RF Online Runes, Charms and Generators Guide

RF Online Runes, Charms and Generators Guide by Safirea


Runes are consumable items with special abilities that can only be used at a limited amount of time. Cool down varies per rune, but will affect all runes. (For example, if you use an Escape rune, all runes will have a cool down of 30 minutes. If you use a Defense rune, all runes will have a cold own of 5 minutes.) Runes can be acquired from Pit Bosses, and right clicking on a rune activates its effect.

There are five (5) known Runes:

1. Escape Rune – It allows characters to transport back to their last binding location, even in battle-mode.

2. Defense Rune – effects are similar to Force Freezing skill of Bellato Chronomancers and Cora Dark Priests; and Solid Mode skill of Accretian Battle Leaders. Character will remain immobile, but will be invulnerable from attacks/ cannot be attacked for a certain amount of time. You can also log your character out of the game while the rune is in effect.

Tip: As long as you are in Defense Rune mode, the Crag Mine nuclear warhead will have no effect.

3. Swift Runetemporarily increases movement speed. Works similarly to Velocity and Nimble Joint buffs.

Tip: When combined with long-range armors, wind weapons and speed skills (Nimble Joint or Velocity), character’s movement speed will increase drastically.

4. Convert Runeadditional 5000HP damage output is constant when used against targets.

5. Destruction Runesmilar to Detonate skill of Accretian Dementors. When activated, a small explosion occurs around the character, hitting enemy units within mid-range. It only leaves a small amount of HP after use.



Charms are special rental items that can be acquired through NPC vendors, located in your respective race’s HQ. You can purchase these by using racial currency (Foreign Vendor NPC), or PvP points (Point Item NPC). Charms are acquired from the Foreign Vendor NPC warrants 48 hours rental period; while charms acquired from the Point Item NPC warrants 120 hours, and are stackable (5 item-limit).

Point Item NPC

Foreign Vendor NPCs:




1. Clairvoyance Charmallows user to see invisible characters. Charm is similar to the Force Skill buff Sight of Bellato and Cora mystics, and Detect Elems of Accretia.

2. Holy Charm reduces debuff time by half. Somewhat similar to effect of cure chargers.


3. Leader’s Charmbreaks the 10-level-gap in character partying. Charm would work if kept in inventory (bag) by a lower-level character, allowing them to join party with higher level characters. 1 level per charm.


4. Recovery Charmincreases character’s HP recovery time.


5. Sprint Charmincreases speed movement, and acts as a character’s Velocity or Nimble Joint buffs. Amount of charm bought affects movement speed level.


6. Sympathy CharmCora-exclusive charm. Used by summoners/ artisans to boost their anima’s attack power, depending on the character’s force attack point.



Like Charms, Generators are special rental items that can be bought from the Foreign Vendor NPC, or the Point Item NPC. Rental period varies with NPC. Generators bought from the Foreign Vendor NPC warrants 48 hours, while Point Item NPC generators warrant 120 hours rental period, and are stackable.

1. Aggressive Generatorincreases a character’s aggressive point. Aggressive generators are advised for shielders, and characters with high defense rate.


2. Burst Generatorincreases a character’s attack point. Stackable (up to 5 pieces) if purchased from Point Item NPC.


3. Perfect Generatordecreases a target’s block and dodge rate, by increasing the character’s accuracy and anti-block.


4. Protect Generatorincreases the character’s defense rate.


5. Silence Generatordecreases a character’s aggression points. Advised for long-range, force-types, and characters with low defense rate.


6. Penzer GeneratorBellato-exclusive generator. Increases MAU attack points by adding a character’s close range attack point. Stackable if bought from Point Item NPC.


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    It’s an offense debuff, not a self buff but still the same effect of immobility

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