Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Tank Build Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Tank Build Guide by FatalBeauty

Greetings my fellow Chemical Brawlers, im sharing my build so every can have an idea on how to build a tank(also can give me some advice if i did something wrong).

Let’s start with the stat build, there are many build u can work on but actually i tried them all and the only one working properly for tanking purposes is the full stamina one. The hp bonus every point will increase the more point u put into stamina, but that nearly irrelevant at high lvls. The inportant stat that stamina gives is 0.11% damage reduction every point. At 50+ with 200+ stamina and the lvl 50 istance set u should probably have around 50-60% damage reduction and 8.5k hp. If u ask me why a tank should go for a full stamina instead of 2 stamina 1 power or 2 stamina 1 reflex, it’s simple. Block % and block damage reduction % can be increased via gear and buff mainly and if u need that extra block chance for boss fighting u can always use the hormones u get from the istances. Whenever u dont block or evade, with low stamina and damage reduction the healer will be in panic seeing the tank losing 50% of his hp, or even being 1 shotted by the finishing boss skills. So stack with stamina, dont trust low lvl tanks that didnt even try high lvl istance (i reseted several times at 52 to see which build works better).

Skill build: there are many bugged skills in the tank path, let’s see which skills we should work on. Hopefully we will get a skill reset when they fix those skills.
You have 36 points at max c-lvl and the final skill build should be like this:

Frost Particle Leap 6/6 300% melee converted to ice damage (means u totally bypass the def of ur opponent, only ice damage reduction count against it) and the 5 sec cd will be halfed if it’s used after Crystal Iron Shrapnel buff activation

Plasma Storm 3/6 it’s and aoe debuff with some dot damage as well, lvl 3 just to be able to infection later on (this is one of the bugged skills, the aoe dot not working on all the mobs)

Magnetic Frost Gear 6/6 it gives you a +44 melee damage boost which is really great, we can compensate the lack of power in the full stamina build with this great passive

Frost Prediction System 2/6 gives +8% block chance and block damage reduction just the requise to get the next skills

Frost Opiate 4/6 imo keeping it to lvl 4 is pretty enough, just the requisite for Ultra Frost Regeneration Mechanism

Frost Blaster Strike 1/4 take this as ur last skill, this is only for end game pvp and u wont need it for

Frost-Born Neutralizer 1/1 dispersion skill, can remove the debuffs which not letting you use any skill

Crystal Iron Shrapnel 2/2 ur manin taunt skill with 500% damage and a nice buff which halves the cd on the next skills (like Frost Particle Leap)

Magnetic Frost Activator 2/2 aoe taunt with a duration of 8 secs and 16 sec cd

Infection 2/2 get this broken skill when u already got the previous ones to the lvl i suggested. The aoe dot not work on every mob and maxed it does only 59 damage (which is really non sense for a lvl 40+ skill)

Close-Combat Electron Shield 2/2 another broken skill, supposed to reduce the damage u take by 10% placing a debuff on the opponents but it never happened…well we have to max it to keep on with our path anyways

Frost-Density Plate 2/2 5 secs immunity to all damage, u can still move and use skill, pots whatever u want…really useful a life saver

Ultra-Frost Regeneration Mechanism 2/2 restores 80% of your hp…let’s say it gives you a second life

Accelerated Regeneration 1/1 decreases the Ultra-Frost Regeneration Mechanism by 60 secs (lowering it to 180 secs)

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    what about full power chemical brawler ? with ur skill Crystal Iron Shrapnel (500%)dmg & Frost Particle Leap (300%) dmg u can easily take down ur enemy..

  2. Anonymous says:

    as you said you skill reset at level 52 in my opinion thats not your original stat build since it will take you really slow to reach level 52 with pure stamina build if your planning on this build i suggets you make a build thats easy for you to level and when you reach level 60 reset and go full stamina that is if you really want a full stamina build..

  3. Anonymous says:

    and about the skill build…i agree with most of it…but thats strictly for PvE…and i wouldt waste 1 more point in Magnetic Frost Activator..i think pont is more than enuff…if rather put it in more hp buff or try to get to Frost Blaster Strike if u wanna rock some peoples world in PvP cuz again…u need to keep the enemy near u and u gotta outlast him..and if u cant deal any decent dmg and hold him near u…ohh well u better go to Equip2( where u have no items on u) and let urself get killed and save ur time trying to escape… ahh well thats atleast how i see it… i still am low lvl -35-40 atm but im a faithfull tanker in every god darn mmo that i played(and i played most of them i think) and i never had to run FROM enemyes…i always use to run AFTER them :)) even if they are more than 2 if u got the skills u can always take down atleast one with u to teh floor of hell :) that beeing sayd…thanks for the great build… hope u dont mind for me leaping in and throqing rocks on this. c ya and gl

  4. Anonymous says:

    and about the PvP with the Full Stamina build….while still grinding(wich is so darn slow) u will prolly suk at pvp and with some luck maybe ull get 1-2 classes killed. At high levels things go liek in any other mmo with tank class in pvp… itll take a freakyn squad to take u down .. if u play smart and use ur skills and pimped gear the right way. with full stamina u get more than 50% dmg reduction so from a Shock trooper with 200% atk dmg from a skill u get 100% … i say thats more than enuff, for ur 10k of hp(depends how u pimp ur gear) 250-300 dmg is liek a mob hitting u. the secret of wining a pvp is to deal constant dmg, heal as often as u can and outlast the oponent…while ur skill wont let him go away from u.. u can stil struck dmg when he tryes to run like a chick. so yeah if u go full stamina ur a tank..

    and like in every other mmo if u choose a tank class, expect to grind like a maniac and lvl up SLOW SLOW SLOW but he best part comes whrn u are the only one in an instance and u get all items for ur class and u dont have to share any of them like a gunner par example who will argue if they are 2 in the instance… also if u get urself a nice squad that is decent and u sell ur loyalty to them,..they can plvl u a bit(it aint much but its enuff for a tank to get a gunner to kill his creeps for quests- since this game is based 100% on quest lvling)

  5. Anonymous says:

    well ill be nasty and answear to teh question…take it like it is…CTU – ironback is kidna nice since he has more dmg than u…he can help u out in lvling .. he kilss a mob before u so its pretty much helpfull, and in instances u can share some dmg since he has lots of hp from his stats+ur hp buff and he will survive with liek 2 mobs on him specially if u got heals on it. – steelblade is also a very good choice for his great dmg amount..and if u are full me he kiks arse and kills 2-3 mobs before u finish one; the low hp on him with ur hp buffs make him pretty decent..but u still gotta pay some atention to hsi hp bar and throw in some pots. – thunderbolt its crappy since he is ranged and u are melle class he will mostly use melle atacks-wich sux in his case. so u are left with the 2 choices IronB and SteelB . i prefer IronB.. its slower but its safer and this way u dont waste money on pots —> that means u can focus all ur income on getting ur gear pimped out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Im Also curious about what JC said, and more on, what type of CTU do you prefer for a tank build like this?

  7. JC - Maximus - BHO Philippines says:

    Hello fatal, thanks for the build. i just wanted to ask if your build relies only with your skills for damaging monsters/player since your power is quite low. I'm also planning to build a tanker however i also wanted to have at least a decent damage for PVP, but if this build of yours can make it on PVP, I will be happy to follow your build. what do you think? thanks and enjoy playing. :)

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