WindSlayer 2 Frequently Asked Questions

WindSlayer 2 Frequently Asked Questions by VasFlamo

1. How do I switch between full screen and windowed-mode?
By pressing Alt+Enter you can toggle between full screen and windowed mode.

2. How do I access the Premium Shop?
The Premium Shop has been disabled during CBT. It will be made available upon launch.

3. How do I enter an Arena (PvP)?
Arenas have been disabled temporarily until we optimize and finish resolving remaining issues. PvP is very dear to our hearts too, so please know that we are not dismissing it.

4. Will characters be wiped after Closed Beta Testing (CBT)?
Yes, there will be a character wipe. Read more information in the Announcements forum.

5. When will CBT end? When is Open Beta Testing? When will the game be released publicly?
CBT will be ending on 11/1/2011. Check for more information in the Announcements forum.

6. How do I send a private message to someone?
You can send a private message by typing /w CharacterName. The character name IS case-sensitive too.

7. How do I hide the UI and take a screenshot?
You can toggle the UI but pressing the (back slash) key and take a screenshot by pressing Print Screen.

8. Will stats/exp gain/drop rates/etc. be changed?
First and foremost, we’re in CBT. That means we are testing how certain systems work and perform to better suit the gameplay and community. Even upon release and onwards, we will be bringing constant updates. CBT is for just that… testing and improving.

9. How do I use emotes?
There are many emotes to express yourself in WindSlayer 2. Below is a list of some of them:

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