Terraria Surviving in the Corruption Guide

Terraria Surviving in the Corruption Guide by daystar


Since I’ve run out of events to cover, I decided to expand into biomes with this guide on the corruption. So, since I’m not much of a rambler (yeah, right), so let’s get into the guide quickly. However, there are some text colors and other notation that you’ll need to know about first.
Text colors:
Titles in blue indicate overall views.
Text in red indicates important words, sentences, or sections that, if ignored, may result in your characters death.
Warning markers (!warning!) indicate warnings (and i think you all know what that means…).
Titles in purple indicate sections either about profit or are profitable.
Titles in green indicate safe, but not necessarily profitable sections.
Tip markers (*tip*) indicate useful information.
Note markers (+note+) indicate important side information.
|| !warning!
|| I dabble in ASCII art, so I’ll make small art for the tags.

What is the corruption?

The corruption is a biome that will spread infinitely as long as it doesn’t encounter a block that isn’t dirt/grass. When approaching the corruption the sky will start to turn orange, this is you signal to turn back if you don’t feel ready to go into the corruption. It is possible (and not uncommon) for multiple corruptions to be generated on the same map.
| | !warning!
| | The purple thorns that can grow from corrupt grass do 20 damage, but can be broken with | | any tool.

Enemies you’ll meet in the corruption

The corruption has 4 unique enemies, a boss and 2 enemies found outside corruption only during the blood moon event. This section details each enemy and some ways to beat them.
Eaters of souls, little eaters, and big eaters
These three enemies are almost identical, aside from their size and health. While they hit hard, they have a very easy to deal with attack pattern. Their attack pattern seems to be based around moving back and charging forward, however they can also hover around, circling you at a very close distance. If you start attacking them, they seem to increase in numbers and turn hostile towards you.
Eater of souls
Big eater
Little eater
The devourer is a burrowing monster that can drop many times the loot if you kill multiple segments of it at once. It follows the standard patterns of burrowing monsters.
(this is not me)
Corrupt bunnies and goldfish
These are high yield monsters that drop 5 silver coins each. They are on the high end of common monsters, with 100 (70 for the bunny) health and 30 (20 for the bunny) damage. They are an uncommon spawn, for more information about their loot see my blood moon guide.
(this is not me)
The eater of worlds
The eater of worlds is a boss monster that can only be fought in the corruption. For more information on bosses see this post.


In this section i shall detail three different weapons that are good for surviving in the corruption.
Also, don’t forget to bring torches and a grappling hook.
|~~~~~~| +note+
|~~~~~~| This section’s purpose is to present 3 different setups for killing the eaters of souls, the first one is not souls, |~~~~~~| the first one is not recommended if you’re new to this game I recommend the 3rd one (bow with flaming |~~~~~~| arrows).
1. Silver (or better) broadsword and rocket boots/shiny red balloon/cloud in a bottle
This method is simple, attack with the broadsword while jumping/flying so that you can hit the eaters.
2. Spear/trident
Simply poke the eaters away with the spear/trident while running around.
3. Bow with flaming arrows/ boomerang
Kill the eaters with the bow/boomerang (don’t worry, they’re big targets) while running in the direction you want to go.
| | *tip*
| | As long as you don’t attack the eaters of souls, they will remain low in numbers and
| | not attack


In this section i detail all the loot you can get from the corruption and tell you how to get it.
the eater family drop 1 silver each, and if you find a corrupted animal they’ll drop 5 silver (Devourers also drop several silver coins), this adds up quickly into gold coins, maybe even several of them.
Rotten chunks
rotten chunks are a drop from most monsters in the corruption, they are used in making leather (used to make part of the archeologists suite) and worm bait (summoning item for the Eater of worlds).
Worm teeth
Worm teeth are a drop from the devourer, they are used at an anvil with wooden arrows to craft unholy arrows.
Vile mushrooms
vile mushrooms are found growing on corrupt grass, they are used to make vile powder. vile powder is used to craft worm food and as a weapon (it can also corrupt bunnies and goldfish).
Deathweed is a herb that grows in the corruption and only blooms during a blood moon. It is used in several potions. It looks like this:
Shadow orbs
Shadow orbs are found at the bottom of corrupt chasms, they drop a rare item when smashed (with a hammer). To get to them you will need purification powder, dinomite, or a shadow or better pick, to reach the shadow orbs through the ebonstone. When you smash one there is a 50% chance of a meteor landing. If you smash three the eater of worlds will appear.
| | *tip*
| | if you save and exit right after you break the third shadow orb you’ll respawn outside of the corruption and the eater of | | worlds will be gone.
They can drop the following items:
  • A musket and musket balls.
  • The vilethorn.
  • A band of starpower.
  • The orb of light.
  • The ball o’ hurt.
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