Tribal Wars Nobleman Guide

Tribal Wars Nobleman Guide by Calaban

Things to remember about a nobleman.

You need a level 20 Smithy. This is an absolute pain in the ass to get. With a level 20 HQ it takes like 18 hours to build a level 19 and 20 hours to build a level 20 Smithy. So plan accordingly (make sure you have farms and warehouse space).

The academy takes about 8 hours to build.

Your nobleman then takes another 3 hours to build.

Ok, now to the main point of most people’s questions – How you take over another persons village.

You must send the nobleman to attacl another persons village. This village could be any size village (50 pointer or 2000 points or higher, it makes no difference).

Now, some very important things to consider.

Make sure you know the defence power of the village your trying to take out.

I sent my nobleman with a massive escort as i wanted no surprises of people sending support troops etc.

The last thing you want is your nobleman to die. And this is for every attack you make with him (“every attack you make i hear you cry”.

Yes thats right, you will be making anywhere from 3-7 attacks depending on the distance of the village from you.

A nobleman moves at 35 mins per field (the slowest unit). So every field the village your attacking is away from you the harder and longer it will be to take over.

The village i took was 3 hours 50 mins (4 hours for arguments sake).

Thats 4 hours there and 4 hours back home again, making it a round trip of 8 hours.

This is important for several reasons.

You basicly attack the village. If your successful you will decrease the loyalty of that village between 20 and 35%. This seemed completely random and different sized armies made no effect (i.e. a bigger army never gave me a bigger increase).

So if you were unlucky and only took it down 20%, you would be looking at 5 runs. Which of course is 5 x 8 hours.

Now whats worse is, the enemy village regains loyalty at a rate of 1% per hour. So for every attack you make, you might as well minus 8% of your attack, as the time you get back to the village they would have regained that much.

So of course this means you are likely to add even more time via attacks to take over the village.

So as you can see, its NOT an easy and straightfoward process.

Now if your attacking a village in a big clan, they would have plenty of time to send huge amounts of support to defend against you taking over.

If at any time you were to lose your nobleman in the attack (even on the last attack) you would have to start the entire process again.

So be VERY careful on who you pick to take out. This really limites the options available to most people.

I would reccomend you dont try and take out a village that is more than 4-5 fields away.

I cant think of any other questions i’ve been asked, but if anyone has any, post them here and i will do my best to reply to them.

Additional Info

I crunched some numbers, and I’d throught I would share them for the general audience.

The absolute mininal amount of points your village can have with an academy would be 1654p. This is if you ONLY aim to get your academy up, all your resources magically appeared in your village (no Claypit/Timber Camp/Iron Mine), and you were fortunate enough to never need anything beyond Barracks 1, and never allocated population towards your military.

Now since we all know resources won’t just magically appear in your warehouse, if you constructed up to a level 20 Clay Pit / Iron Mine / Timber Camp, the minimal with an academy goes to 2241p. Once again.. nothing beyond Barracks 1, and no military..

Given most people would have segwayed into constructing a Stable and possibly workshop.. plus increased farm requirments for having a standing military and a wall.. you’re probably looking 2500+ with an academy

That tied with what Calaban stated above.. if you are foruntate to be > 5 or so spaces from a 2500+ point village, you don’t have to worry about Noble’s coming to harrass you.. Keep in mind that the academy itself is 512points.. so a 2000pt village will probably make a pretty heafty jump pretty quickly ;)

(or rather, not until people start attacking with 2+ nobles.. muahaha..)

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