killed Cerby???


Dragon Nest SEA Upgrade +1 to +13 Without Destroying Your Items

ive just +11 my vivace staff. lol. i wouldve have +12 or +13ed it. but currently i dont have gold. i dont have T.H. slots. and my mail is maxed. i dont have anyway to have gold. hahaha. ive spent only 300+G with 1 vivace staff 30g, 2stacks o.obsi, 1 stack o.diamond. 30+ white and green equips. lol. im buying +8~+10 level 5~10 stuff for only 1~2g a piece which is good because its only using agate fragments. and is easier to break(because of lower success rate/higher breaking rate. note i didnt follow the craft suffix when its +6 or go to mana ridge part. ive started making it +6 at st haven.enchancing and breaking items are all done in st haven. i dont know if im just lucky. but ive tried enhancing epic stuff. its so damn hard. LOL

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