Voyage Century Online Pirates Tips

Voyage Century Online Pirates Tips by boxcar_lozer

(This is kind of long^^ haha didn’t meen to write this much haha)

I’m going to tell how I went on to become a pirate and what I have learned about being a pirate.

I set a goal to get a level 4 battleship before I turn pirate.
So after a bunch of merchant missions to get much money to start out as a battleship I went to crete battlefield and spent my time there untill I could upgrade to level 2 battleship.
You don’t get much money in the beginning when haveing a battleship so thats why I made merchant first.

When i had my lvl2 ship I went to corsia battlefield and waged war upon the pirates there for quite some time. After getting to level 20 in seabattle and 21 in voyage I upgraded to lvl3 ship and I went to gibraltar battlefield. There I made much more money than before.. you will find lvl 3 and 4 figureheads and shields there that will make you earn much cash wich is good since I use armor punching bullets..

And when I finaly got my lvl 4ship (it took quite some time to get voyage lvl 31, but a tip is to check the second mission on this list! I went upp 4 voyage levels on just that mission.. )

So now I was determined to become a Pirate, but from what I have heard there are many things that make stuff really hard for pirates, things that I now know are WRONG!
I’ll come to those in a little while.

First off, I sailed to Tortue City in the Caribbean. My amity was automaticly 0 with the Caribbean Pirates since I haven’t killed any of them.. I went in to the town far in to town and talked with the pirate leader and paied him 10.000 to become a “wanderer”

So what now? I’m a pirate, wow..
I started by getting to know the city, watch out for the pirates in the city they may try to get money from you or they will kill you, and you have no chans to kill them =)
I have never payed and I have died once by them.. and now when I have more amity I have never been attacked by them.

Go to the docks and choose “query the task” and you will get some rum to take to the pub.. and you get like a 1000silver or something and then you can talk with the bar guy about stuff in the city.

After that I went out to high seas. And brought 2000armore punching balls with me.
There are NO frigates and such things that slaughter you in the caribbean!
So just sail around a little outside tortue and you will learn where the merchants go, they will never attack you so just lay and wait for a “earl Armed Merchant” and attack him. It will say that you have good amity with that contry so just click yes on that one and you will enter the battle scene.

Sink him in the way you find easiest.. and hopefully you will get amity +1 ni caribbean for him but its more often +1 in gibraltar pirates =/ thats some what frustrating but its okey..
He will drop his cargo since you have “irate Nature” BUT you will not be able to sell the goods in the town so click ctrl – A and under “at sea” you will find an icon named “disposal of stolen goods”  add this one to your quick bar at the bottom of the screen and then activate it and choose the goods that the ship dropped (do not pick them up to your inventory!)
you will get some money betwene 1800 and 5500 is normal.
Every 7th pearl or something like that will drop lvl 6 shields that are worth 40k so thats what will increse your silver, the goods will just make up for the cannon balls you spend.

when you reach amity of 13 and have the right reputation you can become a peg-leg
when amity is 20 (I think) you can become Iron Hand and when amity is (28-30) you can become Metal Tooth and then Golden Eye after 36 in amity.. the rest I do not know..
You have to have the proper reputation for each title too, just like any other nation.

When you have learned to take down the pearls you may wanna try to take on the sapphire armed merchants, you will have to shoot their sails pretty much to slow them down.. but if you sink it you will get +3 in amity in caribbean or gibraltar pirates. and they can drop lvl8 shields worth 80k

The thing I don’t like with being pirate is that we have to board the ships to get “trade vouchers” thats a paper that the captain have and it makes it possible to sell the goods you take to the black market and get MUCH more money that just about 3000 for the goods when disposing them.
The problem here is that the lowest evel boats in caribbean (the pearl armed..) are lvl 6 ships. Very hard to board!
I’m leveling my falchion now to try to board one of those in a little while. I hope it goes well!

And now to the thing I was afraid of having trouble with while being a pirate.
Many people say that there are no skill NPCs for pirates, thats sort of true.
There are no one in any pirate cities or islands.
But here is something that many people get wrong, if you don’t piss a nation of then you are welcome in to they town even at days without the guards bothering you or any thing..
I will never ever attack an Ottoman or Greece since athens, algiers are in those two nations. This way I can spend my time in both those cities how much I want and go to their skill masters and such..
Just remember to travel in highsea at night! betwene 23 and 04 works best!

(and by the way! a really really good advice is NOT to become a crete or corsia pirate! because you will not be able to go to athens, where people sell things.. =)

— My name is stated below if you wanna PM me ingame!
— I’m glad to help anyone!

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