Bounty Hounds Online Making Money Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Making Money Guide by BouncyHound

I decided to write this guide since it seems that many people have money problems.
Also, while playing, a couple of people asked me to give him some money. I give them some money for their pots and repairs, but still, I cannot give money to everyone that asks me. So here goes the guide.
This does not tells you what mobs to kill or how to get 10000000K coins in a day. This only shows some basic steps to make money, little by little.

If you think those steps are st00pid, just let me show you a fact: with my char, level 31, I got around 7K coins. I craft everytime i go city, and I bought accessories items.

So, the thing is as follows:

1.- Pick Up EVERYTHING!!!!! Even if it sells for 1 coin. Your empty inventory worths even less ^_^ Also remember that a desert is made of million grain of sand. 1 coin, plus another, plus hundred thousand more is a lot of money.

2.- Never buy weapons or armours from the vendors. I said never. Did I said never? Yes Never!!! Those weapons and armours are expensive for the amount of defense and damage they do. You can craft better weapons and armour and cheaper.

3.- Repair everytime you go to the city. Doing this will be less expensive. It’s cheaper to repair when your set is at 99% durability than at 5% durability.

4.- While in combat, always be health-conservative. This means: don’t take damage if you don’t have to do so. You can use your CTU to tank the monsters. Don’t pull many mobs that you can kill, but they will drain much of your health. But… what does this have to be with the money?? Read next point ->

5.- Don’t waste Health Potions. Use them only when needed. To know when you need a health potion, just think that they are not used to recover your health, but allow you to survive longer. Knowing this, use only potions if you see your health is below tolerable levels. Don’t use a HP potion to recover your health from 90% to 100%. Your shield will recover fast, and then your health will autorecover while your shield is being depleted by attacks.

6.- Don’t waste your mana pool. This is the same as health. Use your skills wisely: never cast the most expensive skills. Never cast useless skills just because they look awesome. Use the skills that cost the less mana. Even if you need some more seconds to kill the monsters, it is likely you are earning money. Also, don’t use your skills to finish off a monster, if you can kill him with normal attack in a reasonable amount of time (reasonable = 4 or 5 seconds at most).

7.- Never waster mana potions. Don’t use mana potions to recover your mana from 90% to 100%. Only use them if you think it’s absolutely necessary. If while in combat you need to use a skill, but you don’t have mana, then drink a potion.

8.- Do not buy at auction or accessories when you are low level. You will level up quite fast, and those items will become obsolete before you blink. Then, you have just wasted a lot of precious coins.

9.- Use your bank to deposit the money. I always deposit in bank 70% of the money I earn. This helps a lot when expending money. It’s like setting a limit on what you can spend. Never touch the bank’s money, unless absolutely necessary. Everytime you go to the city, the first thing you should do is to go bank and deposit the money there. Then go craft, buy and whatever you want.

10.- Do not sell armour or weapons. Only sell items that are not usable, such as obsolete potions or items that say “… but sell it”. Why do not sell weapons & armour? Because it’s better to use them for disassembling. Using disassembling will give you extra “ingrredients” for your crafting, and among those ingredients, some of them are found in the NPC shop, but quite expensive. You will keep more money by disassembling than selling the weapon/armour and buying the “ingredient” in the shop.
Also, there are certain ingredients that you can only earn by disassembling. You don’t want to waste your money buying them in auction or trading.

11.- After you finished crafting, if there are ingredients that you bought in the NPC that you didn’t used, then don’t sell them back. Keep them in your vault for your next crafting. Well, this is just common sense, but many people just sell them back because they don’t want to go back to bank and deposit them. Don’t be lazy, because you will be wasting A LOT of money.

12.- Disassemble items if the ingredients produced are going to be used. If you are level 50, don’t disassemble level 10 items. Just sell them. Don’t do this if you have a low level character that will profit such ingredients.

13.- Repeat repeatedly repeatable quests ^_^ Everytime you go visit the NPCs to return quests or repair or whatever, also return this repeatable quests, and take them again. Some of those repeatable quests give no money, but give you items and/or experience. Items means money, and experience too: the higher your level, the easy you got to kill mobs, and more mobs you can kill, and more items and money you will earn.

Well, that’s all. I don’t know if i miss something. But those are the most basic tips to earn your money and keep it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Change the title..

    Bounty Hounds Online Saving Money Guide :)

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Anonymous says:

    good guide for some newbie here sir… thanks alot … like some online games its only on the start but when you know the guide and the perfect timing on that game make sure you will enjoy it… let`s enjoy BH..

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the guide sir… though i dont play it right now but im planing.. actually i downloading it right it ^_^

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