Voyage Century Online Caribbean Pirate Guide

Voyage Century Online Caribbean Pirate Guide by sweatyandready

This is not the guide for ppl with lvl 10 battleships and all that stuff… just go sink glorys.

1. Starting Up
1a. New Skills
2. Killing Ships
3. Getting Back Amnity
4. Boarding
5. Amnity and Reputation
6. Quests
7. Pvp
8. Coming Soon

1. Starting Up

I recommend a lvl 4 battle AT LEAST.
lvl 4 falchion
lvl 3 grapple
lvl 5/6 Buckshots

Lvl  6 battle to be comfortable.
lvl 6 falchion
lvl 4 grapple
lvl 7 Buckshots(u can buy from tortue)

I joined with lvl 5 battle and lvl 5 falchion.

Firstly, you want to sail to tortue city with all some stuff.
Talk to the leader WAAAAY in the back and join Caribbean pirates.
Now you are a Wanderer.

1a. New Skills
You have new skills at your disposal.
Disposal of Stolen Goods (Melon Cutting)
When you kill a ship and they drop goods, DON’T pick up Just hit disposal and you get money. You can level this up with certain quests to get more.
When you get 32 Seabattle use this bad boy on another player.  Just like when a raiding ship comes to you. Pay me money or fight???   Note* You do NOT get notority for extorting(unless they choose to attack). If u try on afk players u will end up attacking is always the default. So no u cant sit there and extort afk players.

2. Killing Ships

Always try to stay in front of the ship and in tight so he cant get a shot off of you. They do do a little damage and kill sailors.  Could igg add in a sailor proof shield
You will see Kingdom of ? Armed ships. You must kill these to get amnity.  NO buying amnity for a pirate. Here’s the list for easiest to hardest with detail.

Pearl level armed merchant ship, 1 amnity (lvl 4 falchion)
Ruby armed Merchant Ship, 2 amnity (lvl 4 falchion)
Sapphire Armed Merchant Ship, 3 amnity (lvl 5 falchion)
Gold level armed merchant ship, 4 amnity (lvl 5 falchion HARDER)

Agate Trade Ship, 5 amnity(only go to meditaranean cities (lvl 5 weapon)
Diamond Armed merchant ship, 5 amnity (lvl 6 falchion)
Freedom Patrol ship, 6/7/8 amnity (lvl 7 or 8 falchion)
Arbital Patrol Ship, 8/9 amnity (Don’t even try to boards without 9 falchion)
Glory Frigate, 10 amnity (Lvl 7 falchion)
Darkdiamond armed merchant ship , 10 amnity,  (lvl 10 falchion)

When you hit 50 amity THE VERY HARD PART
You cannot sink regular merchants. You must sink Arbitals, Frigates, and patrols.
Now go to Madeira.  Spain is already pissed at you so therefore Las Palmas is as well (both kingdom of Spain)

Wait for a Las Palmas Freedom Patrol ship
WARNING must have a level 5 battleship to do this.
Freedom Patrols-armor punchers
Arbitals- Cannister balls.

You must use Cannister balls against merchant ships let me explain.
Battleship- Medium sail, lots of cannons, medium hull, medium sailors.
Raiding- LOW Hull(armor punchers), High sail, high sailors
Merchant- low sail, VERY high hull, LOW SAILORS(cannisters)

3. Getting Back Amnity

Getting back amnity is EASY.
Sneak into a Gibraltr battlefield and blow them to pieces!!!
Really not that hard.  Dont try sneaking into port i find that way to hard.
Also, u can stay at maidera and kill the Hades/ Devils that come your way. They give tons of amnity, and easy to kill(with buckshots). NEVER attack carribean Ships you lose amnity by the shot.

4. Boarding

So, with your cannister balls you wittle down there sailors to a sliver and board. simple.

When you board the ships you get Gems used for upgrading lvl 10 battleships that cost 15-30 mil.  SO you can get rich with even 1 of these gems.
4a. Gem List

The Ships Have a VERY low drop rate but if ur persistant u can get lots of $$$$$$.

5. Amnity and Reputation

List of the amnity u need to advance levels.
Peg Leg-12
Iron Hand-20 hero
Steel Tooth-28 knight
Golden eye- 36 chev.
Jackal-44 baronet
Falcon-52 baron
Flying Tiger-60 viscount

Kill them until you get however much you need. Sail back to tortue and get your title.  You might want to consider doing some quests now.

6. Quests

When you board ships you will get trade vouchers.  These can be used at the Blackmarket merchant to get special items.  Such as Skeleton rings and Hades Pendants etc.

Also, go to the guild guy near the leader and pick up those quests as well(Must be a Jackal)

Tortue Pirate Quests Thanks to E-book
I’m not gonna put the trade voucher quests cuz u need to get a certain(outrageous amount) number.
thats all u have to do.
Here are the actual sinking ones.

Hunt Saphire and Ruby’s
Sink 15 Ruby Armed Merchant Ships
Sink 15 Saphire Armed Merchant Ships
Reward- Melon Cutting lvl 2 scroll Friendship +5

Hunt the Chief’s Mate
Kill 25 Gold lvl Chief’s mates
Reward- Scroll of Extortion level 2, +5 friendship

7. Pvp

Ok so PVP,(not a lot in Magellan unfortunately), kill 1 person and u piss off the entire server.
When you attack some1 you will get 1 notority. When you kill them you will get 1 more.
You can pray off 1 notority, but not 2. You can also use Pardon to get rid of the 1 and then pray the 1 off.

A good way to Pvp is to stock up on quality cannisters and a grapple.
SO, if he’s usin a battleship i find the best way is to kill all his sailors and grapple. No need to use real grapple unless u losing.
When grappling a player higher than u Another way is to kill all his sailors, kill your grapple and 1 shot and he’s dead.

When facing a raider, use quality armor punchers and a greek fire thrower.
Pound him and dont let him grapple if he does try and kill it. Use the greek fire thrower and he’s a goner.
Many, many ways to kill those are a few.

When you go to jail, you will be a person of the FREEPORT.
You will lose your pirate title and get amnity back againf83

8. Coming Soon

That’s all I have so far and I’m a flying tiger and got a ton of  money.
There are other ways but Portugal and London have a lot of arbitals and thats bad.
Also you can stay outside of Lisbon and attack Seville and vice versa.

This guide was made by Fido(Magellan)

CREDITS for all the stuff i forgot or didnt know to add

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