Voyage Century Online Corsica Pirate Guide

Voyage Century Online Corsica Pirate Guide by Kamoflauge

First this is not a a Notorious pirate guide more of a guide just to get your pirate rank and move on without any enemy nations after you
also this is my first guide i ever write.

Notes and tips are in black
– I recommended at least a lv3 battleship but it can be done with a lv2 battleship.
– also your cannons should at least be lv3 or up

1. Go to Baracleona then stock up on priviosns, cannonballs, and

    -Most people say to hunt at night if our a pirate because are no patrol ships but also there are no trade ships also so you need to hunt during the day.
    -Spawn times for patrol ships are 4:00 to 22:00, so you don’t want to be sailing at these times. You might want to wait a bit after18:00 to get out of town, since they stop spawning, but they don’t reach destination instantly.
    -Some ways to get away from a patrol shipare:
    – Fight the nearest smuggling ship.
    – Enter the nearest port or island.
    – Enter the nearest battlefield.

2. Once you have everything you need head to high seas wait on top of theoffshore entrance only target vince and Genoa jade and agate trading ships after you attack your first ship you will be attack by Genoa and vince patrols continue to attack there trade ships ,but once you see a patrol hide in the port do this untill you get +50 amity it took me about 2 hours (i started at -50)

    -Dont run other programs while doing this i ran itunes and after my fist ship i didn’t have time to load the screen and a patrol found me even the smallest programs can increase loading time.
    -Dont worry if you die i died 7 times in the proses.
    -you must get to +50 amity with Corsica because once you go to jail and join Corsica if you try to get more amity for the next noble title then try to go to prison to repeat the guide you will be kick from the pirate clan.
    -you must kill patrols to get over 50 amity which you need about a lv6 battleship to do and once you get one you will be ready to be a Notorious pirate.
    -Genoa and vince ships only come from your left and up so you dont have to look at your right but even the slight glance form your screen and you can be scooped up by a patrol.

3. Now you should have +50 amity with Corsica pirates wait till night and leave barcalona and set sail to Genoa spawn times for patrol ships are 4:00 to 22:00 so you do not want to leave at that time once you reach Genoa find the nearest guard once he talks to you pick the go to jail option now you should be in jail you will have about a 3 hour sentence (real life time)

    -There are ways to escape and gamble your way out of jail i wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what your doing.
    -**IMPORTANT** dont join Corsica until you get out of jail or you will lose all your amity and get kicked out of Corsica pirates.

4. Now you should be out of jail Genoa and vince will no longer be after you so you dont have to worry about patrols sail to Corsica once in offshore do not attack the pirate ships in the offshore you will lose amity dock at the port then go inland and to bandit camp wait till night and no pirates will be there to demand money once you reach the Corsica pirate leader apply to join them you now are a Corsica pirate!!!! have fun i hope this guide helped.

    -Corsica pirates will still attack you no matter what even if you are one but dont attack back or you will greatly lose amity

Hope you have fun and that my guide help you

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