Terraria Am I Ready For This Boss Guide

Terraria Am I Ready For This Boss Guide by SuperJay

Given that “the am I ready for Eye of Cthulu / Eater of Worlds / Skeletron” threads are (understandably) common, this post is an attempt to corral all those questions and discussion about Boss encounters. Let’s break it down and cover preparation, tactics, and equipment for each encounter.

You can help by posting your tactics, general preparedness, and any suggestions about preparing for and defeating bosses. Discussion is encouraged, but keep it civil and on-topic.

NOTE: This is not the thread to brag about how you beat Skeletron with nothing but a Broken Twig and a Dirty Loincloth, for complaining about boss encounter design or changes to those encounters, nor for criticizing newer players for having normal new-player questions. Now, ON TO THE FIGHTS!


  • Equipment: Copper or Silver armor; a decent ranged weapon (Silver/Gold Bow with Flaming/Unholy Arrows, Shuriken, Musket, or Enchanted Boomerang for example), and at least Lesser Healing potions. Helpful buffs include Hot Soup, Thorns, Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, or Featherfall. For accessories, Hermes Boots and Cloud in a Bottle are useful. Recommended health: 160+
  • Preparation: In addition to the equipment, building a basic arena – even single long shelf made of wood platforms about 10 tiles off the ground – will help you dodge and move vertically.
  • Tactics: The Eye is fairly slow but a primarily aerial encounter. Move laterally while he’s above you and fire upward, aiming for the cornea to kill his minions. On the second half of the battle, dodge his charges by using your wooden platform and fire at him while running backwards, changing direction as necessary to avoid attacks.


  • Equipment: At least Silver Armor, Gold if possible; optimal weapons include Ball o’ Hurt, Vilethorn, Grenades, Demon Bow with Flaming/Unholy Arrows, Gold Broadswords etc. Helpful buffs include Hot Soup, Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Featherfall.
  • Preparation: At least a flat area with a wide wooden platform above. For extra awesome, line pits with Spiky Balls.
  • Tactics: Aim for the head with your weapons and avoid the head whenever possible. Weapons that penetrate or multi-hit are especially helpful. Try to avoid breaking the Eater into too many smaller worms as dodging gets increasingly difficult. For optimal melee damage, yell “TORO! TORO!” and run backwards as he charges you along a wide horizontal plane and rain attacks directly into his face.


  • Equipment: Shadow Armor for optimal defense; Gold or Meteor otherwise. For weapons, go primarily ranged – a Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Demon Bow, Space Gun (with Meteor Armor), Boomerang, or especially Minishark. As usual, Flails, Spears, and Vilethorn are effective in melee. Useful accessories include Hermes Boots, Red Balloon, Anklet of Wind, Cloud Bottle or of course Rocket Boots if you got lucky. For buffs, the usual: Hot Soup, Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, and Featherfall can all help. Hunter potions may make it easier to anticipate attacks.
  • Preparation: Clear a large arena with plenty of flat space – even leveling the roof of the dungeon if necessary. Light it well.
  • Tactics: Destroy his Hands first, they’re weak at only 600HP (right?) apiece. Focus on his head afterwards. Sprint away (firing backwards at him) when he does his spinning skull attack.


  • Equipment: A spear
  • Preparation: Build a small box for yourself around 4 spaces in the air.
  • Tactics: Sit in the box and poke him with the spear until he dies.

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