Die2Nite Important Newbie Information

Die2Nite Important Newbie Information by GriMmiE

If you happen to be stuck in a zone that has more zeds then you can handle.

1 – Do not fight without a weapon
2 – Do not try to flee (you will become injured and will cause more problems which can only be rectified with Paracetoid 7g and bandages which are hard to come by.

* Call for help in the forum and mark your location.

If by any chance any zeds gets through our defenses some may have terrified status. Do not venture outside unless you know what your doing. If your terrified you will have 0 defensive points as oppose to your normal 2 points.

* Cures with Valium Shot.

(Raw meat)
Do not eat this – unless it is cooked or you will be infected and without Paracetoid 7g you will die !

(Unlabeled Drugs)
Do not by any means eat any unlabeled drugs you will be instantly hooked and you will require one dose per day.

if you happen to eat Twinoid 500mg or Anabolic Steroids, one dose only your 2nd dose will make you get hooked.

* Please Do not Eat any Drug unnecessary unless told by the community to complete a certain task or project.

P/s: If i happen to miss anything do feel free to comment.


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