RF Online Abbreviations List

RF Online Abbreviations List by kaira

RF terminologies:

a – Calliana archer (a nlang kase bago mo matype ung “Archer” baka dedz ka na)
AB – Assasin Builder aka giant lizard MAU
ACC – Accretia Control Chip
Accrelata – [slang] Accretians
acui – acuity
adre – adrenaline potion
AFAIK – as far as i know
AGT – Advange Guard Tower
AM – ArchMage; ArchMagus
AMP – ain’t my problem. it has however evolved in to a form of shortened filipino cuss word.
ASK – Advance Siege Kit
ATK SPD – Attack Speed

B> – buying
brb – be right back
bata [slang] – bellato
b – back
Barney = see HSK
Barbie = Cora
Bugger = self-explanatory
Bug Pots = taking advantage of the HP potion bug
bb – Bye bye
BCC – Bellato Control Chip
BD – Battle dungeon
BDF – Battle Dungeon Farming
Belats – [slang] Bellato
bets mo – [slang] like mo?
BGB – Beam Gun Bow
BGM – Beam Great Maul
big uod – [slang] ace meat chilo
BKP – black king pincer
BMAU – Black Massive Armoured Unit
Booty – monster drops such as Siars, PlyBlends, etc.
bobot – [slang] Accretians
bot – see bobot
BR – brutal rex
Brukbak [Slang:Accretia] – refers to Accretian units seemingly infatuated with small children (Bellato) and hunks (Male Corites) but don’t like and/or jelous of female corites; also use to refer to certain Accretians i.e. Nazgul, Snarl, etc.
BS – back stab
BSB – beam siege bow; black stick bead
BSBow – Beam Siege Bow (used to avoid confusion)
BSBead – Black Stick Bead
btw – by the way
Buff – put/place beneficial spells on a target (usually you) i.e. Velo, Vit, etc.

CB – Chip Bearer, the winning race’s player who dealt the finishing blow on the chip. Has a Green Aura to indicate he/she has the chip
CC – Cure Charger; also Crimson Coast
CCC – Cora Control Chip
chixi – [slang] cora
CK – Cycle Knife
Corangot – [slang] Cora
CP – contribution points, also CPT; Accretian currency;
CPT – Contribution Points
CR – Close Range; Melee PT and/or equipment; also Chain Rocket (Accretian Annihilator skill)
CS – Cycle Staff
CW – Chip Wars; also (in Bellato Territory: Solus Settlement) Crawler Woods
CZS – Circle zone scramble (also GvG)
CE – Cremul Encampment
CM – Cruel Moor (part of 213 Sector of Accretia Territory)

debuff – (a negative buff) abate/vulnerability/hiatus/blind/desolate/etc
DS – Desperation shot; Accretian Annihilator skill
Dedz = died
DOE = Dead Outcast Earring
DS – Dark staff
DL – Dark Lance
DV – Disaster Valley (part of 213 Sector of Accretia Territory)
DPS – Damage per Second pero during Chip War when the Archon says DPS it means, Hit the chip.

elem/s – elemental accessories
elite – gems which can only be acquired from +4 ores
Excel – Excelsiors
Ent – entrance
etc – etcetera
EG – elite gems

FF – Focus Fire; Full Force
fieldtrip [slang] – bellato raiders
FK – Fast kill
FL – Field Lance
FM – Fog Marsh
FS – Full Swing (warrior skill)
FT – Flame Thrower
FTL – for the loots
FTW – for the win
FYI – for your information
FBD – Future Battle Dungeon (56-66 level req.)
fluc – Fluctuating Beast’s Vital Earring – Amulet giving 22/24/28% atk 4/6/8% HP 10/12/14% def

GABC – Giga Advance Beam Cell
GB – Granite Block; also Gunblade, Gunbow
GBC – Giga Beam Cell
GC – Great Curr
gtg – go to go
GEVM – Giga Exploading Vulcan Ammo
gg – actually stands for “good game” in most online communities, but the /gg emoticon populatized by pRO makes it look like a sneer
GH – (in Bellato Territory: Solus) grimhill
GL – Grenade launcher
GK – Gatekeeper
GM – Game Master; Guild Master
GT – Guard tower
GVM – Giga Vulcan Ammo

Hackcre = Accretia
Heaven [slang] – also means Ether;
high – gems which gives a high percentage of success in upgrading
Hulk [slang] – Giant Baba
HSK – Holy Stone Keeper
highbie – a high level character
HG – high gems

IG – in game
IEGT – Intense Epocal Guard Tower
Imba [slang] – imbalanced
Imbiasis – combination of the words imbalance and bias
INT – Intense
ipis – [slang] Scud Lava, small(as in SMALL) monsters found just outside Elan Platform. Don’t be fooled by their size, THEY WILL KILL YOU…
iRL – in real life

junkyard [slang] – piled dead accre

keys – Gateway Generating Keys
kiss – see keys
krompal – [slang] sampal with an attitude
KS – kill-steal
kuto – see ipis
K1 – Kukra Gate 1st Base
K2 – Kukra Gate 2nd Base

LC = life conflict by fausts
langgam – see ipis
lowbie – a low level character
lata [slang] – accre
LD – Level Down; experience loss
LL – Lure’s Lot
LO – log out
LG – lucky gems
lol – laugh out loud
lewl – same as lol or LOL
LOL – even louder ‘laughing out loud ‘
looter – person who takes the items dropped by a mob that another player killed.
LR – Long Range; Range PT and/or equipment

mantis – (in money BD or BD farm) Brutal Dam PB
ML – Missile Launcher
mob/creep – game generated monsters

N3 – Novus Tree
NFD – 100% exp recovery pills or No Fear Death pills
NAP – Non Aggression Pact; Natural Aggression Pact
narrow – gems which gives a narrow chance in upgrading
NG – (in Bellato Territory: Solus) north gate
noob – derogatory word used by “pros” to insult another player
NJ – Nimble Joint
N1 – Naroom Fort 1st Base (nearest the OC entrance)
N2 – Naroom Fort 2nd Base (going to K1)

OME – Outcase Marauder Earring
OC – Composed potions which increases aim.
OD – Overdrive potions which increases damage output at the cost of defense.
OL – Online
OMD – Oh My DECEM; Cora’s version of OMG.
OMG – Oh My Gosh!, term used to show extreme shock.
OMW – on my way
OP – Overpriced
OC – Outcast Land

Pai pai – paimon
pot – potions
PB – Pitboss; ( refers to jyle ) Pet Boss
PBH – Pitboss hunt
PHPboys – People who buys in-game items from other players using real life currency
PL – power level
pots – potion
PT – refers to 1) Combat points (i.e. Melee, Range, etc.) and 2) Skill points (i.e. Beginner, Expert, Elite, Master); often used as reference to meet requirements; to be able to equip armors, weapons, as well as for crafting weapons, ammunitions and armors for specialists, and to unlock next tier skills (i.e. 30 Beginner skill PT to unlock Expert skills).
PM – private message; personal message
PBD – Present Battle Dungeon (56-66 level req.)

Q> – question

RG – Regroup
RMT – Real Money Trading (illegal!)
ROFL – rolling over floor laughing.
req.- requirement

S> – selling
sawsaw – person who attacks a mob u attacked first
SC – Soul Chandra
SW – Shadow Woods
SG – Snatcher Gate
Shrek – [slang] giant humbaba
SI – usually refers to Strong intense but there are smart intense, and solid intense
SK – Siege kit; also Sickle Knife
slow – haitus
SM – ShieldMiller/Sentinel
spadoodles – [slang] Spadona
SS – Snatcher Shrine
Stairway to Heaven [slang] – the transport service going to Ether
STC – super turncoats, guardians of the chips
susi – see keys
SW – sette wars

T> – trading
TA – Tower Axe
TP pots – teleport potion
TC – Turncoat; in online conversations, may also mean Take Care
TC – (Bellato territory) Twin cave or thunder cliff
Toaster [slang] – also means Accretia; see Lata.
Tae = traps planted by hiders

UMT – Unmanned Mining Tool
uod – [slang] meat chilo
UTS – Unmanned Transaction System
unano – Bellato

velo – velocity (also speed as in: “pa speed po”)
VgD – Vanguard
VWE = Violent Wild Earring

wb – welcome back
weebee – see WB
weeeeee – either happy squeel, flirting squeel, or squeel of the dead and dying
witchelles – [slang] NO with an attitude. example: witchelles, baklush.
WL – Windy Lowlands
wth – what the hell; what the heck
w-tf – what the f*

XD – big grin


1337 – leet (elite)
(example: G13, U8, etc) – means map coordinates
– newer version of AMP brought by the automatic filter of the boards
– BD floor level
8=D – siege cannon
~o ~o ~o – chain rockets

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