The World of Magic Warrior Tank and DPS Build

The World of Magic Warrior Tank and DPS Build by IssacFrost

Warrior Build PvP/PvE

No longer an experiment this build works quite well. It delivers an incredible amount of DPS via the constant crits of Rage while comboing with Slam several times in a row applying a chance to stun foe and/or finishing/following up with Fatal Attack. Then using Berserk the crystals replenish to further continue or start the Rage combos. Whenever you confront more then one enemy you will be using heavily the Sweeping Strikes buff comboing it with Slam and/or Fatal Attack to hit multiple enemies with it. Last Resistance is used when under heavy fire as it suppresses 90% of damage for 8 seconds making you practically invincible during it’s duration.

Recommended Stats
Con 18
Str 14
Dex 11
Int 09
Wis 09

Recommended Gear
Sword with high crit and/or high hit rate
Shield with high block rate and fire resistance
Accesories that provide +health, +crit and +res (Fire, Magic, etc) if possible try to scroll with +str and +dex Enchants
Helmet with +str and/or +res*
Armor with +health and/or +res*
Gloves with +hit rate/crit/health regen/ in that order of preference
Boots with +speed/dex

Hit Rate is very important. Crit is also important but Warriors can make use of Rage. +str gear is recommended as it increases DMG output. Scrolling accesories with +str to improve damage, and/or +dex to improve accuracy, avoidance and crits. Having high fire resistance helps against Mage damage spells while having high magic resistance seems to help resist against spells such as Stun.

The Skills
*Parry IV (Level 5) Blocks attack with weapon by a set chance. 8% chance to block.
– The Warrior is the only class to use Shields. Shields have a block ability. This skill however does not increase Shield block but rather blocks using the weapon by a set chance in this way increasing your chances to block physical incoming attacks.

*Toughness IV (Level 15) Decreases damage from all sources. 8% damage reduction.
-Considering that you already will be having a lot of HP due to Con 18 and that you have block ability through shield and weapon with Parry skill, this ability is a great boon. That’s 8% less damage from all attacks.

*Will of Elemental IV (Level 25) Raises resistance towards all elements. +8 resistance to all.
-Adds +8 to all your resistances which is quite handy as it will help you diminish fire damage, resist freeze, resist spells like curse or stun and resist poison/lower damage(?)

*Harden Body IV (Level 30) Stregthens caster and increases health through training. 10% health increase.
– Do I even have to comment on this? 10% increase of Health. If you had 300 now you have 330. I believe it affects max health so it is probable that +health items make this better.

*Wild Swing is a matter of personal preference. I don’t use it as much as Slam partly because Slam has the potential to be spammed, specially with Rage+Sweeping.

*Bull Rush II-IV (Level 10) Increases movement speed for a brief time.
-This skill lasts around 7 seconds and it’s a valuable skill for training, hunting, pvping, luring and all around map movement.*

*Rage IV (Level 15) Causes all attacks to be critical at random. 100% chance.
-ALL your attacks will crit for around five seconds. This is the bread and butter buff of this build. Requires three crystals and has a cooldown of about 19 seconds.

*Wild Charge I-IV (Level 10) Charges target within a certain range, causing stun. 15-12 second cooldown.
-Zooms towards target in a teleport like way dealing some damage and causing an immobility effect that lasts a second. You can Rage and quickly follow with Wild Charge to hit target, hopefully with a crit, stop them in their tracks and feed a crystal for your combo or simply use it when they try to root you in place or escape.

*Slam IV (Level 15) Elbow strike to make the target temporarily unconscious. +160% damage.
-Damage*1.6 and a chance to apply a stun debuff that stops target from any and all actions temporarily. The skill of choice for rage comboing. Uses two crystals and immediatly recharges as long as you have 2 crystals to use. You can slam three times or more while under effects of rage depending if you hit with criticals as it makes Slam cost 1 crystal instead.

*Fatal Attack IV (Level 30) Causes strong attack against target’s fatal spot. +400% damage.
-Basic damage*4.0. This attack uses three crystals and deals inmense damage. With Rage this skill deals even
more damage and with Sweeping Strikes you can hit up to five targets with it.

*Last Resistance I-IV (Level 20) Recieves only 10% of the damage for a certain time. 5-8 second duration.
-A 5 minute cooldown panic button. It completely soaks up 90% of damage from all sources. Only to be used when under heavy firepower from enemies. Another way to use it is as a health “extension” when training.

*Berserk IV (Level 20) Raises caster’s rage to refill crystals. 5 crystals.
-Has approximately a 22 second cooldown. This skill essentially fuels your rage combos. Its effect is instant and requires nothing.

*Sweeping Strikes III-IV (Level 20) Attack an additional target. 3-4 extra targets.
-Contrary to the text this isn’t an active skill that hits multiple targets. It is in fact a self buff that costs two crystals. During its duration all your attacks and attack skills will hit additional enemies as long as they are adjacent and in a line relative to your position.

Other Skills
These skills are up here for your consideration. It is up to you if you want them or not but are highly recommended.

*Shout of Calmness I-IV (Level 35) Cures fear and makes you immune to it for a short period of time. 5-11 seconds duration.
-I feel this a very important skill given Mages can fear. Fear forces you to move in an opposite direction and will disrupt you.

*Stampede I-IV (Level 35)*Speeds up allies within four tiles for a period of time. 180-120 seconds cooldown.
-This is a party buff and it sounds useful due to the speed buff granted on allies. I don’t know how much the speed boost is or how long it lasts.

*Heavy Strike I-IV (Level 40)*Uses up all crystals to deliver a strong blow and a chance to inflict silence. 30-15 seconds cooldown.
-Although you are using up all the crystals for a strong blow the real kicker here is the silence effect which shuts down all skills for your target. If there’s reason to get it, it would be thanks to the particular debuff it inflicts.

Skill Setups
From bottom to top
Wild Charge
Fatal Attack

This skill setup relies on direct DPS against a single target. Use Rage as soon as it is available followed by Berserk. Then either spam Slam or use Slam followed by Fatal attack when available. Whenever Berserk is available and you have two or less crystals use it so you can make use of your skills quickly and consistently.

From bottom to top
Bull Rush
Sweeping Strikes

This setup is used when there are multiple enemies involved and is usually the PvM setup. Gather as many mobs as your Sweeping Strikes can hit but make sure your current armor and health can tank them. Then Rage, Berserk, Sweeping Strikes and Slam. You should be able to slam six+ times.

From bottom to top
Bull Rush
Wild Swing

This is mostly for PvP as Drowsiness is useless in PvM. Drowsiness is good when used in conjuction with BR to catch fleeing targets so long as their health is rather low which is why they’re probably feeling in the first place. Rage isn’t here because Raging might make you waste valuable time. Just BR run after them hit them with Drowsiness and Berserk if needed to Slam and finish with Wild Swing. You can optionally remove Wild Swing and bring Rage but Ive found that I usually only use BR+Drowsiness when they have low health and finish off with Slam+Wild Swing.

I usually setup Last Resistance in my slots with Bull Rush, Health Pots, Food and one other optional utility such as Recall or Speed Pots.

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