Voyage Century Online Becoming a Pirate Guide

Voyage Century Online Becoming a Pirate Guide by gashjackel

Many of you have wondered “how do I be a pirate?”
Well here it is, a guide telling you how to, not even a Darwin reject could **** this up.

Starting out on the road to becoming a pirate:

Firstly make sure your well stocked with at least a lvl 2 ship (Many say wait longer but I did it with a lvl 2 fighter ship)

Pack up anything you don’t want to leave behind onto your ship or on you and sell the rest off. You’ll never be able to go home, Crete beach is your home now.

Head off to Crete and land there and familiarise yourself with the beach, don’t go into town yet >.>

At dawn head out to sea and wait for a merchant vessel to come along and then attack it and sink it, loot won’t be good for a while but you will get some 30K figureheads occasionally which will see you through.

Now the best tactic I found was to hide at Lemons Island near Istanbul and pick on the Istanbul traffic there. less patrol ships and merchant ships went by but chances were better I wouldn’t be raped by a passing patrol ship when I left combat.

And if a patrol ship saw me I could duck into Lemons offshore to shake them off. Just make sure not to kill any of the pirates there or your amnity drops FAST!

Repeat until your amnity with the crete pirates is 0.
After that head to Crete and go into the town and talk to the mayor, his name is Barbarosa II (Somethin like that) Pay him his 10K and you become a Wanderer in the Crete pirate organisation. Also the pirate NPCs on Crete WILL ATTACK YOU so avoid them.

Gee I’m a pirate, now what do I do? and what do I gain from it??
Ok firstly I will list the bad parts about being a pirate:
So far I have yet to find a skills NPC on a pirate island, nor have I found a shipyarder dealing in cannons or armour and I have not found any weapons or armour.

Also Pirate NPCs still attack you but if you fight back your amnity goes down big time ;_;
Hopefully this will be fixed at a later date?

The good parts however are sweet:
Your a pirate,  you get a cool black flag.
And piraty nature as I have dubbed it. Piraty nature makes merchant vessels drop their cargo when you kill them, this makes being a pirate much more lucrative than it used to be. However your ships hold will fill up fast (exploring the option of staying near crete or finding a more remote pirate island. maybe a stash?)

Also we do have a trade goods dealer but he only buys he does not sell, we have a tavern owner and guild man as well as a storage NPC (a chest in the back of the tavern).

Merchant raiding tactics

Now it is perfectly alright to go around sinking merchant ships and you will get some nice booty for it. But another tactic which apparently yields more loot (unverified but makes sense) is to board your enemy. This puts you into the deck fight part of the game and I do not recommend it to lower lvl people. So if your going to do it make sure you use lots of grapeshot to lower the crew count and that your tough enough to do it.

Traditional sinking is like I said also good. I will compare how much you get on average at a later date.

Going to ports which want you for crimes and prison:
It is safe to go to the dock area of other cities during the night, so long as you don’t get close to the gates. If any guards see you then they run up to you and challenge you, this presents you with three options: Bribe (expensive), jail or attack/run

Bribe gets expensive fast.
Jail is covered later
Attacking and/or running is never a good option either. Especially if your a low lvl as those guards will rape you fast and send you to prison.

Being in Prison:
Ok prison is not nice, you spend lots of time there and if your a veteran pirate then your sentence can be for days IRL time. Your best bet if you want to do the piraty thing is to bust out. To do this kill the rats for one of their large teeth (this takes time) and then use it on the sewer grate to get out. (I have yet to actually do this, but working on it ;__;)
Or you can gamble with the guard. Could somebody post an explanation as that game confuses me >.>
waiting is usually not an option.

Also when you leave prison you lose your pirate membership >.>
You become a member of “Free Port” which means no nationality.
Don’t know if this applies to other nations too.

Pirate ranks:
Pirates progress in noble ranks just like everyone else but have different names:

Peg  leg
Iron hand
Metal tooth
Golden eye
Flying tiger
Great pirate
Pirate King

PvP as a pirate

When I first wrote this guide PvP had not been implemented so I could make no conjecture as to what effect it would have on us. I don’t know if its in now but when I get back on I will be looking around trying to find out. If people can post some info I would be grateful.

Pirate services:
We pirates need servin just like everyone else so I’ve gathered a list of what we have available.
We of course have access to every city’s dock area so long as we only go at night <,<
but each pirate island has services too.

Smuggler who buys trade goods at better value than the two on the beach (He sells NOTHING).
Black marketeer: who sells high lvl sewing kits, black dye and gun ammo.
Barbarosa II: a pirate leader NPC who advances rank, etc
Guild manager: Same as every other one
Shipyard: repairs ships, sells every kind of cannonball and mine but does not sell guns (on the beach)
Docker: sells provisions and provides other docker services.
Innkeeper: Just provides discount sailor healing and sailor recruiting.
Pirates treasure chest: Functions like a storage NPC. When your amnity is 20 with crete pirates you can transfer your storage there.

Exactly the same as Crete except the Goverment NPC has a different name.

Tortue city:
It supposedly has everything you need. Ranging from a high lvl ship builder to an NPC who will give you a quest for special pirate equips. Tortue city is in the Caribbean apparantly and I have yet to go there.

The cords for Tortue are: 1354.38  65.3
Praise be to ironforge2 for those co-ordinates.

I don’t know what other islands offer.

The pirate armour & sword

Ok I currently have no info on the pirate armour & sword other than that you get them in Tortua and that you need tickets that are dropped by pearl and ruby armed merchants. However this is all unverified so please more info?

If anyone has anything they want to add. Such as NPCs, locations of other pirate islands and such please post it here and I will add
And to those of you who have given me information I just want to thank you for all your support and share this little inspiring pirate movie with you

How to contact the pirate king himself: (that would be me =P)

Well I’ve been off the game for over a year now but I’m trying to get back into it (providing I can get it working in Wine under Linux). If I can get it working then I will be around on Gash_jackel or something to that effect.

Last message to you all

Well after being gone for nearly two years I came back and found that people still consult this guide and that it all still affects you all. I am honestly shocked by that as I figured newer and better guides will have popped up since then. Seeing as this is not the case I shall be going through its discussion thread and updating it all with info in there and once I get in game I WILL be updating it with any info, tips, tricks, etc I can come up with.

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