Tribes Ascend General Information

Tribes Ascend General Information by AngelicMayhem

Loadouts have changed since the quakecon list we had. It’s been confirmed in a forum that there
will be 12 loadouts at launch 2 will be free. A list of the loadouts can be found at
Tribes Ascend Classes List
As of now the only class you start off with is the Soldier and Ranger.

HR Official Stand
They feel classes will expand upon the play of Tribes and reduce the amount of “best” strategies
from customizable loadouts. They went with a 2 weapon scheme to make them more distinct and
to promote teamplay. From a testers opinion most of them just feel weird.

The classes will contain two guns, a pack, a belt item, melee object, and have around 11 perks you can progress
through. Not much is known about the perks at this time. Todd has mentioned that some may
be like an increase in run speed or side grades to what your class can do. This may be Hi-Rez’s way
to allow players to customize their classes. There are no health kits, but players do have
regenerating health. Last I have heard it was 10 seconds to start the regen then 5 seconds to
fill your health up.

Weapons have not gone through any balancing at this time.
Hi-Rez has said alot of the weapons have changed will update when possible.
It has been said Closed Beta will be the start of the balance on weapons.

Weapons that fire a projectile such as a disc or grenade. These weapons are considered to be
the epitome of tribes.
Known Projectile Weapons

  • Light Spinfusor(inherited the T2 Model
  • Bolt Launcher
  • Arx Buster
  • Spinfusor(inherited a T1 Model)
  • Grenade Launcher(it was yellow)
  • Saber Launcher(locked missiles)
  • Mortar
  • Spinfusor MKD
  • Heavy Bolt Launcher
  • Heavy Spinfusor(inherited an early T:V model)
  • Mirv Launcher

Weapons that fire bullets. Todd has called them hitscan in his latest interview. In the past he
also said they were really fast projectiles at near hitscan speeds. People who played feel they
are bit overpowered. Weapon balance has not started yet and will begin in Closed Beta.

Movement as a whole was continuously tweaked during Alpha testing.
There was alot of negative feedback on it and Hi-Rez has said they are going to continue to make this fast and fun.

There has been a jump added. It is an actual jump that doesn’t drain
energy. There is a 5 bind system like there was in T:V.

At quakecon jetting was said to be too weak. It was tweaked going into gamescom and pax, and is to
be further tweaked going into beta.

Energy usage has been lowered for CBT. Thrust will be looked at after they
see how the jump comes into play.

Skiing has been made simpler for newer players to pick up on it easily. The overall depth of skiing
seems to still show skill needed to ski. It is slidey like T:V, but is said to give you a bit of control while
you are on the ground a little like T2(no actual experience in this just info I picked up on the forums)

Game Types/Loadouts
As of now there are 2 confirmed game types Capture the Flag and Rabbit.
Capture the flag is self explanatory.
Rabbit there is a single flag and whoever has the flag is the rabbit and gains points. The rabbit
is the target of all the other players.

Not a whole lot has been said on this but it appears to be split between in-match progression and
out-of-match progression.

In-match is to include earning credits to buy vehicles and upgrade bases.
Upgrading bases include upgrading of the turrets, generator and scanner.

Out-of-match progression will include unlocking classes, progressing your player level, and progressing
your classes. Player levels will work like prestige levels, and progressing your classes is to level
perks and such. Classes can be unlocked via micro-transactions or gameplay. Gameplay is supposed
to take up quite a bit of time, but it has been mentioned quite often they will most likely do a shorter
route where you can rent to try the classes out. Added to that time is the insane amount of time to fully
max out a class. 20 hours for one class, 10 if boosted, less if you have VIP while boosted.
This is all subject to change.

Can buy a package to get enough gold to buy all the classes for $50.

Hi-Rez plans to incorporate a friends list at the launch of closed beta. Continuing into open beta
they plan to release party options followed by clan rosters with a server list added in by launch.

Weapons Cont.
So here I will go over numbers for weapons, packs, and belt items.

First off there are 31 weapons not counting the Improved Repair Tool spread out over the 18 loadouts.
Of these 31 there are 13 types.

  • Spinfusor
  • Bolt Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Mortar
  • Arx Buster
  • Mirv Launcher
  • Saber Launcher
  • Pistol
  • SMG
  • Rifles
  • Sniper
  • Chaingun
  • Shotgun

Technically the Saber is a projectile but since its locked we’ll drop it. Therefore that leaves us
with 6 types of projectile weapons and 6 types of ballistic weapons.

Currently there are 18 packs in the game with there being 10 types with all deployables counting as 1 type.

  • Stealth
  • Recharge
  • Overcharge
  • Shield
  • Energy
  • Personal Force Field(confusing concept)
  • Regen
  • Jammer
  • Blink
  • Deployables
    • Omni Sensor
    • Anti-Air Turret
    • Light Turret
    • Wall Turret
    • Force Field
    • Drop Jammer

Belt Items
There are 14 belt items not including the 2 ones labeled spinfusor disk and weapon. Of these
there are 11 types.(Counting all types of grenades due to not knowing if they work differently or
do more damage)

  • Grenade
  • Impact Nitron
  • Grenade XL
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Whiteout Grenade
  • Anti-Personnel Grenade
  • Spike Grenade
  • Emp Grenade
  • Flare Grenade
  • Mines
  • Claymore Mines

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