RF Online PvP Guide

RF Online PvP Guide by Safirea

PvP Points

The PvP Point panel is found at the upper left portion of the screen.

KILL: the number of enemy race that you killed for the day
DEATH: the number of times you were killed by any enemy race
Temporary Point: PvP Points that were acquired for the day
Certain Point: Total PvP Points that you were able to acquire starting when the Novus Rising was launched.

Temporary Points change whenever you kill or are killed by players of opposing races. You gain Temporary Points every time you kill enemy races in your racial settlements, and in Neutral Areas. When you are killed at the Neutral Areas, you lose Temporary Points. Be careful because Temporary points can reach negative values.

You will not gain points when you kill the same character more than once in a row.

At the end of the day, the Temporary Point: will be added to the Certain Point: . The Certain Point: is the total PvP points your character has. And this is used to purchase items in the PvP Npc. The KILL, DEATH, and Temporary Point: resets back to 0 every 00:00:00 RF Time.

The Certain Points are used to purchase items in the PvP Npc. The PvP Points required to purchase an item in the PvP Npc is affected by the Race’s tax rate; the higher the tax rate, the more expensive the items.
PvP Point NPC

The PvP Point NPC is where you trade your PvP Points for Type P Weapons, and longer duration Charms and Generators.

The PvP Point NPC for the Bellato is found at (21, 24) of the Bellato HQ map.

For the Corites, it is found at (78, 52) of the Cora HQ Map.

For the Accretians, it is found at (24, 70) of the Accretia HQ Map.
Type P weapons

These weapons are similar to Type B weapons except that there are two additional skills instead of one and can cast a force skill. Entangle, Weakness, and Enfeeblement are being cast by these weapons. There’s a random chance to cast a force skill of the PvP weapon, and the force skill to be cast is dependent on the weapon.

These weapons have 7 slots and can also be upgraded like any slotted weapon in the game. There is no safezone for Type P weapons, which means, even when upgrading for the first time, the weapon can be broken.

These weapons are usable at level 50, 53, and 55. Level 50 and 53 Type P Weapons have an additional skill of duration of force debuffs are decreased by 20%, while level 55 Type P Weapons increases attack by 10%. All Type P weapons have increased moving speed by 1.

These Weapons are non-tradeable.

Level 50


Hell Bringer

Bone Slasher

Titan Fist


Bloody Tears

Death Scream

Dragon Breath

Hell Song

Death Wing

Level 53

Hora MuspelHeim

Hora Hell Blinger

Hora Bone Slasher

Hora Titan Fist

Hora Pinoca

Hora Bloody Tears

Hora Death Scream

Hora Dragon Brace

Hora Hell Song

Hora Death Wing

Level 55

Superior MuspelHeim

Superior Hell Blinger

Superior Bone Slasher

Superior Titan Fist

Superior Pinoca

Hora Superior Tears

Superior Death Scream

Superior Dragon Brace

Superior Hell Song

Superior Death Wing

Charms and Generators

Charms and Generators found in the PvP Npc have similar effects like the ones found on the Foreign Vendor except that the charms and generators here have longer rental time, 120hours compared to the 48hours from the Foreign Vendor.


Clairvoyant Charm

Sprint Charm

Leader Charm

Holy Charm

Recovery Charm


Project Generator

Burst Generator

Perfect Generator
Silence Generator

Penzer Generator

Aggressive Generator

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