SSCU Trench Wars Javelin Guide

SSCU Trench Wars Javelin Guide by inaphyt

This is how “I” go about dealing with the different ships in tw in a javelin.

I personally, am not a camping jav. I stick to midbase whether their team holds fr or not, if their team is in fr and there are no stragglers you have a gourmet of bombing options (yes this is camping but your pretty much forced to camp i believe the jav is way more useful outside fr than in), the right side hole which gives you slightly more scope for shots is the usual choice racking up many kills. If there are enemies around though what do you do?

Some things to bare in mind. Javelin is suprisingly good at clipping people as they go around walls, the javelin bomb can be fired like a bullet as in it will go past walls slightly overlapping the wall itself without bouncing which means to you that at close range you can try and kill warbirds and spiders just before they come into being able to shoot at you. You can boost until you get to 1100 energy which is actually quite a large leap if anyone missed you or just generally isn’t in a good position to shoot you boost at them, you don’t see too many javs doing this. This should change. Generally keep to single bullets, if you manage to get one in usually you can follow up with a bomb or another single bullet. Multi is more for punishing weak ships that are crippled. (crippled ships are ships that can’t fire at you because they have just fired or have been damaged, boost into these with a bomb unless it’s a spider).

Never go tail first, bullets are too weak to be of any real threat and most ships have better bullet options than you, you want to be facing forwards at all times reminding your enemy that yes you are probably in a less mobile ship but you too can still kill them in one shot and will do so. You may wish to fire the odd multifire shot from long range in the general direction of blues on the radar and then flip 180 degrees. If you do fire a bomb i suggest you retreat taking into account the enemies energy level and boosting capabilities, think to yourself if i bomb now will i of dealt enough damage to be safe afterwards? or will it kill them? In situations where it’s 2 against one you either want to run or warp, unless you have a rocket this way you have a chance of survival if you miss your bomb. Another thing to take into account is that sometimes you wont have enough energy for a bomb and you will be in dangerous territory, you can rocket if you want but this is just a waste of a rocket, you can use your bullets to give you a little time or slightly cripple some ships to take the heat off you until you can recharge your bomb. Usually you want to just plant the bomb into peoples faces, radius kills are usually for weaker/crippled ships or just newbs, good players will be aware of your radius and avoid all the places where you could land a shot like that, the only chance you have of taking a good player out with a radius kill is either a stray or when they are crippled and literally cannot dodge it.

A good warbird will be aware that you have a rocket so will try and waste it while remaining safe enough away, if they get sloppy and forget about it however which is actually pretty common, easy kill, a warbird is a better ship than the one you’re in, so if it’s not a guaranteed bomb you may wish to just kill it by rocketing. You can deal with warbirds by trying to bait them to fire at you in a situation which should be a sure kill for them however the rocket allows you to inhumanely dodge the bullet and then kill the crippled warbird. If a warbird navigates too close to a wall that your behind you can shoot them with your bomb before they can shoot you, take advantage of this. Once they realise this they’ll be trickier and bait you into firing or boost past the wall by a fair bit, this is why you should learn to fire at warbirds that try and speed towards you by bouncing into a wall. Aim at where they will bounce off it. If a warbird missed you in a more open setting boost towards them if they react quick enough it’s just a fake and you reset the situation by going behind a wall, if they don’t they are dead. If a warbird has you pinned behind an object, and they approach your nose kill them, you have the advantage at clip shooting and even then the bomb will bounce but the moment you fire go into evasive maneuvers incase you miss, if they approach your tail fire a single in their direction and then thrust a little to reset the situation behind an object. If the warbird approaches your tail, don’t try and turn around the warbird has much better rotation than you instead fire a single which potentially kills rushier warbirds and if not this resets the situation behind the object AND if the single hits the warbird you have until the warbird recharges 250 energy to kill them, this is not alot of time so you have to be quick. Another thing to mention is like all ships keep the enemy guessing do fake setups for shots and then bounce off walls flip 180 degrees and make the warbird worried.

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