The World of Magic Support Mage Guide

The World of Magic Support Mage Guide by guorong

Stats point:
18 INTs
18 WIDs

Mage is one and only class that have the nicest skill effect in this whole game. Unlike other MMORPG, IMO makes their Mage deal the Highest damage among the rest of the classes. Other than strong damage, mage do not really need pots at higher level.

Though mage deal the highest damage, but they are also the one with the lowest HP, lowest invasion and lowest critical.


SkillsTree: you may refer to arlorha thread

You should have this at level 20:

Level 5:
Freezing Trap: level 2, i will explain later.
Heal: level 3, do i need to explain this? ;p
Shield: level 3, gives you addition 40HP

Level 10:
Firebolt: level 3, convert FlameShock to FireBolt only once you obtain FBIII.
Flare: level 3, a very good skill where there is no casting time.
Teleport: level 1, allow you to run away from PK.

Level 15:
Carnivalize: level 3, a must have skill that convert HP to MANA.

level 20:
Doom: level 1, you will get to see the awesome damage when you reach L20

Come to Icepoison vs Freezing Trap:

Though Icepoison is a very nice skill, but I think that Icepoison is a useless, unless you are running away from a group of mobs. In RVR, you won’t walk into a group of players and cast Icepoison, you are most likely get yourself KILLED in the next seconds and in PVP, you need your target to be VERY near you in order for you to stop him from running.

Therefore freeze trap is the skill you are going to invest on, Low mana comsumption and freeze target from far.

According to my own experience, Icepoison can be broken when it is been attack.

Item you may want to invest on:

Staff that add +4/5 int
Old hat +1 int
Kamakee ring +18HP
Revan necklace +21HP
Expert magician robe +9HP
Boot of speed +5%
Fungiskin belt +10HP
Mittons +10 HP

As I do alot of PVP, so HP item are very important for me. So that’s all for now.

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